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Thursday, March 17, 2005

On the floor (for Bill Hobbs)

I encourage any one who is really interested in watching a house session to check it out on the web at www.tennessee.legislature.tn.state.us then click house then click video streaming.

Here is how a session usually goes prayer, pledge, personal orders (welcome visitors and congratulate people for accomplishments); consent calendar/resolutions (naming bridges, roads, memorials etc.) then the real meaty bills come up. Usually by the time they get to the house floor they are decided; most are decided in committee. If it is a republican bill and good, it is usually killed in committee and brought back as a democrat bill or it is just killed outright. Occasionally one gets through though, but the person who brings it better have strong bipartisan support because democrats control all leadership, committees and majority on all committees. If they don't like it they kill it in committee so they don't have to go down on record as having to vote on the house floor for or against something that could be unpopular when it comes time to get re-elected.

Today Bill Dunn who is well respected and has bipartisan support (on this bill) has a bill to allow the people to vote on the ability to recognize marriage between on man and one woman in the constitution .I feel the people should have this right and I will vote for it. Well, debate is about to start I have to go. Sorry about any typos or bad grammar.


  1. You need to understand that a Constitution's function is to limit the power of government agains the liberties belonging to individuals.

    You and yours are turning the Constitution on it's head by limiting liberty.

    How very unconservative of you.

    This whole effort is small-minded.

  2. As a Knoxvillian, I personally believe that government should not be limiting the ability of individuals to marry whomever they want. It is unfortunate that conservatives, who should be against encroachment on personal liberties, are supporting this.

    Someone not-too-long-ago said "The times, they are a'changin". While there may be popular support for this amendment now. In 20 years when every state in the Union recognizes gay marriage, Tennessee will look silly with such a provision in the constitution.

    I ask that you be forward-looking on this issue. Lets avoid a constitutional fiasco like the 18th amendment.

  3. I appreciate your support for this bill. Some people apparently see an amendment like this as limiting the liberties of others, but what they do not understand is that it is merely to protect the definition of "marriage" as it has always been known. Give them all the liberties a man and a woman would have, but call it something different. Calling it marriage forces me to change my beliefs, and I'd rather not have my liberties infringed upon.

  4. Rep. Campfield,
    Kuos for trying something new. Best of luck on the hill.

  5. You might want to consider what you say about Representatives on the internet, being that you do work in a very close-knit environment....things like this tend to get out VERY quicky.

    Just a little FYI

    P.S. Nice tennis shoes

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  7. I beg to differ with you regarding the high opinion of Mr. Bill Dunn. I have it on record from a somewhat well known columnist for the Halls Shopper that he is far from that.

    In response to a letter sent to her regarding some things she wrote regarding supporting Mr. Dunn on the marriage amendment, she assured the writer that she wrote the whole supportive article "tongue-in-cheek."

    She specifically said that Mr. Dunn is an embarassment to his district.

    I tend to agree with her.

  8. Femmefire,
    Bill Dunn, whom I know personally, has integrity, intelligence, strong convictions, and a sense of humor. It would be news to all but the Libs pining away in his district that he is an embarrassment...poor Libs.


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