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Friday, August 19, 2005

NRA dinner

I went to the East Tenn.friends of the NRA dinner last night ,it had a good crowd of I guess about 1,000 people . Lots politicos were present, The governor showed up ,Lamar! came and a few congressmen had their reps stand in for them as well as lots of state legislature people .Van was their working the room the entire night but I did not see any of the other US senate people there (to be clear I did not show up until 6:30 and the doors opened at 6:00 so they may have come and gone before I got to the event) .This is a strong event and NRA people vote in ALL elections and lean republican, they are almost as strong a block as the military. I can not think of a better place to work a room for republican votes .I found it odd all the candidates were not present in full force the entire night or at least have a rep present .Maybe B4B or C4C will say where they were.


  1. good blog thank you.........dk

  2. Hey Rep., Actually Ed Bryant was at the East TN Friends of the NRA dinner. Sorry you missed him.


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