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Monday, June 27, 2005

crack tax

Tennessee Center for Policy Research has a new study out today which claims that the "Drug Tax" is fiscally wasteful and legally flawed.

From the report:

"A report released today by the Tennessee Center for Policy Research (TCPR) finds that from January 1-June 21, 2005, Tennessee’s Unauthorized Substances Tax (UST) cost taxpayers nearly $1.5 million more than it generated in revenue.

The UST also has troubling Constitutional implications for Tennesseans, infringing upon two separate Fifth Amendment protections.

The tax, which was created to generate revenue for the state general fund and state and local law enforcement agencies, requires that individuals in possession of illegal drugs or alcohol pay a tax by purchasing a drug stamp or face severe fines if arrested. Purchasing a drug stamp does not provide immunity from criminal drug possession or trafficking charges."

You can read the rest of the study by logging onto www.tennesseepolicy.org
It is a good read.


  1. Are you going to run against Burchett? Many people think you should.

  2. "Tennessee’s Unauthorized Substances Tax (UST) cost taxpayers nearly $1.5 million more than it generated in revenue."

    That's not flawed. It's normal government operations, i.e. federal prescription drugs, Iraq war, TennCare.

    What is flawed is the normal government operation of never revisiting this stupid law to determine it's efficacy.

  3. Once again, law enforcemnt issue, not revenue issue. Just because it has the word "tax" in the name doesn't mean that it is designed to line the state's pocket.


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