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Thursday, August 04, 2005


Do you feel the earth shaking? No?

You should from all the knees that are knocking in Nashville. One of the Tennessee Waltz crew just started the “rollover” process and from what I hear, is turning states evidence to secure a lighter sentence.

Now I am no law enforcement official or lawyer, but I doubt they are giving him a pass because of his nice smile or because he is going to verify what they already know.

I expect some new names and faces to come forward.

A fellow blogger asked me to find out how much we pay Rebecca Paul to oversee the lottery. She made a base salary of $350,000 with a 65% bonus of $227, 500 for a total of $577,500.00 for this year.

For 2006 her base goes up to $364,000.000 with a potential to make over $600,000. I thought we had a state requirement to win some sort of sports title to get paid that kind of money, but I guess not.

Who knew that enticing people to gamble would be so difficult? You would think with that kind of money, we would get verified vendors to do the printing. (see Thaddeusmatthews.com on July 17, 31 for the full story.)

I need to check this site more and plan on adding him to my blogroll soon. He has a nose for news and will really work a story. He has another story developing that may turn some heads regarding the new arena in Memphis. I apologize to all the tech people, I haven't gotten the hang of the link thing yet!)


  1. Camp. The links you refer to are here and here. ;)

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  3. After watching Rebecca Paul and friends for years in Georgia, I don't think I can take any more failure to investigate, including halfhearted and/or aborted investigations into, that organized vendor activity.

    I especially want to know if they own hefty collections of Frank Sinatra records. Can we get an answer on that?

  4. good report....keep at it....you'll get it......try audioblog like steve u running against orin hatch in utah....it's free.....



    keep up the good work.....

    Doug Kenline
    Atlanta, Georgia

  5. Rebecca Paul

    Has anyone checked her liqqer cabinet?
    Does Ms Paul have a problem? I was sicken by what I saw.

  6. Rep:
    Thanks for the info on the lottery sichiashun. How long does ol' girls contract run and when can you or one of your cohorts start the rebellion.
    As for the C.Y.A. goin' on over there in Nashville, my ol' lady told me to type "out out dang spot". Turns out it's some kinda fancy Shakespear (I thought she wanted me to put the dog outside). They're a duckin' for cover now. I'm guessin' the next time they're on the ballot it will be for Tiajuna City Council. Anyhow, I hope thems that needs punishment gets their just desserts. Maybe Big Bubba in prison will do to them what they've been a doin' to us taxpayers for years.
    Oh, by the way, does Larry's Bentley have steer horns on the front like Boss Hog's ? Dang we miss that show. Since it and Hee Haw went off the air I'm thinking about turning that big satellite dish we got beside the trailer into a swimmin' pool for the little ones.

  7. malcom tent,

    Check out my last post under Eminent domain. I enjoy our little back and forth. I especially enjoy you telling me who I really am. Now I need to let my family and everyone else know.

  8. "we would get verified vendors to do the printing."

    Why is it that no matter what spending program comes out of Nashville, there's ALWAYS some low life waiting on the sidelines to step in and get their corrupt piece of the action?

    I'm sure we will hear the same old song and dance that, "There just aren't enough resources to oversee everything." Although that excuse seems to be working, it's use over the last 40 years is really getting old.

    Anyone caught defrauding the state to obtain a contract should get a mandatory 10 years and 10 million dollar fine per offense and forefeiture of all benefits. Then post that in every office in the Tenn. legislature.

    You think that would increase the risk to the point where these Sopranos would stop ripping us off?

  9. I must be movin' on up in the world 'cause I got my own blog-stalker. Racr, if you want to have a back and forth with me than try talkin' 'bout the issues at hand. I'm bout over wastin' time and space having a Hatfield and McCoy with you. Ifin you got somethin' t say about the issues than say it, otherwise leave me be.

  10. malcom

    Here's an issue. Consistency, how about using some when being critical of elected officials. Other than that you can pick one and let me know how you think a "good" Republican should believe. This will help me and others who obviously don't know how to be "good" Republicans.

  11. Now me, I don't worry about that "good Republican, bad Republican" stuff. I live my life by the quotation "It always pays for a girl to be good, but not much."

