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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Are you a hate site?

I love irony . I have been labeled a hate site . Why you may ask ?

Was it my attempt to break down racial walls ? No.

Was it my quoting of Dr. King? No.

It was because I had a link to a sight that had a link to a site that quoted a black man who wrote for a black owned paper in a black run country about a thought he had that some call racist.

I use to play a game in the 7th or 8th grade called the 7 degrees of Kevin Bacon .The object of this game was to link by association any one in the world to movie star Kevin Bacon in 7 steps or less .It was fun and simple to do.

Now I have become Kevin Bacon and some people are doing all they can to link me to what ever they can (many times fabricating it on computer as they go along.We used to call this cheating when I played the game).

Oh well, on with the game. I might as well play along now that I have a label who can I pass the title "racist hate site" on to ????????

How about every person who called me a racist and a hate site. By golly they almost all link directly to my site. They are now and forever will be an official racist hate site. Some of them link to me several ways such as them to Bill Hobbs to me or me to rocky top brigade to them. Some of them link to democrat web / liberal web sites. All listed or linked are now and will always be a racist hate site. All in 7 steps or less.Enjoy the new title haters.

Game over.

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