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Monday, September 12, 2005

US senate

People have asked me to tell who I am supporting in the senate race and why.

Ford Jr is not a issue. I think he is a lightweight lo experience liberal with a liberal voting record to match. He has never really distanced himself from his family, unless it helped him at the time .His name is actual the only reason he has the seat he has now. He also has some ethics questions about his travel to answer of his own.

On the issue of the conspiracy theorists who say the FBI nabbed his uncle to hurt Jr..They need to remember If they did it a little sooner republicans would have picked up a state senate seat in the special election of Kathryn Bowers and Jr is no more hurt then if he announced two weeks later, actually it may help him separate himself and get some sympathy.

I think Rosalind Kurita would be a tougher race in the general. She is more moderate ,a national skeet shooting champ and will do better then people think. Still second place in a primary unless Ford drops out (I think this is a real strong possibility.)

I think the democrat primary is the race for second place .Tennessee is too red and Phil was an anomaly with a lot of cash(some illegal) who played just moderate enough to fool some republicans into voting for him .Ford will not be able to get away with the "I am moderate" trick ,too much bad voting history.Who ever wins the republican primary is in.

On to the real race ,the republican primary.

Bob Corker .Bob and Bobs wife have a bad history of helping out the wrong side in many races. They don't help the party or its candidates much and have supported many democrats. They have low name recognition and Bob is weak on the issues that are important to republican primary voters (Right to life and taxes)

These facts may help in a general election but they hurt in a primary .His team seem intent on making this as obvious as possible for what reason I don't Know But the negative press cant be worth the money he is bringing in.What is he doing in this race you may ask, how can he win? Bob has the great equalizer ...Money, and a lot of it. His friends who may not care about those issues as much are lining up to jump on the Bob wagon.Bob is also very aggressive ,can be nice and is willing to work hard but Bobs biggest asset is 2 died in the wool conservatives (Van and Ed) hopefully for Bob splitting up the conservative vote.this may be enough to let Bob slip by for the win.The questionable history is to much for me to get past in a primary.

My support (For what ever it may be worth )is not on one issue or a personal thing . I want a conservative to go to DCfor me and that leaves either or these two good people.Van and Ed are both great guys either would make GREAT senators both have great records on the issues and are truly good people. No mater how this race goes I will not speak ill of either canidate and will be happy if either gets in .I consider them both great people and friends with great teams and support around them.

I feel like the kid who has to choose his favorite parent.The two main factors for me were ability to win and loyalty .

I feel Van has more state wide name recognition by the factor of having won his statewide primary and having made it to a general election . I also think Van will have more access to money .That will be an important factor and more evident as time moves closer to the election.

The next factor is loyalty ,not that Ed was ever disloyal to me, but Van went the extra mile for me. People at that level don't usually endorse down, especially in a primary but Van did for me. Not only did Van give me advice and let me use his name but he also helped me raise money and donated to my campaign personally .I did not try to raise much, I didn't care about the money ,but those who did support me I do appreciate .To turn my back on Van now after he helped me when he did not have to is something I am not willing to do.

I support Van 100%.


  1. Representative Campfield-

    It is with a heavy heart I write you. Long an admirer of your bold, visionary prose style, I've increasingly come under fire from those who would label you, shall we say, "a lightweight lo experience" (individual). Further, as with some people we know, and despite my repreated assurances that this "is not a issue," they "seem intent on making this as obvious as possible for what reason I don't Know But the negative press cant be worth..." I think you get the picture.

    Thus, it is in the interest of restoring public confidence in our democracy that I call upon you to make a full and fair public accounting of your academic credentials. First, after scrutinizing your official biography (available at www.legislature.state.tn.us) these inidividuals seek to determine precisely the nature of your activities while at "Excelcior College." I've assured them the same is not to be confused with "Excelsior College," but is rather an institution reserved for the most gifted among us, located somewhere in New England.

    Second, with regard to the "Read With Me Program," which is also listed on your biography, these individuals seek to determine whether you were providing or receiving this assistance.

    Thank you and GOD bless this USA and everybody who loves freedom.

    Rick Reynolds

  2. tell Van to get a blog going so you can add him to your blogroll.........dk

  3. Rick See comments April 21 for a full rundown of my ed. I do get in a rush some times when I do my posts spelling and style are the first to pay the price.sorry.
    I would say In my volunteer time with the read with me program we all learn;-)

  4. But when you can't spell the name of the school you attended... people think you are lying. Are you?


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