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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

gun bill back

The conceal carry bill HB 2225 was back today. This is simmilar to the bill that caused so much stir in my previous posts. Chris Newton attempted to bring the bill back directly to the house floor. As I mentioned in earlier posts, this action is allowed by rule with 66 votes necessary from the house.

It was definitely intense---and tense too. Speaker Naifeh even personally came down to the well to argue against this bill. He argued that his polling indicated people were against the bill. He argued that it was a bad bill. And he didn't stop there. He went on to attack the NRA. He closed by saying we should not vote to allow this bill to come forward.

It came to a vote. 66 votes were needed to bring it to the house floor, but only 54 voted yes. 36 members voted no, and 8 didn't vote. Curious is that there were 63 sponsors and co-sponsors of this bill. It now appears obvious that some members signed on as co-sponsors banking on the standard operating procedure that it would be killed in committee and never come to a vote.

It looks like those “sponsors” were put to the test. When the rubber actually meets the pavement, how did they vote? Let's do the math:

63 sponsors and co-sponsors
-54 yes votes
= 9 legislators who didn't really mean they supported the legislation they put their names on.

Interesting. It will be interesting to see how this vote effects election time next year.


  1. The Rep, can you give us the names of the disingenuous ones?

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  3. The list of those who voted (with notes of the sponsors who broke rank) are posted on the Tennessee Firearms Association web site


    John Harris
    Exec. Director, TFA

  4. Great blogging Representative Campfield. Thank you very much.

    Campfield for Governor!


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