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Wednesday, May 11, 2005



Well, it didn't take long to find out about the Governor's blog and its political instead of communicative purposes.

First, he doesn't allow comments. All you can do is fill out a one-question survey on how you feel about Pre-K. (And yes, I voted on his site.)

The results were about 60% for and 40% opposed when I was on the site. Gauging from my own input from my constituents, I had figured the results would have been the opposite. But anyway, I found it interesting.

I held out hope for a comment section though-and remained optimistic. Unfortunately, I have now discovered that the Governor's blog/web designer sent out a mass email to all the pro pre-K people indicating that a blog had been set up for the Governor with a pre-K poll on it. The email encouraged them to go online and vote in favor of Pre-K.

Come on Governor! This is a terrible way to start your blog. Perhaps there wouldn't have been a computer trail of emails if he would have “fixed” the poll by configuring the program to automatically register two “yes” votes for every one “no.” Is there really a difference between a mass email and fixing the numbers? And wouldn't that be more in keeping with the efficiency he's always talking about?

I was genuinely excited that the Governor had started a blog. I think communicating with Tennesseans is good for government, good for the people, and great for accountability. But sadly, it just looks like Phil Blog is going to be a political tool with an unfortunate, shady start.


  1. His traffic will probably be pretty low if he doesn't allow interaction. Blogging is about everyone's desire to see their names in print.

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  3. I don't have a list of his bills in front of me. I know him casually and will call and ask if you would like. I just know that I have spoken with some people in Nashville and around Knoxville and most tell me that you will be hard pressed to accomplish much down there and that Rep. Buttry was well liked by bothsides of the isle. State $ are important to our area.

    I know he was successful in funding for the widening of Oak Ridge Hwy. Is this now in jeapordy because of your "cool" relationshin with the Governor?

  4. Yep, golfer is probably right. The rep pretty much shot himself in the foot with his very first post. A freshman Republican representative who breaks the first rule of the TN legislature (Rule #1: Don't make Speaker Naifeh mad) doesn't have much chance of being effective legislatively. Of course, freshman Republican representative don't get much accomplished even if the don't break Rule #1.

    HOWEVER, freshman or not, he is accomplishing more for promoting open, honest and accountable government than anyone else on Capital Hill today. If loosing a few battles is the cost, I for one say it is worth it.

    Representative Campfield, if you run for re-election, please look for my contribution to your campaign next year. It would be an honor to support you.

  5. that's right stacey.....blogging is all about two way interaction.....no reader comments equals fake liar blog..........governor dodo bird is a big fat idiot.........stacey campfield understands blogging.....stacey campfield makes governor dodo bird look like a big fat idiot...........stacey campfield for Governor!!!!!


  6. O.R HWY has never been funded I am not sure where you heard it has but it has not .It is still on the drawing board where it has been since it was promised in exchange for the gas tax by Lamar 20 years ago. I have spoken with commish Nicely (before I started my blog)and was told it was going to be put on a "future" to do list and they were checking into it. No solid start date was mentioned and yes I did ask for one.I will continue to work on this. Please look at the projects and spending for our area (east Tennessee) vs. the rest of the state ,you will see we get way less then any other grand devision and put in more. this is not a new occurance it has been going on for decades before I started my blog. I know I could just roll over and get the same crumbs we have been getting for decades and pass minor bills that effect little or I can help fight for open govt. show the people the disparity and differences, let them know why good bills die and bad ones pass. why government does not change what the people have asked them to for years or when they do its too late or does not work as it should .If I can help get rid of the"me first" and "absolute power " system of govt.that runs things then we can all have a fair seat at the table and can make real changes that will truely help our area and state. An informed public makes the best govt. If you want the same results you have been getting do the same things and the same results will continue. If you want real change you must be willing to change the things you do and how you do them. We have compromised and settled for to little for to long all we got was compromised and run over it is time for change!

  7. I find it interesting that the Governor would post such as poll. Is he planning on using this to direct his public policy?

    One group has decided to counter Gov. Bredesen's shady tactics and has posted their own response.

    Tennessee Pre-K Poll

  8. The poll was removed a day ago (or so), but was not replaced with a new one. This leads me to believe that, once the numbers fell in our favor, he pulled the poll.

    Considering that the Gov's pre-K plan passed on the 12th, what was the purpose of the poll? Validation?

    Natalie~homeschooler in MS


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