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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Tennessee Trust

Just got back from a republican caucus retreat (I think it should be renamed the republican caucus attack!).Most of my fellow members feel the time is near for our party to lead the state forward and are ready to come together to do it .

We did a lot of strategery for the new year .Expect a true plan for the next session put forward by our party called "Tennessee Trust" .This plan, when put in place, will help put trust back into state government. More later...


  1. Sorry, Stacey, I've no doubt y'all worked hard at coming up with this "Tennessee Trust" but maybe you should have taken it a step further and named it "Tennessee Trust but verify". Make sure that accountability is readily accessible and complied with. After a few years of finding nothing but compliance we may begin to trust again. But if you don't make it easy--I mean easy--to verify, trust will not come.

  2. We'll believe it when we see it.

    We are waiting for the Tennessee Legislature and Gov. Bredesen to demagnetize Tennessee to illegal aliens.

    Each state must do this for itself, because our federal government has betrayed the citizens of the United States and made it clear it will not fulfill its constitutional obligation to us. As a nation, as a republic, we are heading into an unknown zone in which the center will not hold, given current trends -- including the annual influx of 1 million illegal aliens of any and every background and objective, an invasion that has proceeded virtually unchecked for many years now.

    Donna Locke
    and Tennesseans for Immigration Control and Reform

  3. Absolutely Donna!
    You don't control illegal/criminal immigration by issuing driver's licenses to these people. That's called enabling.

    Can we "trust" that the Republican party will take up the hard issues like denying benefits to these criminals?

  4. As long as the big companies that use these Illegals contribute hugh $$ to our "public servants" both state and federal law makers will do nothing. And the same for all other laws. "We the people" have very few representatives to represent us.

    A bright spot is Bill Dunn. They will not buy or influence him.

  5. Does this plan also include taking the Governor's office? Republcians seem to be strangely somnolent on that. Just like Democrats were with Sundquist's second term and Republicans before them were with McWhirter's second term. Both second terms saw the introduction of income tax legislation.

    Remember: no second term for Bredesen means no new income tax!


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