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Wednesday, April 06, 2005


Well my bill protecting police, firefighters and emergency workers was more or less killed today it roughly went like this I began to present my bill to the committee about 20 words in Ulysses Jones said something to the effect of this bill is so good we need to put it in committee and study it over the summer Curry Todd stuck up for the bill and said "this bill is cut and dry there is nothing to study its a good bill we should pass it" Ulysses came back and said no I think it needs to go to committee for the summer. The voice vote went down party lines and the bill was more or less killed. That is how bipartisanship works in the state house ,totally for the betterment of the state never personal.


  1. good post stacey....good work.....now just one more post tomorrow and you're done for the week........excellent work.......

    as far at the bill you introduced protecting police.....i think you should have it posted on the web and then link to it from your blog so the people can read it for themselves......

    but as you say in the title of your post......that one's probably dead as a dodo, for now......but i really don't have much of an understanding of how all that stuff works........

    what i do understand is that blogs are the most powerful tool for democracy and freedom that the world has ever seen.......

    if i was a state legislator i think i'd introduce a bill that all elected officials in the state be required to have a blog with reader comments and be required to file a report at that blog for the people every day....maybe that would get these slackers off their asses......why don't you try that one out just for fun......

    Doug Kenline
    Atlanta, Georgia

  2. Hi Stacey,
    How are you? I see they sent your bill to "committee." Doug, that means that if and when the Chairperson decides to bring it up, which is never, then they can to rewrite it and it has to voted out of committee to discussed again on the floor. This takes about 2 years, if ever, if you are in the party that is not in power.

    I believe Doug had a good idea about putting the bill on your blog. Leave it up to us political hacks to bug the Tn legislature! I love sausage. Hehehe.

    Do not be discouraged. Keep bringing up the bills that you believe are good for Tn. Maybe it would help if you went to a Dem., told him you have a question about something you were thinking about, let him think it's his idea, and add your name to the bill! As long as the bill gets passed, that should be what counts.

    You have a good night now. Stay safe.

  3. Yes! Post the bill. Let people read it, and if they think it has merit, they'll be all over the other "legislators" to do something.

    Use this blog like a sledgehammer, my friend.

  4. hey stacey......check out chris naron's blog here.....


    check out his audioblogs.......consider doing some audioblogs on your blog.......give it a try.....it could add a powerful new dimension to your new sledgehammer.....hello, my name is stacey campfield and thank you for tuning in to the stacey campfield show.....here's the report from the floor today.......you'd go down in history as a true pioneer....give it a shot......


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  5. I would say that I agree that you might want to post some of your bills in advance. I have no problem with calling and emailing our legislators and urging them to pass a certain bill if it is for the good of all...Also I really like the insights of how the process works behind the scenes, keep it up!

  6. Post the bill on the website Stacey. Also, post the bill you co-sponsored with Representative Finney concerning speech and material in state university courses. That's a really "excellent" piece of legislation.


  7. Thanks Doug. The link to my political blog is: http://www.rightnation.us/forums/index.php?automodule=blog&blogid=7&

    Keep up the good work, guys.

  8. Stacey,

    I don't understand why your bill was sent to the worm hole.

    After all we had bills submitted by Cochran and Burchett that were written by lobbyists but neither one bothered to read. They were set to be steamrolled thru to the floor. Could it be that both of those were written to benefit local county governments in the form of taxes and more power?

    And just because someone has a delinquent tax notice does not indicate a willful act to avoid taxes especially if there is a dispute over the assessment. It's better to keep it in your pocket than trying to get the government to admit it owes you a refund.

    Keep up the good work.

    A Nation of Frogs

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  10. I don't know how much prohibiting pointing laser pointers at police, et al is protecting their lives, but I do agree with you here. You had a very simple cut and dry bill that should have passed. It is/was a good first bill to see how the system works.

    I still believe that part of your troubles come from your over-voicing of your opinions and refusal to play the game. Although it is not always "good" or "right" to play the game, but it is effective. Some republicans get bills passed because they play the game. Cooperation is a big part of politics. Your refusal to give in to the game will lead to tough times ahead.

    I recommend you use this forum for trial balloons and getting new ideas for laws that could be created (next session, of course). I do agree with your open dialogue but it's hard to get respect from a party that outnumbers you when you bash them all the time.

    I hope this helps...

    11:39 AM

  11. Doug-
    I've read several of your posts where you state that all legislators should write blogs everyday. WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT? It's because of people like you that are government is full of morons, like you. Let them do what they are meant to do and leave the blogging to us.

  12. 66 Rustang, I think you're only partially correct. Stylistically, it might help for theRep to tone his criticism down, but I'm not sure that he'll ever get his message out or effect any change without goading (or simply not backing down from?) the career pols a little. Such going along to get along is what turns many once-proactive legislators into part of the problem.

    Not to get too far afield, but the beauty of term limits is that they remove at least one incentive for such capitulation. And cooperation is different from capitulation/submission; I think that theRep (and theVoters) need to move the political center of gravity in Tenn., and that means not accepting Liberal premises on every debate/issue.

  13. In a republic there is an automatic term limit mechanism...it's called the ballot box.

  14. And in a republic, we can pass a law that limits the number of terms someone can serve . . . what's your point?

    But I love how Liberals strike the Libertarian pose on the subject of term limits. I guess it's because they are inclined to trust gov't, and gov't "professionals" more than they trust individuals.


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