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Thursday, June 09, 2005

loose talk

I've been working a lot lately-mainly catching up with some of the things I
skiped while in Nashville. I've also attended a lot of functions, meetings,
and receptions. Probably the biggest event was the opening of the new Knoxville
Republican Headquarters.

All the politicos were there working the room and meeting the people. Three of
the four Republican candidates for the U.S. Senate seat were in attendance. Van
Hilleary, Ed Bryant and Bob Corker were there, each with his own style and

I got into a few good discussions as to what may happen in the Governor's race.
We talked about who might run, who may have the best shot, who might make it a
great race. Names that popped up: Beth Harwell, who is building her name
recognition in the U.S. Senate race but then could shift over to the Governor's
race; Senator Ron Ramsey who speaks and relates well and is very knowledgeable
of state government; US Senator Bill Frist who will be stepping down from the
U.S. Senate and will have some free time (yes, I know he is running for the
Presidency, but most candidates become President after serving as Governor.)

I asked Senator Frist about the possibility of him running for Governor when I
saw him at the Presidential inauguration. He said that he was not planning to
run for that seat. You never know though, things change.

The crowd favorite of course is none other than Fred Thompson. If we could pry
him away from the glitz of Hollywood and get him motivated to run, he would
probably beat Phil like a dirty rug.

Who knows, there may be another sleeper out there or maybe one of the other
Senate candidates will drop out and run for Governor. I think Corker might have
some crossover appeal I guess only time will tell.


  1. Hi, Rep. Campfield.

    I hope you have been able to get a little rest since session ended.

    As for the governor’s race, I am glad to hear someone, beside myself, talking about it. Bredesen is extremely vulnerable. His largest plank, TennCare, is an unmitigated disaster. He has kept none of his promises. I have been actively recruiting in the business community for someone to run against him. I think someone who is not a politico would fair better right now, because the people are sick to death of politicians.

    Have you considered a run for it? I think you would have a good chance and would do whatever I could to help you win.

  2. As for Bredesen's Tenncare fiasco, I heard on the Phil Valentine Radio Show from a health field worker that illegal aliens have no problem getting on Tenncare's roll. If a pregnant illegal alien shows up at an ER of a hospital for delivery and isnt already on tenncare, they can by computer add the person to Tenncare's rolls and the bill will be paid. I'm sure this was allowed by some Lobbyist Group paying off some legislator to pass a law on the illegals behalfs.

  3. There's already a movement to draft Sen. Thompson for the presidency. He has a much better chance than Sen. Frist to my way of thinking for that offfice.

    Corker is a RINO, go along, status quo man. Nafieh and Wilder would be thrilled.

  4. Rep.

    You failed to mention Scooter Clippard. He is working the state hard. I know him personally and he will make a great candidate and hopefully a great Governor. Jim Henry would also be a good candidate. He would be Governor today if he would have gotten our nomination.

  5. racr, I'm not convinced Henry would have done better against Bredesen than Hilleary, because Henry didn't inspire the GOP base (read: Conservatives). Nonetheless, would we have wanted Jim Henry to be governor? How would he have differed from Sundquist?

  6. Racr: they were not mentioned by the people I talked with, They may run but to this point have not created much of a buzz.

  7. Rep.

    I know for a fact Mr. Clippard has talked to Senator Frist an was encouraged to run. Maybe your sources only push who they want. I guess thats what happens when they only talk to each other. The Governor himself admits in private quarters that he would have been beaten by Henry. I am a conservative but I would vote for a moderate Republican anyday over a liberal Democrat. That's the problem with our party we stay home when we don't get exactly what we want out of our primary. The Dems stick together.

  8. Rep.

    No comment about our party? By the way, who do you support for U.S. Senate?

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  10. I plan on doing 2 posts on those subjects later.

  11. No, the Dems are just able to tell their base who to vote for and they able to "compel" their base to get out and vote. Although that is attractive in an autocratic sort of way, it is not my preference. I am a team player/party man myself, but if all Republicans were as enlightened as you, racr, we would also have a squishy party--"all matter tends toward disorder" or something like that. I just flat out don't believe that Bredesen said that (or believes it) . . . it fits the blater that Hilleary et al are extreme or "out of the mainstream."

  12. Powertee,

    How many times must I repeat myself. If you were to give me a list of questions on conservative issues, you and I would agree on probably 95%. My point is we Republicans (some of us) think every issue is one of principal. Better to get 80% of a loaf than none.

  13. Rep.

    Have you considered running against Burchett for State Senate? Don't you live in his district?

  14. Racr,
    I just don't think that you and I are as much in agreement as you think. And I think you are kidding yourself to believe that Henry would have been a better candidate than Hilleary.

    I'd be interested to know what YOU believe the 5% of yours and my disagreement would be. It is just makes me tired when Dems (like Bredesen) fashion themselves as more "mainstream" than someone like Hilleary.

  15. 1.Frisk is worthless in his office now, folks, we won the election and RINO's like McCain should be dropped like a hot horse shoe.
    2. Anybody but Phil.
    3. Ragsdale got his wheel tax and the property tax so he is toast, I hope.
    4. Thompson may or may not be good for Tennessee because we have major items that need to be addressed like this TennCare ripoff, stop trying to get a income tax, coruption in Nashville and just plain old crime.
    5. Novel idea: Someone who will vote for the people and what they want. Wow, what a concept.


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