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Wednesday, March 30, 2005


Wow! What a day, this site just gets bigger and bigger. To the bloggers that made this site grow thanks. If I knew how to link our sites I would but until I was elected I probably spent all of 2 hours a year on the computer, if that. (No need to say it, I will say it for you.... We know, it shows). Today was quite an experience. I had everything from applause and congratulations, from people on both sides of the isle, to a few people who ignored me and let me know that I wouldn't be able to even pass gas in the state house. Most were very nice and took it with good temperament and even joked about it. Some were just nervous to be around me. The response from the other bloggers, email, radio call in shows, and telephone calls has been great. I appreciate it all, the good and the bad. A few legislators came to me with stories I should tell and encouraging me to keep it up. Don't worry, I am not going to change but I still want to encourage other legislators to blog. You don't have to be outspoken but it’s still a great way to communicate. Come on in the water’s fine and if I can do it so can you. For those I had dinner with, don’t worry. I wont reveal your name. In this one case I will protect the guilty:-)


  1. Rep. Campfield and the people of Tennessee:

    I'd like for you to know about a very important Tennessee bill that got stomped on March 30. This would be HB 0196, which echoes the recently passed Arizona citizens' initiative against illegal immigration.

    The Tenn. bill merely would put some teeth into laws already on the books. It deals with protection of the voting process and restriction of state benefits to those who are legally eligible, asking for proof of eligibility and requiring state employees to report to federal authorities illegal aliens and others who illegally apply for these benefits.

    HB 0196 was stuck with a huge fiscal note, a primary tactic by our opposition, despite information provided by Tennesseans for Immigration Control and Reform about the costs of providing for illegal aliens by the state of Tennessee -- costs the bill is intended to address.

    HB 0196, sponsored by courageous Rep. Curry Todd, was voted down in the Elections Subcommittee of the House State and Local Government Committee. I don't have a roll call vote but do know the bill was opposed by S & LG Chairman Rep. Ulysses Jones and other Democrats. I tried to talk with Chairman Jones about this bill, and he did not return my calls. Our network sent a lot of information to the committee members.

    The Senate companion bill is SB 1595, sponsored by Sen. Mark Norris. We'll see what happens to it.

    Donna Locke
    Tennesseans for Immigration
    Control and Reform

  2. "...encourage other legislators to blog..."

    Right on.


  3. I would be willing to help you sort out some of your links. Please email me at randomguy@gmail.com and or see my blog

    I'm actually new to the blogging world but quite involved in other Internet forums for years.

    I just figured out the other day how to get links going in mine. It's pretty easy once you know how.

    Let me know if I can help.

  4. As a public service, I have done another spelling correction post for you here. :-)


  5. As a public service, I have done another spelling correction post for you here. :-)


  6. As one of the bloggers pushing your site, you're welcome.

    But I would seriously, and I don't mean this to be disrespectful, have someone proofread.

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  8. I've linked you here, at The Conservative Mindcleaner.

    Tom Tancredo of Colorado also has a blog although he doesn't post nearly as often.

  9. Congratulations Representative Campfield on how quickly you've joined me and my organization on Speaker Naifeh's hit list. I'm very impressed with your courage to speak out about the State Legislature.

    Last election I dared to raise and spend money to enlighten Tennesseans that Speaker Naifeh's wife is one of the most powerful lobbyist in the state whose clients include huge drug manufacturers and companies with large Tn Care contracts--yet we're the only state that doesn't require financial disclosures of lobbyist. I can only hope you will continue in exposing the cronyism and the farce that is our current system in the House, as well. Do not expect them to relent in their an schemes to silence you!

    Since you are discussing Rep. McMillian's attempts at reform, I thought I'd give you a heads up concerning one of her "reform" bills still in committee (HB 1115.) The proposal is to require political 527s like my organization, The Tennessee Forum, to function like a political campaign committee. It is a pointed and vindictive attempt to silence the only organization that was willing to name names and shed light on the appalling state of ethics in the Tn House during the last elections.

    Good luck and God speed!

  10. Just to let you know: (shift+comma)li(shift+period)(shift+comma)a href=(quotes)http://mynewznideas.blogspot.com(quotes)(shift+period). This is how you can link someone to your sidebar. Go to your template, right before or after the ($BlogArchive$), you may start to make the links you want to add to your sidebar. Okay? If you can't get it, it's okay. It took me a while. My e-mail is in my profile. I'll help you.

  11. Thank the Tennessean for their article. I discovered your site there last week.

    Keep up the good work, there are a lot of us behind you!



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