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Monday, July 04, 2005

I wonder?

I sit and wonder about possible bills and changes for next year and the possible outcomes.

What if?

What if the legislature passes a bill to stop the use of eminent domain for resale to private businesses? Will the Governor sign such a bill into law with his own history of eminent domain seizures lurking in the background? Will he use the football stadium as an excuse not to sign it? Will he have it killed before it ever gets to his desk? Will it get out of committee? Will he rally against such a bill?

What if?

What if one or all of these special committees set up to help ethics reform comes back with the suggestion that we prosecute all the people who have broken the current contribution election laws to date to the fullest extent of the law? Will Phil Bredesen support these suggestions since he was openly admitting to breaking the campaign laws in his own campaign when he ran for Governor?

Will he chastise himself? Will he be able to run again? Will he have someone change the law he broke or will he break the law again anyway? Will this idea go anywhere or will he kill it when it comes out?

Have the people chosen to serve on these committees already been told not to bring it up? What about his dealings with John Ford and giving more business to his Tenncare cronies will that be investigated ?

I wonder...


  1. "We the people" are fed up with the politicians in Nashville lining their pockets when all they were sent there for is to represent us, not to get their family high paying jobs to lobby their own kin.

    What will happen when "we the people" get enough? Probably nothing as we have been conditioned to the fact that a certain percent of our representatives are crooks and as a citizen we can do nothing and the legislature will do anything to harm their "elite" standing.

    Why do you let legislators wives have high paying lobbing jobs? Joe Armstrong, Naifeh, etc. Do you not know we see through that charade?

    I suppose the Governor will veto any strong bill as it would take away some of his thunder.

  2. Stop wondering "what if?" To hell with what your colleagues might or might not do.

    You do what you think is right, fair and in the interests of the people of Tennessee!

    Your blog is a good way to ask those people what they think you should do. Ask them! Then listen to what they say!

  3. Excuse my ignorance, but why does the Governor need a lobbyist. Can't he make his own feelings known via TV or even going to the legislature or perhaps even have a State of Tennessee as the President does and lead the state instead of being a follower?


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