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Monday, April 04, 2005


Ok, let me start by saying that tenncare will not survive as it is, it needs and has always needed major reform. If changes can not or will not be made I hope we at least institute risk pools or the chips program so people can get some insurance. I went so far as to buy a book (with my own money) on reforming tenncare (patient power)for every legislator and the gov when I was elected. The book explains the medical savings account program and how it can turn around our states problem.I wish I could be a fly on the wall in the governor office....Cue the scooby doo dream sequence music....

GOVERNOR: OK guys it is really crunch time, I know I went up down and across this state promising how I could manage our way out of tenncare, but now its time to do it. I got every thing I wanted from Gordon but it still isn't enough. I need ideas. People have big expectations and this could hurt my run for president. Naifeh...?

NAIFEH: Well governor this one is tough we might have to go and do the unthinkable and admit we cant do this alone..

WILDER: Governor??...I am the governor why are you talking to that man???

GOVERNOR: But I had a plan,I am a millionaire I can do any thing.My plan must be the best. If my plan isn't the corner stone forget it all. I will scrap the whole thing before I admit I could not do it. Wilder???

WILDER: Butterfly...Pretty butterfly....

NEIFEH: Governor, that would be political suicide. We have to at least look like we are trying. If only we had a pro...

GOVERNOR: Yes, someone who might have seen the problems on a daily basis, some one who might give us some insight as to how to turn this around on a practical basis, someone with a history in medicine, someone like A..A..A....

NEIFEH:....A doctor??

GOVERNOR:YES!! Brilliant!! Do we have any in the house who we could tap for their knowledge?

NEIFEH: Well there is doctor Hensley. But..

GOVERNOR:We do,?? Well why didn't you tell me sooner!! I am sure you have him in charge of tenncare oversight so he should have been on this problem for a while and has probably made big changes already, or at least has ideas...

NEIFEH: Well actually...

GOVERNOR: What? He isn't in charge you must be kidding well at least he is on the committee,right??

NEIFEH: Well no, not exactly. He comes when he can and sits in the audience but he isn't allowed to vote.

GOVERNOR: Doesn't he want to be on the committee?

NEIFEH: Yes,but...

GOVERNOR: Neifeh, I didn't get you re-elected to make dumb decisions ,I am beginning to loose faith.

NEIFEH:But governor he is A...A..A REPUBLICAN...

GOVERNOR:.......I see.....

WILDER: Flower....

GOVERNOR: O.k. back to the original plan, scraping Tenncare, who can we blame??


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  2. I don't think the governor is so seperate from the legislature he is not aware of their professions. Furthermore, Lt Gov. Wilder is not as delirious as your portray him to be. Obviously, your have had only a few encounters with the man...You won't get very far in the TN legislature if you spend time on your blog bashing the very people you need to get your bills passed.

    I do, however, respect you for opening yourself up to the people and accepting the consequences of such as decision

  3. I saw a funny bumper sticker on a car while driving through Memphis the other day. It read: "I don't have to love President Bush in order to love God and Country"

    Didn't Christ teach us to love our enemies as well as our allies?

  4. right on campfield! you da man!

    if naifeh had half a brain he'd follow your good leadership and start his own blog with reader comments.......

    maybe someday the slackers in georgia will even start to get a clue thanks to your fine example.....

    keep on bloggin'..........

    Doug Kenline
    Atlanta, Georgia

  5. Excellent blog--I like your Scooby Doo dream sequence, especially. I've posted a link to you on my blog, at Hypotheses Non Fingo, also Tennessee blog.

    As a fellow conservative East Tennesseean, I've actually got to say, though, that I'm actually happier (so far) with Bredesen than with Sundquist, the rat.

    I hope the GOP's going to have a gubernatorial candidate next time with backbone who will stand against the income tax and have the guts to scrap/reform/disentangle Tenncare.

    Also--have you considered your blog joining the "Rocky Top Brigade"? It's a collection of Tennessee blogs.

  6. Hey memphis (the poster, not the city--I don't want to tangle with the whole bad city), you guys are masters at straw men. I don't expect you fellers to love Dubya; what I resent is that simply because you are so bitter and frustrated that you'll decide your position on an issue by taking the opposite side from him. Nevertheless, you Libs definitely have funny bumper stickers; but life isn't a sitcom and being glib ain't leadership.

  7. Hello Mr. Campfield. How are you today? I was just commentting to a Utah legislator about how Tn has HillCare! I come over here, and what are you talking about? LOL.

