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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Eminent Domain Resurrection

The legal department in Tennessee writes the bills for legislators. For instance, if I have an idea for an issue such as eminent domain, I provide my idea and/or supporting documents and the legal department drafts it into proper form.

During the legislative session this year I provided the legal department copies of research of various bills as well as amendments that have been used in other states with regard to eminent domain. I provided this information as a blueprint in drawing up my own bills.

It now seems that on the heels of the U.S. Supreme Court's Kelo decision that other legislators now want to present similar bills. Apparently the legal department did not keep my information and is now requesting second copies.

I am glad there is more interest , I guess better late than never.

One legislator called to inform me that a constituent called and asked him to sign on to my bill dealing with eminent domain in an effort to stop this problem. Support is growing---thanks, and keep it up!

With increased interest, we can hopefully push harder to pass legislation preventing this kind of abuse. I'm still working hard on this issue, and won't quit!


  1. Stacy;
    Thank you for working so hard on this issue to preserve people's property rights.

    In 1795, the Supreme Court called Eminent Domain "the despotic power." That means that the power had better be used for PUBLIC use. SCOTUS' decision to allow the state to seize private property and then turn that newly public land over to commercial business means that the government has the right to tell its citizens where they can and cannot live. Seig Heil!

    Do your best to make sure that tyranny will not be allowed to flourish in Tennessee.

  2. Being more to the left than most this list, usually I agree with SUpreme Court Decisions, ie overturning ban on wine shipments. However, in this case I am at odds with the USSC. Besides a constitutional amendment what else can one do about the poor decision.

  3. Are you running against Burchett? This would be a good issue.

  4. Rep-
    Please don't run against Burchett. First off, would you truely be able to defend our rights to eat right off the interstate as well as he has. Secondly, we need you right where you are standing up for honesty and decency. Lastly, it's like you actually hold two offices right now, one because of your judiciously thought out voting record and a second by keeping that jerk-off Steven Buttry at home and away from our tax dollars.

  5. Malcom,

    How quickly you forget. I was never defeated by the Rep. or anyone else. I am grateful to the people who elected me for three terms. I am proud of my service. If my constitunts thought I was doing a bad job they would have voted me out. It is sad that you must resort to name calling. I will be happy to compare my record and reputation the Reps at anytime.

  6. You've got my support on limiting the condemnation power, Rep!

  7. malcom tent,

    I'm not sure but didn't Buttry vote against the State Income Tax? I just think the Campfield may be able to do more in the Senate since the Republicans already have control.

  8. malcom tent,

    You must like to hit and run. Are you afraid of debate?


    Why won't you answer the question? I thought you wre for openness and honesty.

  9. Buttry-
    You're so proud of voting record and that's whats wrong with you. You claim to be a low tax proponent, but you don't put my money where your mouth is. I'll not soon forget that you voted for the largest sales tax hike in the history of the state. And as for you voting record I've got one vote I'll never get past out of your history: Jimmy "Taxman" Naifeh for Speaker of the House. It ain't name calling old chump, it's calling a dirty snake a dirty snake. Call me an ignorant hilljack, but I don't believe I'll ever see The Rep vote for the Taxman. A true conservative stands up and says "enough is enough" and not "if we can't get you coming, we'll getcha going". I'll bet you eat dinner with ole' Ragsdale (and probaly don't tip you cheap S.O.B.) down there in Knoxville and discuss how you'll extort the next dollar out of a working man's pocket. Property tax hike or wheel tax was his racket. I think I speak for alot of people when I tell we are not stupid and we are sick of your damned games. Stick that in your pipe and smoke it.

  10. Racr-
    What are you Buttry's lap dog? And by the by....that's the most ignorant comment I've ever read. Why would we swap one conservative for another in the Senate when we need strong conservative representation in the house where we're a minority. I use the term conservative because, as your leash-holder Buttry and Sundquist proved, that big (R) behind your name don't me squat when it comes to standing up for the right thing.

