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Thursday, May 26, 2005

more to go ?

Well, well, well, I have been talking about ethics for a while and some hated my ranting but now you are seeing how big the problem is. I want to let you know I still think this is just the tip of the iceberg. More names are still supposedly to come down and I don't think that they went after all the people that would have probably taken the money. Rumors are rampant as to who will be the next to go .I personally am glad to see this happen lets get them all, sweep them all out, its time to clean house. Still though ,I think it will be tough to convict because our laws are so loose. it could come down to when the people took the money . I just was told Bowers is out already .I guess she made bond will see about the rest .Session was put off till 4 pm today .


  1. Here is a story about it. It has hit the LA Times already. If that link doesn't work, this one will. It should be the first story, but if not, scroll down.

    Long time no hear, eh? LOL. I knew you would have the latest. I'm really greatful you are in our government. Good job.

  2. It's about time the legislature had a purge. I wouldn't be surprised to see Cohen or Naifeh go down too.

    Keep up the great work, rep.

  3. No, Governor, THIS is what you should have said...

    "A court will determine their guilt or innocence. But if they are guilty, then their arrests and convictions will be great things for the people of our state. I despise corruption, support any investigation into it, and will do all I can to help root it out from its hiding places. No one who betrays the public trust is, or will be, safe in this state."

    Or even

    "When thr Romans discovered that a public servant was corrupt, they sewed him in a sack with wild animals and threw it in the river. It's a shame that punishment is no longer available."

    (Apologies to Brian DePalma.)

  4. I don't think Cohen would accept such a bribe. But I didn't think cructhfield would either...

  5. Re. Cohen, it has always seemed suspicious to me that he was so motivated to push for a lottery in Tennessee during the entire 20+(?) years he has been in the legislature.

  6. No loss as far as we are concerned. Too bad they won't get all the ones who SHOULD be in cuffs.

    Donna Locke
    Tennesseans for Immigration Control and Reform


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