    I was trying to inspire him, as I will you, that it is good to learn about each others state politics. Who knows? Maybe one state will come up with a solution that could be tried in another state? It's possible.

    Did you guys get rid of that RINO Governor? I would rather have a Democrat than a Republican who acts like one. They are the worst. They give the rest of us a bad name. Have a great day.

  8. This blog is a hoot. Gotta love southern Politics.

  9. 66 rustang the facts are facts he is not on the committee and wants to be we have others on in the medical field in the same situation i feel that they are among the most qualified to help this problem.wilder speakes for himself.

  10. The long and short of it is that the Tenn care fix will be just another band-aid to get us through the next election. Then keeping the crisis muted just enough to get the gov re-elected, it's back to full biblical plaque crisis and the resulting need for many more taxes(read income)

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    You will not see the trash can if you are not logged in, and the trash can appears only with comments you yourself have written.

    The blogsite owner (in this case, Rep. Campfield) can delete anyone's comments on his/her blogsite.

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  18. see previous response to previous question on previous day

  19. Why do you feel the need to post such sophomoric and divisive diatribes?

    You may think you're being clever and witty but I can assure you-- you aren't winning friends or influencing people.

    You and/or your defenders on this site all lambasted AynR for her legitimate concerns about your delinquent property taxes and accused her of "ad hominem" attacks (which, by the way, is not even accurate, given that the definition of "ad hominem" is appealing to personal considerations rather than facts or logic--your property taxes are, or at least were, delinquent--that's a fact!)

    Do you not think your posts on this 'blog are ad hominem attacks against Speaker Naifeh, Governor Wilder, Governor Bredesen and all Democrats and those that dare disagree with you?

    Please conduct yourself in a more respectable manner. If you disagree with someone, then by all means, speak out against them.

    However, I ask you to please represent your district and county with dignity.

  20. Dear Campout,
    First, your screenname outs your motives; but we sure appreciate your concern about dignity and issues-based discussion...
    Second, I (not theRep) am the one that challenged AYNR for ad hominem attacks (and I'm glad to see you are putting that dictionary to use!); though I certainly was defending theRep against AYNR's attack. But, you're not making sense...just because an argument includes a fact ("you're fat" or "you're ugly") doesn't mean that it is not ad hominem. I was a little surprised at theRep's "dream sequence" comic post, but I certainly value him exposing the goings-on in Nashville, and I certainly resent attempts by some to try and shut him up.

  21. I agree with 66 rustang. Why dont you focus on compromising rather than bashing everyone?

    The TennCare Oversight Committee has a Vice-Chair who is a retired physician. He was nominated and elected by a majority voice vote. TC Oversight has 7 reps and 7 dems. No one politician had an objection to Sen. Finney being Vice-chair. Do your homework, Stacey.

  22. Powertee,

    I was unaware that comments on this blog were limited to those in support of the Representative. As one of the few folks on this board from Tennessee, let alone within the district, I felt that my comments were just as warranted as anyone elses.

    Forgive me for not slapping his back and giving him an atta'boy for his self-serving and bitter posts. See, unlike you, I get a vote in District 18, so I'd hope my thoughts would have slightly more weight than yours. And I would rather he change the scene in Nashville and work from the inside out rather than casting stones and launching (your favorite word) ad hominem attacks against his colleagues.

    Both of you should grow up.

  23. I would not describe Rep. Campfield's posts on this blog as "self-serving" and "bitter."

    I don't know Campfield, I don't live in his district, I don't agree with all of his political stands, but I welcome his irreverence, echoing as it does my personal motto: Whatever else you do today, find some authority to question.

  24. By the way, my experience has been that freshmen state legislators quickly fall into line after their freshman year, so enjoy the honeymoon while you can, folks.

    Donna Locke
    Tennesseans for Immigration Control and Reform

  25. Dear Campout,
    Never said you couldn't weigh in...but your opinion does not have more weight than mine simply because you happen to live in theRep's district. (Heck, if I were a Liberal, I'd probably drive down there and cast a vote for him on election day!)

    As far as theRep "casting stones"--careful, you're sounding like Sen. John Ford. Which is why I like this blog (and why you don't)... there's too much covering for each other on the Hill, and mutual back-scratching and threatening to get dirty if anyone breaks the political "code of silence." I agree that theRep might have been sophomoric in his dream sequence post, but again, I'll overlook to a point. (This is kind of petty, but I haven't used "launched" in any non-aerospace discussion recently.)

