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Monday, August 29, 2005

Why Nov 1 ??????

Chris Newton said yesterday he will step down from office (effective Nov 1 so he can collect 3 months pay at $800.00 a month, plus office expense $1,000.00 per month, plus gas 33 cents per mile mileage, plus $141.00 per deum for every day he goes to his office) .

But wait it gets worse by waiting till Nov 1 he will get another year of pension pay $80.00 more a month, plus he sticks it to the republicans who have been hard on him for years because one day less and we get a special election (a race a republican will win) one day more it goes to the democrat county commission for appointment as they see fit (guess what party they will pick) Jimmy Neifeh gets one last gift and a democrat gets to raise money as an incumbent for this race in a year.

Now he is going to plead guilty to charges of accepting bribes tomorrow but sentencing wont be till after Nov. so we cant get him out until that happens unless we impeach him. If he gets impeached and then gets sentenced he will looses his pension of $880.00 a month for life Not so if he steps down previous to impeachment or sentencing (Sorry we cant retro change that law. )That is also why Ford left when he did .Ramsey had the votes to impeach in session and Ford wanted to save his pension.

We would need a special session called by the Gov. before Nov 1 to impeach or if we can get 66 votes by the house members to impeach prior to him stepping down.That will take democrat votes and you can forget that.So Chris needs to see the light on his own before Nov 1.

The options are slim our other hope is Chris has a "change of heart" if you would like to encourage Chris to change his time line you can call him at his house at(423)338-7630 or his work at(423)476-5677 his fax numbers is (423)476-2232 I am sure Chris would love to hear from his constituents any time 24/7 for the next few months.Mail can be sent to 236 Randolph Samples Road Cleveland Tn. 37323.


  1. Thanks for answering the question about why Nov. 1. Again, it's about money. What a shame that folks would sell their integrity and for such a low price.

    He really should resign today. It's going to be a hard road but it won't be made easier by squeezing every dime possible from the very taxpayers he failed to honestly represent. Resigning now may save some of his reputation with which he can rebuild.

    I think we understand making mistakes. We appreciate folks who own up to them and take it like a man. We learn from and honor men who made mistakes, cleaned up their acts and went on to bigger and better things built on a, now, firmer foundation.

  2. Lowlifes determined to live the high life till the very end. On our dime. And invoking the name of their deity as they wave buh-bye with a flash of the finger.

    Always so touching.

  3. If the law canot be changed to stop Mr. Newton from receiving his pension, then the State should try to get the U.S. Attorney's office to push for fines and/or restitution in an amount equal to the present-day value of his pension.

    State government may be unable or unwilling to get him, but the Federal Judge certainly can.

  4. Thanks for shining the light on "the government" Representative Campfield. All elected officials should follow your good lead and blog for the people like this every day. Someday the people will rise up and demand it. History will show that you did it on your own initiative as any good and true leader would do.

    Thank you very much.

    Campfield for Governor!



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