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Thursday, March 24, 2005


Today we voted on ethics reform on the house floor. As originally drafted this bill was pretty short and not very descriptive, but once on the house floor the amendments began to fly fast and furious. The first one brought was by Kim McMillan and was much more descriptive. Many people had questions and concerns, not about the theory but more about the wording as is usually the case. Many people wanted to postpone this bill until Monday to digest the info and come back with questions comments and possible adjustments. Frank Buck seemed the most heated. He has been a strong advocate of this type of reform for many years and I am sure he wanted to get it right. Most of the amendments were killed and the bill rolled on. The only one that I am sorry to see did not make it on was the amendment to make these violations a felony. The minimal fine some mentioned was only $50 which seemed like a joke to me, when some people could pocket tens of thousands of dollars I bet they could afford it. Oh well at least it’s a step


  1. Thank you for doing this.
    I am amazed that you have the courage to share your views and to be so accessible.

    Like a lot of people, I'm suffering from a confidence crisis with regard to politicians, and I mean Democrats and Republicans.

    If more politicians would follow your example, the public might actually grow to trust some of them.

    I'm going to ask my Rep. if he will follow your courageous example.

  2. Great post. Keep up the good work.

  3. Good leadership Mr. Campfield.

    All elected officials should file a report on their blog for the people every day.

    Of, by, and for the people.

    The other representatives in need to get a clue and follow your most excellent lead.

    Keep up the good work.

    Campfield for Governor!

    Doug Kenline
    Atlanta, Georgia

  4. Tough ethics is a no brainer.
    Putting TEETH into the bill is amust.
    Not only should violations be a felnoy but there must be some kind of high stakes personal accountability - civily and financially.
    Without that - it is worthless and only good for campaign rhetoric.

  5. Your posts are boring and your job sounds boring also.

    But i appercate you actually serving the people who elected you by providing updates that they cannot get out of the news paper.

    please keep up the good work

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  7. "Reform" is the most needed issue in TN politics (as well as Nationally). Mr Campfield must be a "McCain" style "republican", even while legislation such as McCain/ feingold doesn't do enough. So, the house acts like they can't read Mrs McMillan's "wording" (probably because they can't; because she is intirely more intelligent than they), just so they can keep all the big perks, rollin in lard (as Buck once put it). A Newby can't even afford to run because of all the drug and tobacco money going to incumbents. Too bad.


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