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Monday, May 09, 2005



No-I'm not talking about his Tenn-Used-to-Care plan. I'm talking about blogging. The Governor has joined the information age-making him politician “NUMBER 2” to start a dialogue with Tennesseans.

While I doubt he will actually be sitting at the computer punching on the keys, it is at least a start. Hopefully he won't have staff type it up, but I'll give him the benefit of the doubt. It's good to see him recognize the “blogosphere” and the role it is playing in government. I understand the political risks of taking comments, but I hope he joins me in accepting input from constituents.

I didn't know about Gov. Bredesen's blog until Channel 2 wanted to interview me about it. I complimented Governor Bredesen on this new venture and offered assistance to anyone else who would like to start a blog.

The interviewer from Channel 2, Chris Bundgaurd, actually asked Speaker Jimmy Naifeh if he was going to join the information age, but apparently he said he didn't know how to do any of that stuff.

Well, my offer to the Speaker: I will do all I can to help him. I will go to his office, set it up (or help set it up). I will show him how it works and how easy it is. As he and I don't agree on much, I will even keep all my comments and opinions to myself or I will seek a willing volunteer to set it up for him if he doesn't want me around. I know he's no Campfield fan.

When I first came to Nashville, I could hardly even turn on the computer (some say I never should have. My favorite quote is “Stacey, you on a computer is like a 16 year old kid with a learner's permit driving a Ferrari! Look out here he comes!)

But if you have a desire to communicate with the people, like I do, a blog is a great medium.

More legislators are starting to take notice and a lot of them are talking about blogs. They are hearing from their constituents and receiving emails. Your input is starting to have an effect, so keep up the feedback and input---more may be on the way!


  1. Bredesen is so out of touch with what's really going on that he might as well be in a sensory deprivation tank. As for his so-called blog, I'm sure public comment there will register like all the other trees falling in the forest.

    Bredesen should post a New York Times story today that puts the lie to his claim that, thanks to him, Tennessee now has the "toughest driver's license policy in the nation." The truth is, Tennessee is one of only 12 states that do not require proof of legal presence in the United States to drive legally. Additionally, Tennessee allows applicants to take the driver's exam in languages other than English. No safety purpose is served by allowing drivers who cannot read English/road signs, etc.

    Please read the story, titled "Immigrants in Tennessee Issued Certificates to Drive." It will fill you in on how those certificates marked "Not Valid for Identification Purposes" are being accepted as ID by law enforcement officers, auto insurance companies, and other entities. Utah has already copied the driving certificates idea; other states are considering it. Bredesen, former Gov. Sundquist, and the National Democratic Party must be proud!

    Tennessee should not be issuing state documents to illegal aliens, period. Any document so issued blurs the distinction between legal and illegal and becomes a gateway and a passport for lawbreakers, none of whom have undergone the screening and background checks required of legal immigrants and visitors (though our overwhelmed legal-visa-and-immigration process is broken as well).

    Tennessee has made itself a magnet for illegal aliens and will pay a heavy price for it. We are already paying it. Only a handful of our state legislators have the guts to try to do anything about it.


  2. right on mon!

    more, more, more, more.....


  3. What is the url of Governor Bredesen's blog? I want to see it.


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