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Thursday, May 19, 2005

Good dish from blogs

I just thought I would let you all know that you are helping to force accountability with regard to Senator Ford's actions--as well as making it difficult for anyone to continue to ignore Ford's "business as usual."

I was surfing other blogs late last night before I went to see Star Wars. I visited Bill Hobbs and GOP bloggers where I read a post by Paul Lewis. From there I linked to a story by News Channel 5 on Senator Ford and the money he is receiving from the state.

I took a copy of the story today, and got together with one of the House Committee Chairmen. I talked to him about stopping the flow of money if it is still going on. Once money starts to flow, it is quite difficult to turn it off-especially in government.

Governor Bredesen has made mention of perhaps issuing a veto regarding the money flowing to Senator Ford, but I believe the committee that has oversight of the funds should be called to the carpet as well, and asked to explain why this has been allowed to go on for years.

The Chairman indicated that he would be willing to work on it. If we can at least stop the money now, that would be a good first step.

Other representatives and people seeking higher office read and took notice of a post by Rob Huddleston. Some requested copies-you might guess who and which post.

To Tennessee's newest blogging Senator Roy Herron: Welcome! I hope you enjoy the communication opportunities and find it as informative as I have.


  1. add roy herron to yer blogroll.........soon they will all be blogging.....history will show that stacey campfield led the way..........

    Campfield for Governor!

  2. Rep.

    Speaking of Statr Wars. I read somewher that legislators get free movie passes from the big theater companies. Does this still take place?

  3. Links! Add links to your post to things you mention in your post!

  4. Rep. Campfield,

    Can we get a quick review of the new Star Wars movie? I am a Star Wars fan from way back. I intend to go see it as soon as things let up a little bit.


  5. yep we get free passes (actually they are $1.00) star wars is long but pulls it all together well .overall ,good ,better then the last few but not as good as the origional still good though. sorry I dont know how to do links or I would have.

  6. Rep.

    I don't think you should accept this special favor in light of your condemnation of free gifts and lobbying by special interests. I think this is a little bit hypocritical.

  7. I think the point here is that theater companies are not pushing any agenda on our legislators; it's just a nice gesture.

  8. Kara,

    There's no such thing as a free lunch. What logical sense does it make to provide someone with power (a legislator) with a gift from someone that could stand to benefit?

  9. Racr -

    IF you are going to be hard on legislators, it would be hypocritical of YOU not to do the same with other state employees that receive discounted movie tickets, such as school teachers. After all, they could see movies at a discount and then use their sway to get their children to see them. The horrors!



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    thanks for blogging and keep up the good work........


  11. rob huddleston,

    Again you miss my point. The Rep. says he doesn't take special interest favors such as campaign money. I don't think any legislator could be bought for free movies. I am skeptical of candidates who don't take money from PACS. It seems to me they are saying they are afraid the money will influence their votes.

    If this is the case they do not deserve my vote. By the way the Rep. still has not responded to my questions and comments in earlier postings. Good day!

  12. Racr, please elaborate on your statement that you don't trust elected officials who don't take PAC money. That's sounds stupid to me. I think the general motivation for refusing PAC money is because there is little accountability for who funds PACS and there are questions about how democratic such organizations are; thus, a candidate can avoid allegations of improper influence and shadiness of contributors by simply refusing to accept PAC money. The notion that they're weaker (such as an alcoholic who can't go near a bar) is foolishness, in my humble opinion. But enough about me . . . please expound upon your assertion.

  13. read bill hobbs blog regarding secret meeting by roy herron........


  14. Recr : please re read my april 21 comments (to you) on acceptable comments. No I have not taken any pac money.I do accept controbutions when not in session from non pacs(care to contribute ;-). I financed most of my race out of my own pocket I have a debt of about $18,000.00 still .I could have taken pac money and saved a ton, it would have been easy .I sent back sevral checks to show that I am in this to make a difference, not for the position or the money .your comments dont make sence with this in mind .Also you attack me for accepting discount movie tix even though I have never voted on a movie theatre bill and then attack me for not accepting pac money please be consistant.Finally I have not spoken against lobbying only the unethical acts of legislators .

  15. This makes two times I agree with you. Lobbying is essential to government. As brilliant as the rep tried to be he is unable to have specific information on the wide variety of subjects that come up in a session. That is why lobbyist are there to inform them. Also, many lobbyist are governed by kind of an unwritten code. Because legislators depand of the lobbyists, it is very important that they be trusted. When a lobbyist is discredited, he is finished.

    People think that all lobbyists are bad people is false. That is just the medias portrayal. There are unethical people in every profession.

    The discoounted movie tix are just a perk of the job. Not a big deal...

  16. Powetee and Rep:

    This is my point: It makes no more sense (not sence) for me to say the Rep. is somehow unethical to take movie passes than it does for the Rep. or you to say that somehow taking PAC money makes one unethical. A crook is a crook. All the ethics laws in the world won't stop that any more than the Death penaly (which I am for) stops murder. It's time to get on with the state's business and stop playing the game of who's more squeaky clean than the other.
    Is this comment acceptable?

  17. No, your statement is weaselly.(sp?) I didn't say that taking PAC money was unethical, but it sure is hard to argue that someone is unethical who HASN'T accepted any (though you've asserted that such behavior makes an elected official suspect--or are you now trying to say that you were joking?). But, re. your argument that everybody does it: I will flat out assert that the Party primarily consisting of moral relativists will have more trouble with discerning right from wrong than will the Party primarily consisting of moral absolutists.

  18. And racr, judging from your various posts, I'm not sure you should be trying to score any points in the area of spelling ...

  19. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  20. I never said someone who accepts PAC money is unethical because they accept it.

  21. Powertee,

    I believe in moral absoluts. Example: killing children is wrong born or unborn. I just don't think every issue that comes befor the legislature is a moral one. My party the Republican Party is big enough for more than just one view on many issues. That's my main problem with the Democrat Party.


    Maybe unethical is the wrong term. The question is this, are legislators good or bad if they take PAC money? Other than John Ford, what Reps. or Senators do you think are guilty of unethical behavior?

  22. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  23. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  24. Follow the money, votes, how campaign money is spent, ask who gave it, who got contracts, and appointments also check out or ask who will profit ,what business is the rep or senator connected to and let the people decide on if they are ethical, many things that are legal may or may not be ethical in your mind or my mind .you will have to decide on your own .I can only work to make things that I feel are unethical illegal.You can read my bills from this year and next and get a feeling of what I think is unethical then if you wish you can see if your legislator fits into the discription.


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