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Wednesday, June 22, 2005


Did anyone get a copy or recording of the prayer given before the meal at the statesman's dinner? That guy was great, I would love to post what he said. The party should send him on tour of churches around the state! The guy was laying it down on the dems in a prayer for food!


  1. I dodn't hear the prayer but is it really correct to criticize others in a prayer? I know Lt. Gov Wilder got some flak about criticizing the FBI. What is the difference?

  2. I just want a copy ,he stated some interesting facts.

  3. Rep--

    Matt Beck recorded some of what John Thune said and posted it on his website at www.beck.slowitdown.net. I'm not sure if he caught the prayer or not, though. Currently, my computer won't let me listen to any of it.

  4. I've not heard what the gentlemen said, however I do feel that using prayer to "lay it down" on any individual, organization, or political group is very inappropriate. I'm not even sure that I'd feel right calling something like that a prayer. Again, I didn't hear what was said, but the idea does bother me.

  5. If I get a copy I will post it so all can judge as they see fit.

  6. Question:

    Care to answer for your blog readers why you have or had a registered sex offender living at your house or why you feel it necessary to operate a boarding house in a residential single family neighborhood? Once again this sets a poor example.

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  9. I own and rent properties for a living. I ran an ad in the newspaper and he was a respondent. I checked the references he gave me and according to them, he was a good tenant.

    Upon being informed of his past problem, we mutually agreed it would be best if he left. He has moved out.

    I do not operate a “boarding house.” It is not illegal to have roommates in residential neighborhoods.

    I want to be clear that I had nothing to do with his past actions, nor do I condone his past actions. He had nothing to do with my campaign or my being in office. He rented from me--that is all.

    This is obviously an attempt to smear me and discredit me. It is an effort to somehow imply that I support criminal activities, that I support his past actions, or that I was involved in them.I do not and was not.

    I understand that I have revealed a lot of what is going on in Nashville, and that my exposure of "business as usual" is stepping on many toes.Toes attached to people that want me gone, any way or at any price. But I will not stop. So keep slinging it I am not going anywhere.

  10. Rep.,

    I am not connected to Nashville.I know some of the people you refer to in your posts however and would disagree with some of your characterizations. I could care less who you make mad or don't make mad. I am just concerned for Knoxville. I have seen you do nothing to promote Knoxville or it's needs. When you do I will applaud you. I agree with many of your views. I just disagree with your methods.

    As for the "boarding house comment" I am just referring to what I read. I just think it's odd for a grown man to have more than one or two roomates that are not family.

  11. I work to make Knoxville a better place almost every day. I don't talk about it because then people will say all I do is brag.I LOVE where I live .I LOVE it.The people are great ,the weather is nice there is lots to see and do . I have been able to become somewhat successful in my personal goals to the point that now I can try to help others.I do tons of charity work and although this job is nice I would be just as happy doing other stuff instead of legislating. Although not many people know, I have given away a large chunk of my pay to charity and scholarships and will probably continue to do so in the future.I rent property for a living .My job may be different than yours or look odd but It is what I do. It ,more then any thing else pays the bills and allows me to do what I do .I do not rely on my pay as a legislator to live on so I am obviously doing this for a reason.My methods may be aggressive but that is because I see problems with little being effectively done about them.many legislators don't want change because they may be what needs to go or they have been the recipient of what we are not getting. When I speak out, it is to hopefully effect change,to make our state better. It is not because I enjoy getting slammed by every rumor or half fact that someone whose toes I have stepped on can dig up on me , try to tie me to or try to knock me down with.I want change,change that has not happened obviously for a long time.Change that I feel has not happened for a reason.Part of the reason ,I feel, is that people just don't know what or many times who the problem is . These changes I work for will I feel make the entire state a better place as well as my hometown of Knoxville.

  12. racr wrote: "I just think it's odd for a grown man to have more than one or two roommates that are not family."

    Hmm. For many years, my son, a "grown man," had one or two roommates who were not family (and most of the time were two other guys; one was called Bubba and slept on the floor -- long story). For many years, my daughter, a grown woman, had three or four roommates at a time, some of them from foreign countries. Several were thespians. My grandmother used to rent out rooms in her house to people she barely knew. It was called "getting by." No one thought it was strange. Only you, racr.

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  14. I heard racr was an occasional proselyte...


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