  11. Malcom tent,

    For the record I voted for Tre Hargett for speaker. Check your facts. Tell us your real name. My votes may not have please everyone all the time but I always tried to do what was right based on the information at the time. By the way this often put me at odds with Sundquist. Many people you call conservative also voted for the sales tax. I suppose they are not good Republicans either.

    Yes I do count Mayor Ragsdale as a friend. I'm sure there are things we don't agree on politically. My friends aren't based on politics. I have a real life, a family and a small business. If you care to let come out me know your real name I may even take you to lunch (my treat) and tip my usual 20% +

  12. Sorry for the typo. I guee the Rep. and I both need spell check on this site.

  13. Oops. I guess (not guee) I need to slow down.

  14. malcom tent,

    I don't even know Steven Buttry other than talking to him once on the phone. After reading your comments and his it appears he is a stand up guy like I have heard from those who would know. Why won't you take him up on his challenge?

  15. Former Represantative Buttry:
    Is it your position that you NEVER voted for Jimmy Naifeh for Speaker of the House? Keep in mind that voting records are public domain.

  16. malcom tent,

    Every time we ran a Republican for house leadership I voted for that Republican. I voted for the only alternative, (as did almost every other Republican ) when we did not. My offer still stands. How about your real name so we can have an honest discussion? My bottom line is this: I tried to represent the 18th district with honor and dignity. This meant working with both sides of the isle without compromising my core principles. My constituents re-elected me two times and I feel confident they would have re-elected me again.

    You have suggested that some of my votes were wrong. This is your rightt. I would only suggest that you be consistant and list all others that made the same votes and how you rate them. Answer if you want but this will be my last post in this fruitless impersonal debate. Call me at home if you are willing. The number is in the Knoxville phone book. (excuse any typos, this thing really needs spell check.)

  17. malcom,

    Be sure to include Republicans in those votes. Let's be consistant. Let me be clear, I do not fault them for there vote, I just expect a little consistancy from someone as knowledgeable as you seem to be on the workings of the TN General Assembly.

  18. malcom tent,

    where are you? You seem to have alot to say exept when it comes time to answering challenges and questions. Maybe you called Mr. Buttry. i would like to know how it went.

  19. Last installment:
    Sorry it has taken a while to get back round here and finish this business up. I had the ole' lady get out our handy politician speak to english translator and go over a few of ex-Rep. Buttry's posts so's I could cipher out what he was a sayin'. Turns out when Mr. Buttry said "....Every time we ran a Republican for house leadership I voted for that Republican. I voted for the only alternative, (as did almost every other Republican ) when we did not" that translates into "Yes I supported Jimmy Naifeh for Speaker of the House." And when Mr. Buttry said "...For the record I voted for Tre Hargett for speaker. Check your facts" it actually translates into "You're right and I'm hiding my true colors cause I didn't believe you'd sniff me out." And finally when Mr. Buttry said "...I would only suggest that you be consistant and list all others that made the same votes and how you rate them" it really means "I'm not the only wolf in conservative's clothing snaking 'round in Nashville and I'm anybody's dog who will hunt with me." Well, I'll let it go 'cause the good Lord says forgive an' forget. But remember this for those who waste time readin' my posts: The mispelling and grammer checker thingamadoodles can correct what you say but they can't correct how ya voted.

    Now that I've said that, I'd like to kindly thank Mr. Buttry for the offerin' of vittles but me and my kin prefer to dine with Senator Burchett out cheer on I-181 in Kingsport.

    I also want to apologize to you Stacy for wasting your valuable blog space discussing your former opponent. After all, it's the Tennessee politician way to bury the past and hope a coon dog don't come sniffin' around and dig it up.

    Keep up the good work down there and we'll keep an eye on your back for you.

  20. malcom tent,

    One word, gutless. And another thing if Campfield is so much better why is it he was never able to beat Buttry? Thank you for proving that you only pick and choose which Republicans are good enough for you. I am just thankful the Republican Party (my party) is not dominated (yet) by your ilk.

