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Thursday, July 28, 2005

Small steps

Well, Lois Deberry stepped down from her position on the ethics committee therefore leaving it up to lawyer/lobbyist/legislator Kim McMillan to hold down the fort alone as ethics chairman. (Sorry Rep. McMillan, you should step down to avoid any appearance of conflict of interest with your new job.)

I am sure someone will soon replace Lois Deberry, but don't expect Frank Buck to be named. His ideas are too good for the business as usual crowd.

I still believe Lois Deberry should step down from her leadership position in the House and in her party. If she can't see that stepping down from those positions is the right thing to do, then I call on all ethical democrats to ask her to step down.

This would be a good first step in showing Tennesseans that it isn't just Republicans, but Democrats who want real ethics change.

As the old saying goes, all it takes for evil to rule is for good people to do nothing. In the continuing wake of the Tennessee Waltz, silence speaks volumes.

A similar situation continues to be debated surrounding the topic of Islamic extremists. When Islamic extremists attack our country and others, many people believe the non-extremists should speak out loudly against the actions of the terrorists.

Not to compare apples to oranges, but in a similar sense, when are the democrats going to speak out against corruption and ethics abuse? At least at the heart of the Islam debate is the fact that there are religious elements involved. What's the excuse for the democratic party in Tennessee?


  1. Rep-

    Not to sound racist, but how can these politicians of Afro-American decent (we say "black people" at my house, but I understand that will get you throwed out of the Sunday dinner table these days) get up and grandstand about how the corporate giants are oppressing minorities and then turn around a cozy up in bed with them when none of their constituents is around? I reckon they feel these corporations need to make reperations one minority at a time and let me see.....they can start right cheer in the Tennessee General Assembly.

    One more question:
    How much does the head of our lottery commission earn a year?
    Does he/she send their kids to one of the fine public schools they are helping to fund?
    The system is in place now, how quickly can we hack that budget to shreds?

    If fake computer firms are dirty, I can only begin to imagine how filthy a real gambling outfit is. I'm sure TBI is working day and night on that one. Only chance of breaking that racket up is if we can flag down another FBI agent passing through town.

    Preciate anything you can let me know.

  2. My dear Rep. Campfield:

    The whole “ethics committee” is a joke. Who do those clowns on the hill think they are fooling? Do they think that the people are not paying attention? We are! But we realize that nothing will ever be done until the leadership (on both sides of the aisle) changes. This is not a Democrat vs. Republican issue. Leaders on both sides are corrupt as hell! These people are so totally entrenched, that they all play along to get along because unsetting the apple cart would mean a loss of their personal power. Isn’t it interesting that it is the usual suspects on that “committee” rather than people who have been going to bat for ethics reform from the get go? People like you, Mea Beavers and Frank Buck? The whole thing makes me sick. Please tell us what (if anything) we can do.

    PS. Have you considered a run for governor? Bredesen’s numbers are tanking. He is a disaster! If you want to make a go of it, you can count on my support, both financially and professionally. Please seriously consider it. The people are ready for a governor who is still (sort of) an outsider. We are sick of these career crooks messing up our wonderful state for their own personal gain. You know how to reach me, if you need me.

  3. I think one of Tennessee's biggest problems is a lack of the people's involvement. I know that there are many individuals that care deeply for their government, but the average Tennessean sends their elected lawmaker to Nashville and then leaves it at that. The people don't care, which is a crying shame. Our state lawmakers need to be held accountable by the people of this state! I just pray that people would get more involved and not let their elected leaders go to Nashville and do whatever they want. Hopefully the people of Tennessee will grow more informed and more passionate about this great state and its leaders. By the way, I totally agree with puppymommi's comment about you running for governor! I think it's a great idea!

    Shawn :o)

  4. Well, Rep. Campfield, I am officially now a citizen of the City of Knoxville, the County of Knox, and the State of Tennessee.

    I have been studying all of these issues with a fine-toothed comb, from Tennessee Waltz right down to the TennCare debacle. What I'd like to know is this: Is the GOP ready to run with the idea that the Dems are at fault for most of these problems in State Government? If ever finger-pointing could be a successful political strategy, it is now. The Dems can be blamed for ineptitude on TennCare and corruption, and that is putting it mildly. Is the Tennessee GOP ready to run with this and use it to (our) advantage?

  5. It will be an issue for some that maybe in targeted/battleground areas but if Jesus ran as a Republican and Hitler ran as a Democrat I still think Hitler would have a good shot at a lot of the seats in west Tenn.Dems dont crossover like republicans do .We fall for the line "I am conservative" with ease and primary races seperate us more then dems. More on the rest later.

  6. Malcolm Tent,
    You are right about the lottery commission. The way they are throwing around bonuses, you can imagine what their expense reports look like.

    Rebecca Paul stands to double her base salary of $350k this year. Nice considering that in New York, largest lottery in the nation, the director is paid less than $150k. So Rebecca Pauls exorbitant bonus kept 115 students from getting scholarships.

    The rest of the lottery board gave themselves a healthy financial pat on the back as well. You can't establish an independent board like the lottery commission and expect them adhere to sound financial principles when there is that much cash available without any accountability or oversight.

    When you hear a statement from the board that they were set up like an "entrepreneurial business" then don't be surprised when they act like Enron execs.

  7. Got a couple questions about your math. I didn't hear in the news that any student was denied a scholarship due to lack of funds. I am talking about the students that qualified, not the "reasonable doubt" or any other clause that allows non-elgible students to recieve scholarships. I thought we even had enough money left to fund pre-k (which I am against...don't want local govts paying for state programs. It is optional but who is going to say I am against schools...)

