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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Potential bloger/Guest Bloger

A fellow legislator who is thinking about starting a blog wanted to see what it all about so I told him he could do a guest spot on mine if he wants to give it a try and check response off of it .Let him know what you think.

Dear Stacey,

I want to alert your readers to a real threat to our state’s sovereignty. CAFTA, like NAFTA, contains an extensive bill of rights for foreign businesses. These rights grant special legal protections and new rights to foreign corporations doing business in other countries covered by the trade agreements. Foreign companies can, under NAFTA, and CAFTA if it passes, actually sue the state of Tennessee in a Trade Tribunal -- not in the Tennessee State Courts nor even in the U.S. Courts.

Imagine that you and I, after having passed a law in the state legislature, could then face the prospect that a foreign business in Tennessee could get around it – even those business which are controlled by their governments – thereby escaping the state law if CAFTA is passed. This means Congress will be giving foreign companies more control over our laws than our own state government has.

This isn’t a conservative or liberal issue. Both Phyllis Schalfly’s Eagle Forum and Public Citizen share the same concerns over sovereignty. Your readers can check out the Eagle Forum position here, www.eagleforum.org/alert/2005/06-16-05.html , and the Public Citizen position here, www.citizen.org/trade/cafta/articles.cfm?ID=11085. Americans for Fair Trade also has information here, //www.americansforfairtrade.com/media/sov.pdf.

The U.S. House of Representatives is expected to vote on the measure the last week of July. I encourage your readers to study the issue and share their views with their Members of Congress.

The Tennessee delegation is:

Rep. Bill Jenkins
Rep. John Duncan
Rep. Zack Wamp
Rep. Lincoln Davis
Rep. Jim Cooper
Rep. Bart Gordon
Rep.Rep Marsha Blackburn
Rep. John Tanner
Rep. Harold Ford, Jr.

Is a link his readers can use to write their Congressman.

Best wishes,

Mike Kernell
State Representative (D-Memphis)


  1. Well -

    This I did not know. Between the SCOTUS giving TN gov types power to take property as they see fit and then now this?

    This falls under the catagory of "this is one screwed up county"

  2. While I disagree with your position on this issue, Rep. Kernell, I do encourage you to share your thoughts and experiences with your constituents the way Rep. Campfield is doing. It cannot help but increase communication between the electorate and the elected and the responsiveness of the government to citizen concerns -- which is to say it helps you do your job better and helps us to know that you are representing our interests and opinions. You are no more at political risk blogging than you are issuing press releases or making statements to newspapers.

  3. Repl Kernell, you are completely right!
    GWB has admitted publicly that CAFTA is not a "trade" deal let alone a "fair trade" deal. GWB admitted it was a foreign aid deal to strengthen the CAFTA countries against subversive activity in Latin America.

    CAFTA will be the 2nd installment of an effort to bring the whole western hemisphere under an EU type of control. The FTAA is next.

    We have a history on NAFTA and the WTO yet the globalists never admit the detrimental effects they have had on our economy or standard of living. They will sell their souls for the bottom dollar and be damn America.

    The CAFTA/FTAA advocates know the average Joe will never take the time to read the fine print of these proposed "fair trade" agreements. So the U.S. Trade Office spews out all of this propoganda about how much a trade agreement with countries that have less GDP than Rhode Island will benefit our nation.

    Just look at a recent ruling aginast Utah by the WTO that is going to force the state to nullify it's law against gambling.

    The Federalist Party (reps & dems) have given up not only our national soverignty but state soverignty as well to line their pockets with corporate political contributions and perks.

  4. As a follow-up:

    How many billions in pork is this going to cost us?

    According to administration and House aides, the White House has authorized Republican leaders to secure votes with whatever is at hand, from amendments to the highway and energy bills to the still incomplete annual appropriations bills. Side deals may be in the works on textiles and sugar.

    All this foreign and domestic aid for 6 countries with a combined GDP equal to Tennessee's GSP of $200B?

    What bridges to nowhere will Ted Stevens(R. AK) and "Sheets" Byrd(D. WV) get named after them over this?

    BOHICA big time.


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