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Sunday, September 11, 2005

Can we talk?

The dems are calling on former leader Tre' Hargett to talk about when he talked to the people at Pfizer and what he talked about. They are also asking Sen.Miller for his bank records even though there is no law saying political accounts have to be kept in a bank or that bank reccords should verify campaign reports.

I encourage these people to do this .But first I also ask Kim McMillen to talk about when she first talked about taking her job with a lobby firm.

I also ask the governor to talk about his dealings with John Ford and his "Lobby firm"

I also ask Jerry Cooper to talk about his deal for a rail line and his dealings with his lobbyist wife and any bills she had.

I also ask to see bank records on the loan to Jerry Cooper From LT.Gov Wilder as will as any other bank deals between the two or the state.

I also want to know about this "attempted bribe" from a coal company the Lt. governor illegaly never reported.

I also want to see Lois Deberry's bank reccords where did her money come from and was it deposited in nickles?

I also want to see All the bank records of the Speaker Neifeh and his lobbyist wife and when deposits coincided with bills either carried or the same for Joe Armstrong and any his lobbyist wife.

I also have many people keep talking about some gas company bill Joe pushed a short time back. I hear it made the gas company tons .By the way what business is Joe in? ...Oh yeah, he works for the gas company .I wonder if he voted on the bill, my money says yes.

I am pretty sure David Sheppard did on his drug bill (The same one they are after Tre for) oh... and Davids Job you ask ? Pharmacist.

How about a bill for radio stations to get more government business? I guess I could ask Rep Shaw the sponsor of the bill, he is in that business. The list of legislators pushing bills they will directly make money on goes on and on.

Of course all the dems seem to talk about is Tre' Who was never officially in the drug business or earned a dollar from one or voted on final passage of the bill. Tre did not even sponcer the bill for the drug company. What about these other people who are in the business they carry laws for (This is illegal in the US house) can we talk about them as well?


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