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Wednesday, April 27, 2005


As I have said before, many Republican bills get killed in the subcommittee and committee system therefore many Republican bills never get a vote on the floor.

Today a bill slipped through that Naifeh didn't want out of committee. Some legislators did not show up for the vote and a pro-NRA bill (conceal carry) slipped through the sub-committee system.

Speaker Naifeh flipped out! His people did not want to have to vote on this bill. Some might risk losing their perfect NRA voting record (0 for 0).

Speaker Naifeh went to the chairman of the committee to let him know that if he did not ask to move the bill back to the sub-committee where it had passed, it would NOT BE GOOD!

The chairman agreed to make the motion, but not vote for it. These votes are made on the house floor and require a majority of 66 votes to move it back to the subcommittee. The dilemma? How to ram this vote through the legislature without having the legislators on record as a "yes" vote. Answer: Speaker Naifeh held a voice vote.

When it was brought up to move it back to subcommittee, we were ready. The motion was made and the Speaker passed it. I did not hear a single "yes" vote, but miraculously it passed! Now when a voice vote comes into question, five representatives have to raise their hands when the question is called for to get the vote recorded. The speaker tried to move on without recognizing us, but then more hands went up.

Speaker Naifeh was fuming and didn't know what to do. He yelled at us “PUT DOWN YOUR HANDS!!” He then tried to move on again.

Rep. Hargett was then recognized and stood up and said “Mr. Speaker I must object-point of order…”. Naifeh interrupted him--“I thought you wanted to speak on the next motion! You don't want to do this!!”

Leadership came forward for a side bar. When Rep. Hargett came back he shrugged his shoulders and said the Speaker was not going to recognize us no matter what.

So much for legislators following the rules and laws of representative government. These actions are more in line with a dictator, not a leader.


  1. In light of his behavior, perhaps Speaker Naifeh is a good candidate for the pre-K initiative.

  2. Excellent blogging Mr. Campfield! Thank you very much!

    I'm trying to watch the show here....


    Right now I'm 32 minutes and 40 seconds into the 4/27/05 show. I haven't seen what you reported yet but I'd sure like to.

    Perhaps you could watch the video and let us know at how many minutes or hours into the show the event goes down so readers of your blog could quickly fast-forward to the event and see it for themselves.

    Thank you very much.

    Campfield for Governor!


  3. .



  4. i just saw it all go down on video.....see above link....cool deal.....show starts at the 21 minute mark.....see bill hobbs for good write up.....


    Campfield for Governor!

  5. stacey....you gotta add Nashville Files blog to your links section........he's got a good write up on this today too.....add him into your links section now!!!


  6. maybe add this dude to you links too.........


    check him out..........dk

  7. Rep. Campfield, Thank you so much for your blog. This is the kind of government that "WE THE PEOPLE" deserve. You are a true leader. Again, Thank you so much.

  8. LOL this doesn't surprise me. I've come to expect as much from many dems lately. By this, I mean that many (not all of them) see government as the be-all end-all of knowledge and wisdom. If this is true, then Naifeh fell victim to this mentality.


  9. I just read the post concerning Speaker Naifeh and went to the video website. Guess what, the video for Apr 27 is not available. Tennessee certainly needs some major changes with both Gov. Bredeson and Speaker Naifeh being the first to be changed.

  10. Excellent report Stacey. Good to see this stuff seeing the light of the day.

    I applaud you exposing it.


  11. sorry for the first three people who posted, there was a spelling error in the post (imagine that) when I fixed it ,it erased all comments sorry:-(

  12. For those who want to find it quick, start at 19 min. into the session. It is absolutely despicable that Chris Newton R-Cleveland would be a party to this charade. He was an accomplice to Naifeh.

  13. My dear Rep. Campfield, This harkens back to the day Neifah held the board open during the Income Tax vote and then took private meetings in order to try to strong arm some into changing their votes. Ask any of the Reps who were there that day. I was in the gallery and was thoroughly appalled. It is interesting to me that so little has changed.

    When one thinks about the balance of power, what recourse do we have? Executive intervention? Law suits in the courts? Something is desperately wrong when one man can do whatever he wants without regard for the people or the rules and there is nothing that can be done to loosen his grip on power.

    Keep up the good work. Thanks for your vote against Pre-K. You are very courageous.

  14. Oddly enough the 4-27 link still doesn't work. I'm sure it's just a coincidence.

    Seriously, you know this won't change until enough of our legislators decide to become honest or decide to stop being accomplices to the corrupt. There aren't that many out and out crooks, but they have managed to convince many of our legislators that they have to go along and turn a blind eye in order to get anything at all done for the people.

    The ethics debate was shameful, with legislator after legislator denouncing an ethics bill and then voting for it. My personal favourite was the legislator who kept saying that this bill would " only catch the little fish". At which point I was screaming mentally, "Well who are the big fish then, mister ?!?"

    The cockroaches hate the light. Keep it up, rep!

  15. I got it to work--it's probably over-loaded by all us small d democrats. Just scroll ahead to 21 min. Thankfully, Second Amendment-types have LOOOOONG and vengeful memories.

  16. Stacey, my comment yesterday was one that was accidentally deleted, so I'll try to think of what I wrote.

    Since then, I've read the bill, HB0887, that Naifeh and friends socked back to subcommittee. I oppose the bill; I hope it doesn't pass; but that doesn't change the way I feel about the abuse of power exhibited by Speaker Naifeh and cohorts.