    If the GOP fingerpoints at dems for ruinging TennCare, dems will point to Sundquist and his trail of illegal contracts, etc/

  8. Dang Rustang-
    It's kindly hard to compare them crooks thats still sittin in office to Donnie Sundquist. Hell why not bring up Ray Blanton too. Or take a crack at Nathan Forrest. The past is the past. Rep has to fight them eedgits in Nashville thats got their hands in the cookie jar right now. If the Dems want to bring up Sundquist I'm sure 'bout 90 percent of the GOP leadership would be happy tell you they're glad he's gone. Problem is for the GOP that puppi is right, it's corrupt on both sides of the aisle. Been readin' up lately on ole Randy McNally when I was doin' some diggin'. Turns out this fat cat is sittin' on the Tennessee senate general welfare, health and human services committee which does all the decidin' on how TNCare and pharmacies do bidness in the State. That wouldn't be so bad if he didn't hold a job as a hospital pharmacist. His wife is a hospital administrator to boot. When yankees make fun of us hillbillies for incest, they need look no further than Nashville for cannon fodder. It's time to drag this whole dirty mess out for all of us to take a look at and let the pieces fall where they may. Too many backroom coalitions in Nashville protecting their own interests and not get things done for the citizens.

    As for the Rep. talking 'bout GOPer's crossing over, I hope he's not discouraging us from voting our conscious. That's the reason we follow you Rep, cause you have to be righteous to have righteous indignation (my wife told me them fancy words). Can't speak for all but this ole boy would follow you into battle. Don't know if I could follow you into the governors mansion though, cause' you gotta crawl in cess pool to get there.

    Anyhoo, keep hammerin' away and we'll gitcha more nails.

  9. Gigger-
    Now I know how you git rich playin' the lottery. You run the darned thing!

  10. The cost of education went up but the amount given didnt go up to match . Not to look a gift horse in the mouth but fully funding scholarships was the origional promise. Of course keeping a campaign promice is not Phils strong suit. It is more like "I will create something big look impressive and then move up leaving others to foot the bill."

  11. I didn't see any language in the legislation that would indicate a "cost of tution" increase. I know Sen. Cohen had a bill that would increase the payments. Please correct me if I am wrong.

  12. I'm far more worried about Christian extremists than Islamic ones. And now they want to further criple the country by treating Creationism as if it were science and banning stem cell research, which is going gang-busters in Asia, especially Korea. This country appears to be on the slippery slope back to the Dark Ages.

  13. -James Sartain

    Only thing on a slippery slope is your arguement buddy if you believe we should look to Asia for a moral compass. Figures a liberal pinko scum would turn to Asia for leadership on children's rights. In Korea they got little tykes sewing tennis shoes for a buck a day and in China they rub the little buggers out. I suppose if I were a fetus there I'd just assume be aborted as face the miserable world they live in. If you think Korea is the shining light of the world and America is the dark ages then I hope the DNC gets you on stage at their convention.

  14. I'm far more worried about Christian extremists than Islamic ones

    That is typical of the Democrats, they are totally clueless when they think that Christians is more dangerous the Islamic killers.

    Your statement has to be one of the most ignorant ones I have seen.
    Folks like you is why I left the Democratic party and now I am a vocal supporter of the GOP. Ever notice that ex-Dems are the most, well, vocal against what we use to be?

    And no I am not a Christian, but I am considering being one.

    Paul Lewis

  15. James Sartain said over the course of two posts "It just takes more power away from the people and gives them to big business" as well as "I'm far more worried about Christian extremists than Islamic ones"......"This country appears to be on the slippery slope back to the Dark Ages." You should be proud of yourself buddy. Instead of blogging though here's a suggestion: go wrap a cross in an Americam flag and set it on fire in front of the World Trade Summit. Do you hate baseball and apple pie to? Stalin did, he was totally opposed to religion and capitalism. And Hitler was a supporter of scientific experiments on live humans so I'm sure he'd have been with you on stem cell research. Maybe you can find some of their offspring to run for president in '08.

  16. 66 rustang,
    I'll rephrase my statement "So Rebecca Pauls exorbitant bonus kept 115 students from getting scholarships."
    Rebecca Paul's obscene bonus would fund 115 additional scholarships or provide additional money for k-12 as stated in the law.

    If the lottery board keeps padding their bank accounts there won't be any excess funds. I believe Cohen initially wanted bonuses only for the first year if the lottery was up and running on time.

    It won't be long and the Tenn. lottery will be in trouble like Georgia. Bredesen's public daycare program is the beginning of raiding the lottery for pet pork projects and as always K-12 will get the shaft.

  17. I'm a Christian who supports creationism and opposes abortion, but South Korea is not a backward country. They are very advanced and with the repealing of many of the hoju rules, women and children are treated much better there than in many places. South Korea also has far more bloggers and access to broadband than the U.S. Perhaps tent meant North Korea.

  18. Look here, of course South Korea isn't a third world country, 'cause Americans went over and built it and setup the government. Everything they got is paid for with American blood when WE fought for their freedom. They thought a broadband was a better harness for oxen to plow up a rice paddie before we brought the world to them by settin' up our companies and such over there. Heck fire, we're still the only thing standing between them and complete obliteration from the North. So remember when you go braggin' on those advanced Korean bloggers, the only reason they even have a computer is because AOL and Microsoft set up there tech support over there.


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