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Wednesday, September 07, 2005


With the state running a surplus of 175 million+ above projections, with the 200 million+ in TDOT reserves, with the 300 million+ in the rainy day fund, the Governor flatly refuses to even CONSIDER giving Tennesseans a break on their gas tax for 30 days.

This is beyond giving taxpayers money back , this is a moratorium on taxes not yet collected.This is not a hand out, this is just a temporary hold money we put in. When I put money in a bank, I do not expect to get scolded out by the bank manager if I can not afford to put money in the bank so I can keep my business running in a tight month. Actually A good bank would offer a loan or do all they can to help.

The speed lightening response of a flat “no" is disappointing if not concerning. Governor Bredesen should have least met with some legislators, received some input, weighed the options, given we legislators who called for the tax moratorium and the citizens we represent due “consideration.”But simmilar to his handling of TennCare it is his way or no way.

When the state's revenue drops because of less tourism (our state's number 2 industry) on what will he blame the drop? It can't be the gas price-he apparently doesn't believe there is much difference between $3.50 a gallon and $3.30 a gallon, between $2.79 a gallon and $2.99 a gallon. When was the last time he had to put gas in his own tank?

I hazard to guess what new bureaucracy he has planned with the surplus monies, but I can that bet most Tennesseans won't see a dime of it. The governors statement of "it seems some people have a reflex awencer to every thing, cut taxes" "I like what president Bush did" well governor News flash ....The first thing the president did when he got into office was cut taxes.One of the first things he did when dealing with this dissaster was work to lower gas prices I see no simmilarities to any thing you have done.I dont see the paarralell. The free mrket starts and the economy grows with the PEOPLE getting their money back not Government keeping it.

If Hurricane Katrina and the interruption of oil flow does not qualify as a “rainy day,” then nothing will. If now is not a good time to help fellow Tennesseans out by even CONSIDERING a tax break, it will never be a good time.

The Governor asks others to give in this time of crisis, to help out others in times of need, but he refuses to help this state in this particular trying time.The taxpayer must feel like Oliver Twist.

Oliver: "Please sir... can I have some more?"

Work house boss:"MORE!!! MORE!!! YOU WANT MORE??? I will give you MORE!!

We need to remind The work house boss that it is your money- you, the taxpayer. You earned it. Tennessee government didn't create money, Tennesseans did.Many people get confused by JFK s clasic speach "Ask not what your country can do for you ask instead what you can do for your country" the words"country " and "government" are not interchangeable. Many times they are opposites.We are not here to serve the government. the government is here to serve us ,the people, we are the country.More government controll does not make for a better country less government does. That is why many of us continue to ask for tax cuts WE WANT CONTROLL OF OUR MONEY...... and the governor keeps refuseing, only he is smart enough to spend your money.


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  2. O Rep, you so ignore the point- the CHOSEN Tennesseeans will see quite a lot of those dimes.

    The legislature can do this all by itself, just repeal the taxes for 30 days.

  3. Can you tell us who in the legislature helped out with this?
    I want to see if my Representative
    Mike Harrison, helped or if he was standing by as usual to see what happend.
    I have contacted the Governor's office. With the disgrace of the ethics problems, one would think Gov. Bredesen would want to step up and show the folks, that he at least has some idea of why he was elected.

  4. When was the last time he had to put gas in his own tank?

    Indeed. And when was the last time Gov Bredesen had to figure out what to give up out of his personal budget so he could pay for that gas? Groceries? The phone? School lunches?

    Has he had to tell his children that they cannot visit friends who live on the other side of town because we have to watch the gas usage? Or that we can't go up to the mountains on the weekends?

    Then there is the trickle down of the gas costs, speaking of groceries. SIX dollars for a gallon of milk??? And who in their right mind actually believes that prices will come down when the current crisis is over?

    The middle class is getting squeezed harder and harder, and no one gives a damn. At the least, the poverty level should be increased so that we can get some help.

  5. stagehounds,
    The governor has to call a special session for us to be able to repeal the tax.

  6. Tnliberty:
    the list was: me,Glen Casada,Chris Clem,Matthew Hill,Delores Gresham,Gerald McCormick,Paul Stanley,Frank Nicley,Bo Watson,Parkey Strader,Donna Rowland,Brian Kelsey,David Hawk,Debra Young Maggart,Susan Lynn .

  7. right on bro.......

    Campfield for Governor!

  8. And remember Rep, there's $4 billion of cash sitting in state funds today that could be used in lieu of the gas tax. Some of those fund accounts have not had any activity in years.

    But then again, maybe the Guv is "planning" for the Nawlins displaced people putting an extra burden on TennCare? Yeah that's it! That's the ticket!


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