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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

The dirty trick

Ohh...This is LOW .Tennessee's most liberal paper ,Knoxville's own Metro Pulse has several good articles in the June 2 issue. This blog site even got some good pub. I had all but given up on this paper.I had even gone so far as to tell them that no matter what do NOT indorse me in my political race. They assured me the thought never crossed their mind. Now they do this, this,this......Good , fair, balanced reporting my world is upside down , black is white ,white is black .I am lost, I have no compass to guide me . The only thing I can figure is Frank Cagle must be using the "republican jedi mind trick" on them .Logic .It works every time.


  1. Well, don't tell them that a university professor declared a few years back that logic is racist. For a liberal paper venturing out of PC and Love Land, that would create too much cognitive dissonance, and the press would melt down.

  2. good bloggin' stace....say they're havin' 'em a big argument over at bill hobbs about whether you broke the Tennessee Waltz story or if some other dude got the scoop..........they're wonderin' ifn's you got you blog timer set fer eastern time or fer central time or mountain time or what........i got me a seggestion fern ya..........goes ahead and doose you a time stamp test post.........get ready to type in a post.....right BEFORE you hit the CREATE POST button check yer watch.......THEN hit CREAT POST and type something in and post it real quick like.......something like "this here is a time stamp test post to see who got the scoop on the Tennesse Waltz story, the time on my watch right now says xx:xx:xx.........then hit PUBLISH POST......then go to yer blog and check it out and let yer reader see what the difference is between the time on yer watch and the time stamp on yer blog post........give it a go.........i think you got the scoop.................dk

  3. right now it's 12:38 a.m. EST........looks like you might be set for PST.....dk

  4. yeah i think bill hobbs has it right.......

    Campfield's first blog announcement of the arrests is stamped 6:57 a.m., which would means his first post on the arrests was actually posted at 8:57 a.m. Central time on the day of the arrests, and his first post with names of Ford, Newton, Bowers and Crutchfield, marked 7:15 a.m., actually was posted at 9:15 a.m., Central time.

    That would fit with the timing of the arrests as I understand them. I got an email at 8:56 a.m. (one minute before Campfield posted his first blog entry) from someone else who has Legislative Plaza connections telling me that some lawmakers had "just" been arrested.

    So, while it appears the radio show was first, blogs were a close second, beating even the local newspapers and TV news to publication of news of the arrests.

    but good bloggin' anyway.....you'll get 'em next time........

    Campfield for Governor!

  5. Doug'll back me on this. What's with all these politician bloggers referring to star wars. It about drives me up the wall. Stop doing this, you should. :)

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  7. I see your point and I will try to stop this ,untill later...may the force be with you.


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