  12. Racr-
    Now look here missy, I realize you got your panties in a knot 'cause I told Rep I was glad he's in office instead of Buttry. But you really need to get your valium perscription filled with your TNcare card and relax for a minute or two. I cain't tell you what a "good republican" should think other than this: he/she should be conservative and conscientous when it comes to grabbin' my money. If you read this blog much, and I reckon you do (lessen you just come here to search for your screen name), then you can see how a man can pick and choose who he supports. Ole man Buttry voted to jack up the sales tax. That's a fact. Now if they was a buncha starvin' kids up here in Kingsport a gettin' that dough, I'd applaud the Christian act and pat the ole boy on the back and praise his name in public. Unforunately, ifin you read this blog, you realize that them fat little kiddies wallerin' round in the school system ain't nothin' more than a not so clever bargainin chip for a tax grab that goes to pay Jimbo Naifeh's driver, Rebecca Paul's Bermuda vacation, etc. etc.... Now I've never met Mr. Buttry and he might be as fine a man as ever broke air (in fact he invited me and mine for vittles), but that tax hike he voted for makes him either ignurnt of what's goin' on in Nashville or a facilitator. Either way that's not conservative representation . If I was on a blog for some Memphis bigwig, I'd be a blastin' away at them too. But I ain't, I'm right cheer on Stacey Campfield's, man of the people, blog an so I reckon' I bring up politicians relevant to him. Donnie Sundquist tried to ramrod a income tax up our wazoo. You might like to support him 'cause he was a Republican, me I was disgusted by the man cause he was a liberal. Here's the only advice I can give ya, not that your askin' your really just a jerkin' my chain, don't just vote for any (R) on the ticket, instead vote for a man who upholds conservative values and encourage your local party leaders to offer such a man to vote for.

  13. malcom,

    Should every legislator that voted for the sales tax increase be defeated? As for TN Care I would love to give you my solution to it but I don't have time right now. I vote on the percentage model. 80% agreement, maybe less gets my vote.I've never found a candidate that I agree with 100% of the time. It ain't good enough to get you to heaven (none of us are good enough to deserve that) but , it's good enough for my vote. I also like to see my legislators, councilman, commissioners etc. accompish something other than being against everything.

  14. To answer your question: yes. In fact if they don't work on repealing the tax hike they are not trying hard enough. I can explain how I would fix TN care, I'd do like every other state in the union and not have it. Settling for 80% ain't good enuff for me and mine. I want my kids to get 100% satisfaction out of life and I ain't gonna quit tryin' like you. And if you don't think good men like Campfield are accomplishing anything by rootin' out the good ole boys, thugs and corruption that run this state then you've never had the misfortune of tryin' to stand for something in your life. It's a harder job then voting with the corrupt powers that be so you can get a bridge named after you. If Nashville was full of Stacey Campfield's the world, or at least my little corner of it, would be a damn site better.

  15. There would also be a lack of dressing correctly in appropriate situations, as well as being photographs to which (Stacey) has no affiliation.

  16. malcom,

    Easy there big fella. Your talking about life, I'm talking about politics. There is a big difference. Am I to assume everyone who gets your vote is in agreement with you 100% of the time? On a side note, I don't recall offering to take you for vittles. I's sounds like it would be an interesting time though. If you r crazy enough to believe that the lack of a meaningful health care plan will mean people will stop getting sick and stop going to the doctor and leaving us paying customers with the bill, you are badly mistaken. We should engage the health care insurance industry to create an assigned risk pool(like we do for auto insurance)and encourage high risk people to buy the coverage.

  17. Malcolm Tent said ......"Now I've never met Mr. Buttry and he might be as fine a man as ever broke air (in fact he invited me and mine for vittles)..."
    Racr replied....."On a side note, I don't recall offering to take you for vittles. I's sounds like it would be an interesting time though."
    Racr said earlier....."My name is Mark Jones. For purposes of this blog I will continue to post as racr"....
    and "...You are un believable. If this is not my name, do you care to tell me what it is so i can change it on my records..."

    Malcolm says "hmmmmm...is that one of them there Freudian slips?"

  18. malcom,

    Why beat around the bush. Come out and say who you think I really am. Really, I would like to know. I don't know why you keep bringing up Buttry. How is he relevant to our conversation today.


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