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Sunday, June 12, 2005

Teddy Bart's round table

I will be a guest on Teddy Bart's Round table tomorrow (Monday) from @8 till 9 you can listen on 1160 am around Nashville or go to the web site at www.thepublicforum.org for a simulcast or T.V. times around the state.


  1. I will listen to 1160 am tomorrow.

  2. stacey....i'd like to hear your opinion on this here website...the guy who's behind it is bob schulz.....take a look see and let us know what you think about it..........

    In June of 2002, Bob Schulz publicly declared he has forever stopped paying income taxes or filing income tax returns, based solely on the content of this hearing and the government's refusal to answer the well documented legal charges that there is NO legal or constitutional basis for the federal income tax.



  3. I am for a national sales tax .I like the Schultz arguement.I hope he has great success, but I expect the man should be ready for a room with bars and new room mate named Bubba.

  4. Would it be progressive or flat? Woudl you reimburse the poor, disabled, etc? A progressive sales tax (is that possible?) I would support.


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