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Friday, July 08, 2005

We will see....

Great posts appear on the Bill Hobbs online news magazine on July 7th and 8th. Please take a minute to read them (www.billhobbs.com). He discusses Governor Bredesen, lobbyist/cabinet members of the Lodge family, and the Governor's old company, Coventry Health Care.

This sounds more shady than anything Dick Cheney was accused of doing for Haliburton.

Will the main stream media pick up on it? I hope so--it deserves attention.


  1. But Dick Cheney still gets checks from Halliburton, unlike Bredesen from Coventry.

    My ... head ... hurts ... complete ... lack ... of ... logic ...

    So how's life post-session?

  2. Halliburton is probably one of, if not the only company of size that is able to do a project of the size and scope and as quick as needed thus more reason for no bid contract .Not so with coventry there are sevral companys that do the sort of work needed and thus less need to do no bid contract for triple the price.

  3. They could have tried several small contracts


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