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Thursday, May 26, 2005

Session when ?

It was supposed to be at 9 am ,that is when everything was going down so all bills got rolled to afternoon session 1pm session was rolled to 4pm ,4pm has been rolled to 6pm many legislators are still walking around like it is 9/11 .


  1. Good bloggin' rep.....I'm gonna get an award ceremony set up to where's they pick the best bloggin' representative in America.....I think you'll end up winnin' it this year.........

    Campfield for Governor!

  2. Any more names than the original four?

  3. No more current reps. Pretty somber mood down here in the plaza.

  4. well
    oh my god
    what has happened?
    will stacey"running shoes" campfield see? Bashing is an easy sport. D or R, everyone is hurt.

  5. NO, fcol, "everyone" is not hurt. Any more than when a burglar or rapist is caught and imprisoned.

    The only ones hurt are the CRIMINALS and their ACCOMPLICES.

    The honest legislators, and- try to remember them- the CITIZENS, are helped when a nest of thieves is discovered.

    Why oh why does no one in a leadership position seem pleased that this happened? The Governor, the Speaker, the Committee Chairmen, they all act


  6. PS,

    If I call them the Senatwhores, is that too insulting to prostitutes?

  7. stag, I don't understand your logic. Whenever a certain profession comes suspect, expecially in politics, many members who wouldn't otherwise be suspect, become suspect. It damages the profession. ( not to be confused with professional legislator, but more as an occupation ). It is similar to baseball and the steroids. How many honest players benefitted from some players getting caught? People start asking what if?

  8. The only way to regain the confidence of the people (either in politics or sports) is to prove that all the bad apples have been removed (and hopefully prosecuted) and put rules and tests in place to insure that others will not cheat. After all of this is done, then the professions will be regarded as trustworthy again. I also do not see how pointing out criminal behaviour is "bashing" somebody.

  9. What damages public confidence is the fact that all the other officials seem to close ranks around the criminals. That, oddly enough, makes outsiders believe that they are all corrupt together. Strange how that works.

    Our Governor is a prime example, he stands there with the legislatve leadership, the same leadership that has been working alongside the thieves for years, and says this is "sad" and "difficult" and "challenging."

    No, Governor, THIS is what you should have said...
    "A court will determine their guilt or innocence. But if they are guilty, then their arrests and convictions will be great things for the people of our state. I despise corruption, support any investigation into it, and will do all I can to help root it out from its hiding places. No one who betrays the public trust is, or will be, safe in this state."

    Or, better,

    "When the Romans discovered that a public servant was corrupt, they sewed him in a sack with wild animals and threw it in the Tiber. It's a shame that punishment is no longer available."

    (Apologies to Brian DePalma.)

    But we can see with whom the Governor stands on corruption, literally and figuratively.

    Only Campfield seems to think catching criminals is a GOOD THING. The rest of the politicians have forgotten that they work for US, they are OUR SERVANTS, and that THIEVES ARE BAD.

    Even when you work beside thieves and watch them steal every day, and smile at them, and ally with them, and depend on them.

    Even if selling votes is "the only way to get things done".

    Approving, publicly, of catching the corrupt might make citizens think that the politicians AREN'T in it together, and that they ARE capable of noticing corruption.

    But our legislators and Governor have forgotten that the people haven't been getting money and power off the system for years and LOVE IT when the corrupt are caught. It never even occurs to them to attack corruption. Why should it? They all decided not to years ago, when they decided to go along with "the way things are".

    They are like worn out old prostitutes who can't imagine a sexual relationship not based on exploitation and violence.


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