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Monday, April 11, 2005

The reform problem

There is a big push on right now to do something about the ethics problems going on here in the legislature with lobbyists,lobbying and the flow of money ,and input that some people have and how they get it .Let me start by saying that most legislators and lobbyists are good and are not the issue.What we are now seeing in the papers on a daily basis is probably only a small part of the problem. Many times the problem comes in the contracts and the requirements needed to apply to bid for contracts or the scope of the contract. An example might be , the state needs to upgrade the electrical systems at their prisons. Instead of putting out a bid for electrical contractors in each region or for each prison, they will put out one bid for all the prisons. This cuts out many of the smaller local electrical contractors and allows only a few,or maybe one company to realistically fulfill the requirement. Many times this drives up the price with travel, lodging costs etc. This is where the lobbyists come in. The bigger companies and organizations have them and many times the smaller ones do not. This is also the area where we have problems ,a yes or no vote can help or hurt when these contracts or bills are written up or passed out or put in the budget. If it is in the budget usually someone will be making money off of it and that is where the lobbyists want to be. Lobbyists make sure that the people they represent are taken care of or at least not hurt. Many reps listen to all and make an informed decision with all the facts they have or have been told. Some tie it to who has given them a donation or who lives in their district .Some I fear vote because they or their spouse are paid to be lobbyists. When you hear the words "I take care of my friends" or "I can bring home the pork" watch out. The friends they speak of are not the kind you usually want a rep to have and if they bring home a piece of pork it is usually because they stole the entire pig in the first place . What do I think it will take to change it? Stay tuned...


  1. The fewer projects upon which they need to spend money, the fewer examples of this kind of lobbying and favoritism there will be. So, the solution, as to just about everything governmental, is smaller government. Drain the beast of blood, and the parasites will fall right off.

  2. thanks for blogging stacey..........good leadership........campfield for Governor!!


  3. Can we please get some paragraph breaks?


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