    Nothing this legislature does surprises me. When I lived in the Atlanta area, I saw the same sort of arrogance and abuse in the Georgia Legislature. I used to post on my old Georgia Coalition for Immigration Reform Web site some of the stunts pulled in that Capitol-crimes circus. A favorite of Georgia residents was the way some committee chairmen (Democrats) would declare a bill passed or failed upon voice vote or show of hands when clearly the opposite showing had occurred in full view of witnesses.

    Newspapers reported the farce, citizens expressed outrage, but nothing changed. It was a dictatorship.

    Well, time passed, and the Georgia Legislature has a Republican majority now. We'll see if the Republicans do any better. I hope that new GA majority raises the hair on the back of some necks here.

    I'm not a Republican or a Democrat, by the way.

    As for the abused Tennessee bill, which is a firearms-carry bill, I'm a fan of the Second Amendment, I'm a fan of some of the bill sponsors, but I don't think this is a common-sense bill. I feel that allowing people other than on-duty law enforcement officers to carry guns into restaurants poses a danger to the public. Accidents happen.

    And when one organization in our society -- in this case, the NRA -- has so much power, I see a problem. Our system needs an overhaul, beginning with more politicians like Campfield who are willing to buck a corrupt system in some way.

  17. For those trying to get to the video, looks like their website is just handing out the URL all dorked up... I pulled out the right url.

    Try this link to go directly to the video file itself.

  18. Rep. Tindell covers my district in Knoxville. He has stated he supports HB2225 - however he never became a co-sponsor or it nor is he a co-sponsor on HB0887.

    Keep this in mind when voting in the next election.

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  20. Donna, I kind of wish you hadn't been so transparent in your post. It isn't creditworthy if you are neither Republican or Democrat--because the ideologies of the parties are so different and I can't imagine what ideology you could belong to (that is one that is consistent and logical) based upon your various posts here. Sounds really squishy.

    As far as the bill at issue, I'm more concerned about not having enough honest people with weapons in restaurants than dishonest people. (See any of John Lott's writings on this issue: http://www.nationalreview.com/comment/lott200503230744.asp . But your comments about the NRA ("too much power," "corrupt system") reflects a true Democrat perspective on the matter--all they (NRA-type orgs) do is, like I said, keep track of how legislators vote on their issues. You can't tell me that your organization doesn't seek such respect.

  21. That link should be

  22. In response to PowerTee: I'm a very straightforward person. I don't mind if you want to call that "transparent." I've been called many things, but "squishy" (or anything similar) isn't one of them. The politicians our network helped bring down in Georgia wouldn't use that word to describe me. Their descriptions run more to profanity.

    Our networks in GA and TN have helped put people -- all of them Republican -- into elected office, and "squishy" didn't do it.

    Aside from immigration-control work, which mainly is demanding enforcement of our laws, I'm a centrist of sorts. I agree with the Democrats on some things and with the Republicans on others. I oppose corruption, no matter who is doing it. I back mostly Republicans at present, despite my concerns about some of their positions, because I feel massive, out-of-control immigration is now the greatest threat to our country. Very generally speaking -- since not all Republicans GET IT YET -- Republicans have taken the lead on immigration control and reform. We aim to reward their courage.

    Now we have some Blue Dog Democrats who get it or are beginning to get it, so I'm more than happy to help them as well.

    I would like to see the liberal black Democrats hang on to the gains for their people, because as a Sixties civil rights activist, my heart is in those gains. But they are cutting their own throats and will lose many of those gains, and we can see it so clearly, because we've watched what has happened in other states as black legislators allowed themselves to be manipulated by the radical anti-borders groups.

    The black members of our network have told me repeatedly -- generally it's the first thing they say when they contact me -- that the black "leaders" do not speak for them.

    Same for the Latino legal immigrants in our network. They are losing their gains to massive numbers of illegal aliens with whom they are now in competition. Not fair.

    Tennesseans for Immigration Control and Reform is politically diverse. We are a big tent, because we reflect the country as a whole. The polls show that most Americans agree with our positions. We have no agenda other than immigration control. We don't get into other issues. A number of people in the network are farther to the right than I on other issues. Some are farther left. We are an ad hoc coalition and have laid our differences aside to work for a cause in which we are deeply united.

  23. By "squishy" I don't mean that you aren't tenacious or aren't willing to take someone down; I mean on issues.

    And amen to all that you said, with the exception that I'm troubled by how the anti-no-borders coalition leans toward coalition (not consensus) politics. What "gains" are blacks and legal latinos losing to illegal immigrants and how are all these groups in competition with illegals? For example, I hope that it is not merely self-interest on behalf of blacks and latinos in your network that is motivating them to work the issue. That sounds like how Dems do business. And that's one of my big beefs with the Democrat party--they appeal to the worst in a variety of groups and convince them to band together (despite varied and often contradictory interests) to "get theirs." Indeed, that is one of my concerns with the near-nativist, faux-environmentalist, job-protection tenor of groups like NumbersUSA. And the Dems aren't quite sure how to handle the issue--it threatens several of their coalition groups to the core.

    But you didn't answer my question about the NRA; what is your concern with them? Certainly not the mere fact that they're effective...

  24. But you didn't answer my question about the NRA; what is your concern with them? Certainly not the mere fact that they're effective...


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