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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

More on tre'

Tre's new job was news to me .I heard about it yesterday like most other legislators. Do I wish he had waited one year after stepping down to take the job ? Yes.
Do we need to pass a revolving door bill? Yes.
The good side is that Tre' always supported this bill and maybe now it will have more bi-partisan support. Sure many Dems are already calling us Hippocrites ,but the funny part is these are the exact same people who were the ones that killed the bill that would have stopped it last year (Ulysses Jones).Where were they when it counted?
Not that I mind people who complain but at least be willing to do something to change it if you don't approve.

Today Charles Seargent called on Bob Tuke to step up to the plate and deliver the votes to implement a revolving door policy .The same bill that failed in committee on a 6 to 3 party line vote (6 democrats against a policy brought by republicans 3 republicans for a policy)can be brought back up in the special session. Until then, like it or not, it is still legal.

Did anyone ask Ulysses if he was willing to change his vote now that the shoe is on the other foot ?


  1. Consistency is not the legislators' strong suit. Don't want to name any names here -- would take too long.

  2. Again My Ethics Law:

    If you or your family members gain anything from representing me other than salary and benefits you and your family member will spend the rest of your stinking life in prison.

    This includes our precious "Tre"!


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