    FYI: You may want to check out how some of those good tri-cities Republicans that are still there voted on taxes and Nafeih. I'm glad campfield has so many fans 100 miles from his home. Wherever it is today.

  21. Racr,
    I ask the same of you ,what do you say?

  22. I will be happy to list those Republicans for you. As I said I don't fault them for there votes. It may take me a few days. You are good at being critical of your colleagues. Maybe you could list afew as well.

    I know that locally Buttry was joined by Jamie Hagood and Burchett in the Senate in voting for the sales tax increase. I guess you and the Governor are finding it easier to balance the budget with this new money.

  23. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  24. Racr-
    As I am sure you know(since you called out Malcom in your 4th and 5th comment on this post) I was talking of the offer " If you care to come out and tell me your real name I may even take you to lunch (my treat) and tip my usual 20%+" what do you say?". I would hate for you to be considered ....well I am sure you can guess the rest.

  25. My name is Mark Jones. For purposes of this blog I will continue to post as racr. Now will you answer my questions?

  26. Where would you like to meet for lunch?

  27. Racr(aka Mark Jones(aka who knows))

    First of all, anybody who knows me will tell ya that gutless isn't the word to describe me. In fact, I've got a rather sizable gut.

    Secondly, I thought it was you started this crap to begin with tryin' to prod ole Rep into runnin' against Burchett. You seemed to like him purty good when you said "I just think that Campfield may be able to do more in the Senate since the Republicans already have control." But now you're a sayin' that he ain't so great cause if he was he'd a whupped up on Buttry. I caint figure out whether you love him or hate em. You might be like them kids they pump full a Ritalin, unable to pay attention long enough to remember what you were arguin' about. Maybe you should start a campaign for Buttry against Burchett, after all he's like the '98 Vols: unbeaten and untied.

    Thirdly, you said "Thank you for proving that you only pick and choose which Republicans are good enough for you." AMEN! I couldn't have said it better myself. You might like kissin' up to anybody slaps an elephant on their collar but not me brother. You got to be conservative for my vote. I wouldn't give a plug nickel for Sundquist but I guess he's you're hero since he used to have a big old (R) behind his name.

    As far as Tri-City Republicans go, I got no control over em' as I'm stuck with Nate Vaughn. I am a fan of Campfield because unlike Hagood and Burchett he's a real conservative, not just a pretender. Hagood proves that any girl that can hold her breath for two minutes is goin' places. Guess what I'm a fan of Frank Buck too even though he's got a (D) behind his name. I like that he's hammerin' on all those crooks. I sorta like Bredesen for kicking all those slackers off of TNCare. Party affiliation has nuttin' to do with honesty and integrity ole' boy!

    Lastly don't be to hard on those of us with trailer homes, we could be movin to a vacant lot in your home town (hound dogs an' all).

  28. Rep.

    Thanks but no thanks. I was only trying to goad malcom a little bit. Good luck on your career. I am only trying to share my point of view.

  29. Oh and for the record since Racr finally came out and told his real name I'll share mine as well:
    John Smith
    or is it
    Bill Jones
    or maybe
    Tom Williams

    ....hell Racr you might as well have told us your name was John Doe!

  30. malcom tent,

    You are un believable. If this is not my name, do you care to tell me what it is so i can change it on my records. (Please don't tell the black helicopters so they cant find where I live.) On another point. How about Jason Mumpower, Steve Godsey and David Davis?My research tells me they all voted for Nafieh in the past. Does this make them bad Republicans as well.You still have not answered my questions. If you don't want to thats fine. I enjoy talking to someone who knows everything and what it takes to be a good little soldier in our party.

  31. Many people don't seem to understand that the supreme court decision relative to eminent domain was a conservative one, not a liberal one. It just takes more power away from the people and gives them to big business.


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