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Friday, July 15, 2005

Taxpayer Party Taxi !

WSMV in Nashville has a breaking story about how Speaker Naifeh's driver earns
$27,000 in overtime. According to the report by Dennis Ferrier: "Last year,
Gamblin made a total of $92,000 driving Tennessee Speaker of the House Jimmy
Naifeh. That overtime is more than the salary of the Director of the Department
of Safety."

In the story, Speaker Naifeh is quoted as saying "Well, I work long hours. I'm
here at the office before 6:30am when we're in session, and I go into the
evening meeting with members. I have 99 members of the house that I try to
communicate with on a regular basis."

Well, I can testify that he doesn't communicate with me on a regular basis so make that 98 members.

I don't think the taxpayers should be paying for his "evening meetings" either as
he calls them. Driving him to receptions, and more importantly home from
receptions, should not be something the taxpayers are responsible for.

We hear we don't have enough money in the state legislature, but here is another
example of where the money we have--money earned by Tennesseans-- is being
wasted. I can't wait to see Wilders account.I hope someone checks into their other staff as well.

To read or watch the full story, go to http://www.wsmv.com


  1. Uh, why are drivers being provided in the first place?

    Just what are all the unknown perks we as taxpayers are providing these political princes?

    Sounds like a legitimate reason for a real independent audit and not that rubber stamp from the comptroller's office.

    Are these types of records available to the public without having to dig through a mountain of red tape or jump through hoops? It's one thing to report spending as a summary item in the budget and another to actually see it in an expense report.

  2. Hey Rep-

    Need a lift? I've got a John Deere modified to carry two and my wife sure does love those scratch-offs, so I could use a little extree spending cash.

  3. Will you bring me my Fresca cold?

  4. Hey Rep:

    If this driver loses his job do you know if Lady Di's chauffer is still available?

  5. Not being wasted, being spent. Who is the driver, who are his friends? About hom does he talk while he and Nafieh are alone?

    I'd be willing to bet that his salary isn't his main income...


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