  26. I wouldn't protect Senator John Ford if he's found to be guilty by the Senate Ethics Committee. If that happens, I'll accept his fate.

    By "casting stones" I mean not contributing to the dialog and debate in a POSTIVE vs. a divisive way. All this partisan bickering is foolish.

    I am glad you recognized the sophomoric nature of the dream sequence; however, this has not been the only sophomoric post.

    And you may believe what you like, I don't prejudge folks based on anything, including their partisan affilation or ideology.

    And for the record, I'm all for your so-called "code of silence" being broken and contrary to your beliefs, I don't have a problem with this blog. I just wish he would use it to its fullest potential and actually accomplish something positive for our district.

  27. Campout, I appreciate all the agreement we're having, but I think you're changing your tune . . . no post I've seen from you sounds very positive about theRep or his blog, and unless you're an avid camper, your screen name belies your expressed sentiments.

    Now, about John Ford, you sound awful eager to give him a pass. That ethics committee is not going to do anything about any ethics breach unless it is virtually forced to (ref. "code of silence" comment), and I think that any intellectually-honest observer (of his sworn statements, et al) would have to agree that he has acted unethically.

    As far as partisanship, etc., I am consciously and proudly a Republican, but that's because I believe ideas matter and there are two different parties for a reason. I guess the key is to argue about issues, and I sensed from you an eagerness to stifle theRep's blogging. But, hopefully, he'll stick to issues and avoid red meat as time goes on.

  28. I feel that we can debate until the cows come home about whether or not the Rep should have posted the dream sequence(hey it was funny!)... But the real crux of the problem is that a) the Rep will not be able to solve the ethics problem by himself. b) He is at least making an effort towards making government more transparent through this site. c)Does anyone think that Naifeh or Wilder or Ford are going to communicate to the populace any more than absolutely necessary to keep their seats? I called Naifeh's offices to ask about ethics last week. Try it. You can tell what his feelings are just by the attitude of the person answering the phone when you mention what you are calling about. It ain't gonna happen....

  29. the dream sequence post was beautiful, spontaneous, off the hip...........excellent...............now where's the next post..........that's the thing about blogging stacey.........you gotta feed the blog every day.........don't start slacking off on us now......we're all waiting to hear your next post..............strive to be the best blogger you can be......the best bloggers never miss a day.........strive for daily reports for the people.......be the best.

    Doug Kenline
    Atlanta, Georgia

  30. I agree with Doug. Personally, I yank folks off the blogroll pretty quick if they don't produce.

    I wish legislators spent more time blogging than trying to "solve our problems."

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  32. thanks for your posts i will try to post every day i am in session usually mon. - thurs. or as a story comes up but i dont want to become like the old lady who allways talks about her cats and rambels on . other state reps have talked to me about wrighting posts for my blog. some may use there own name some are still a little wearey of what has happened to me happening to them and may not use there name but it is a start.

  33. Rep:
    What makes you think that you could solve the TennCare crisis in TN any better than the Governor. Because you read a book... Honestly! You must realize that people's lives are in the balance here and there are certain legal and ethical issues to "scrapping" TennCare as you seem to advocate. The Governor is doing the best that he can without disenrolling everyone. He is trying to keep children on the program, while still funding other state priorites. Also, spare me on the overburdened tax business here in TN. Its not true. Tennesseans rank among the lowest in taxes paid per capita, right under South Dakota and New Hampshire, with the poor and middle class paying a much higher percentage of their incomes than the wealthy. Our antiquated tax structure is a problem that needs to be addressed.

  34. Glad to see theRep blogging. Don't count on any such transparency from Bredesen-Naifeh-Wilder. Has Senator Wilder even heard of a computer?

    Tenncare desrves the slow painful death it is going to get just like any other socialist nonsense. Wealth redistribution at the point of a gun, proclaimed "legal" by re-election seeking pols is immoral. Regardless of whether it's alleged goal to provide healthcare or not.

    TheRep has the right idea here. MSA's are the way to go. I'll go theRep one better and propose that in addition to rolling over money saved in the MSA by individuals. Encourage them to apply it towards retirement health care needs after reaching retirement age.

    Here's the neat part. When Tenncare dies we can lower sales taxes drastically; putting money back in the hands of those that earned it, they can then save it and provide for their own healthcare.

    Keep up the good work sir and thxs for sharing with us in such an open forum. -Spin


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