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Tuesday, April 12, 2005


Boy, you bloggers do your research. This is an e mail I received on my personal account. It had some good points and was pertinent to the subject, so I thought you all might like to see it. I am not saying I agree with it all, but it sure raises some good questions.

Dear Representative Campfield,

I really appreciate your blog.

First of all, many people know that Tennessee ranks near the bottom for open records, government, etc.

I wish you luck in your fight for dealing with these problems, however it is going to take a lot of help, a lot of courage, and media attention. Chavez at the Tennesseean is doing a good job at promoting reform and I have to say the Tennessean and News Channel 5 have been working hard to shine a non-partisan light on the subject.

I ask how we are going to accomplish reform when Speaker Naifeh's wife, Betty Anderson, is one of the most powerful lobbyists...period.

Many of your fellow bloggers have asked why Governor Bredesen is being so quiet on ethics reform and lobbyist disclosure. The mainstream media needs to join the bloggers in asking the question.

I have my own opinion---Bredesen doesn't want reform. Everyone seems to have forgotten that Gov. Bredesen's Finance Commissioner, Dave Goetz, is himself a lobbyist. Duren Cheek of the Tennessean wrote an article on
1/7/03 outlining Goetz.

Cheek was kind--but the facts he reported lead one to conclude that Goetz has no business being finance commissioner. He has a bachelor's degree in sociology from Univ. of Virginia. According to Cheek, Goetz is a "former television political reporter who has lobbied the state legislature for business interests for the past 15 years..." That doesn't mean he's an idiot, he's not. But qualified for the post? Not quite.

Could this affinity for PR over results explain why Bredesen is fumbling TennCare? The Governor has a man with no accounting experience running the show. He chose a lobbyist to sit in the most powerful of cabinet positions, so I don't think we can look forward to Governor Bredesen pushing any change in the status quo.


  1. good blogging leadership stacey.......good job adding a blogroll in the left hand collumn.....all the best bloggers have a blogroll.....good work.......

    one suggestion.......keep your "about me" section at the top of your left hand column.....put you blogroll down underneath your "about me" section......i think readers like to see a picture of the blogger right at the top by the latest post......keep up the good work........dk

  2. Phil Bredesen as quoted in today's Daily News Journal (4-13-05) "You know (ethics) has become an important issue in the public. Please go back and take a fresh look at that"(he was directing his cabinet. Note what he did not say...that ethics was important to him, just that it was important to the public. This is great leadership from a great leader, basically he said that he did not care about ethical problems, but since the public seems to care he had better give out the appearance of caring about ethics as well. Gee thanks Phil, you'll make a great Presidential Candidate!

  3. Could this affinity for PR over results explain why Bredesen is fumbling TennCare?

    Call me crazy,..but I think TennCare is failing because it's a Marxist program. Marxism has never worked folks. It goes against human nature and ignores economics.

  4. question for camp, et al. -

    Who is the top-cop of the Tennessee Highway Patrol (i.r. THP Sheriff) ?

    Elected or appointed ?

    If appointed, by whom, term-length, process of being appointed, etc...

    Great blog !


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