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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Gas tax needs to go

Several legislators and myself have called on the governor to (either by executive order or in a 1 day special session) eliminate the state gas tax for 30 days .This will help the working man get to work, to keep the economy going and to allow the people to have more money to be able to help flood victims. In these tough times the state should be the one to tighten the budget not the working man.

The governor has called on the people of this state to help the people of La. We are calling on the governor to return to the people of our state some money so they CAN give. This would be temporary (so our refineries can get back on line)and would save about 20 cents a gallon.

More on this later, just want you to be the first to know.


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  2. I am a working man who would like to see us get the road projects in East TN finished in a timely manner. How much gas tax revenue would be lost? How many projects would be delayed or cancelled? Yours and other reference to the "working man" puzzles me. It smacks of classism. Unless your on welfare and refuse to work everyone works whether they do it ina suit or jeans. It's time we all pulled together, quit whining and let market forces do the rest.

  3. Why stop at the gas tax?

    Hit it across the board along WITH spending. Reduce the size of Tennesssee government period.

    The local, state and federal response to Katrina has proven once again that the best most efficient government is the smallest and one that governs the least.

    While you're at it ask the guv to free up some of the $4 billion in cash sitting in unused funds. Especially the funds that haven't seen any activity for years.

  4. Your TNGA gas tax cut group has not yet publicly addressed (to my knowledge anyway) as to how your proposed gas tax cut may impact the state's ability to collect matching federal tax dollars tied to Tennessee fuel taxes on gasoline --- I seem to recall that half of the TDOT revenues are from federal revenue source .

    Stacy, I am also wondering if you and your gas tax "gotcha" cut collaborators would be willing to forgo approximately $51 million worth of TDOT projects within your own districts --- you know, for the "working man"...

  5. We never said the money had to come from T Dot we have sevral other revenue sourses some in above post .


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