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Monday, October 31, 2005

Kangaroo court

I heard of this person one time who went to a car lot and asked a
salesman for a test drive in a new car. She test drove the car, but instead
of returning it, she drove it home.

When the owner of the dealership saw that the car was missing, he
started asking around. He came by the lady's home and asked if she knew
anything about the car. “No, I don't. I hope you're not saying that I
took the car. That would be wrong. Everyone knows taking a car is
wrong. How dare you even ask me?”

She cruised and played around in her new car. How she loved her free
car! One morning as she prepared to leave the house, she glanced outside
to see a police cruiser in the driveway. Nicole, or “Nickels” as her
close friends called her, ran out the front door.

“I'm sorry! I'm sorry!” she said. “I know I should not have taken the car,
but it was a weak moment and it was so much fun. I have never been
caught before, or even questioned about these type of crimes before (The police knew this was not true). I am
sorry. Here are the keys, take it back,” she said.

“I have several friends who can vouch for me as well, and I know that
it's not illegal to just borrow the car,” she finished.

The entire mess went to Kangaroo Court where luck of luck, most of the
people sitting in judgment were her friends. Some jurors were being
questioned themselves for similar crimes.

Her defense? An apology.

The prosecution? The prosecution pointed out that Nickels had at first
denied stealing the car, but when the proof was overwhelming, she
admitted it.

“This isn't your first trip to the rodeo, you know the rules. You have
been in the business a long time, maybe too long. This is an open and shut
case,” said the prosecution.

The outcome?

Not enough evidence…case dropped.

What lawyers picked the jury pool?

Oh yeah, that was us-the voters. Hopefully we can do better next time.

Until then, expect more of the same type of justice in the weeks and
months to come. The jury pool is still the same.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Tennessean Reports

Drew Johnson over at Tennessee Center for Policy Research has done an outstanding job at researching how lobbyists effect decisions at the state level.

He has researched and reported on how many lobbyists serve as members of state study groups who report and make recommendations to the state. (I first brought this up in my June 25th post.)

Speaker Jimmy Naifeh's lobbyist wife Betty Anderson and Rep. Joe Armstrong's lobbyist wife were both mentioned prominently as major problems in the Tennessean article on Sunday. The article followed the release of the report.

Be sure to check it out the Tennessean as well as TCPR website for the full report.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Political double speak


"We have nothing to hide"
Possible Translation: We don't want to show anything for as long as we
can get away with it."

"I will check my records"
Possible Translation: "I will create a record to say whatever I need it
to say"

"We grew so fast we don't have all the records"
Possible translation: "We spent freely and never thought anyone would dare to look."

"I have an accountant looking at it now"
Possible Translation: "I have this friend...."

"Here are some of the records"
Possible translation: "These are the BEST we can come up with so let
this blow over and don't make us show ALL of them."

"The minutes of that meeting are missing"
Possible translation: "The minutes of that meeting don't say what we
need them to say.....YET."

"It's for the children"
Possible translation: "Give us more money and no oversight."

Monday, October 17, 2005

Campfield: What George Korda ought to do

George Korda, who runs a PR firm in Knoxville, wrote an opinion piece
for the Knoxville News Sentinel in which he criticizes me extensively.

I've met Mr. Korda. He seems like a nice fella. He invited me to
speak on a radio program he hosts with regard to a column I wrote which
sounded an alarm on the Kelo decision.

The fact that I've met him and he knows how to reach me, leaves me
greater cause to question his failure to contact me with regard to the
column he wrote.

First, the column he put together is riddled with inaccuracies and
glaring errors.

I offer my response to Mr. Korda below---in a fashion which mirrors how
he wrote his column about me. I offer my own column:

Political reporter George Korda would be doing himself and everyone
else a favor if he would quit being so lackadaisical (a fancy way of
saying lazy) and actually research a story before posting it.

Did he sit down and talk to an editor to explain why he thought a
report where NONE of the principals were contacted would be a good idea? If
he did, was the editorial response “Yes! Great job, run with it,”
before releasing a report which contains many glaring errors?


His reporting of my comments at a West Know Republican meeting was
designed to be inflammatory. If he had actually shown up to the meeting to
hear my comments, he would have heard first hand how I reported that
when I was recently contacted by a reporter about my attempt to gain a
copy of the black caucus bylaws 5 months ago, that I knew I would soon be
labeled a racist. I know of no one in public life that has this
unfortunate attack as a goal.

Korda wanted a story. He got it. That was his plan to help his
editors? Second or third hand reports sent him charging off to his keyboard.

Korda would have made a lot more sense if he just had said how
Campfield has ruffled a lot of feathers by exposing corruption in government.
He would have made more sense if he would have asked why and who
released an almost 5 month old story that Campfield had requested a copy of
the bylaws. Was the party who released the story interested in painting
Campfield as a “crazy white separatist?” That would be a topic worthy
of debate or consideration.

It is not grandstanding Mr. Korda, to stand up for yourself or
illuminate facts. I did not release the story. I did not call
Tom Humphrey, the reporter who broke the story, and say “let me tell
you what happened back in the spring with me and the Black Caucus.”
Standing up to attempts to run me into the mud and illuminating facts
will hopefully, in the end, make for a better state for people of every

For what it's worth, here are some tips for PR consultant and
reporter/analyst George Korda:

1. Talk to the reporter who broke the story (Tom Humphrey). He will
tell you I am not the person who gave him the story. Ask the principal
involved in the story before jumping to conclusions. My phone number is
in the book and I have not refused to talk to anyone on this issue. If you had, you might have learned that the information I
speak of regarding higher rates of diabetes, high blood pressure, and
hypertension came from a black man who believes more should be done about this and publicity of these problems might be helpful.

2. Read Greg Johnson who writes a regular column for the Knoxville News
Sentinel as well as Bill Hobbs online and the Chatttanooga-Hamilton
Civic Forum online for starters. You might learn a little about the
Tennessee Waltz investigation, ethics failures, and conflicts of interest
by Rep. Joe Armstrong. You also might wonder if Armstrong calling
me the “David Duke of Tennessee” or Jonny Shaw calling me "crazy or a racist" is a good starting point for a dialogue or an attempt to smear. You might judge these comments on racism with the same sensitivity meter you judge me .

3. Read the political events section of the Knoxville News Sentinel.
You might learn I held near weekly open forums in and around my district
in which I listen to constituents (of all color) during and after session. I also
regularly attend other forums hosted by other elected officials.
Everyone-not just political supporters-is invited to come and discuss what
would make our district better.

If Korda takes these steps, he might realize that his subject was not
that wild for asking to see the bylaws and that the issue was dropped
back in the spring when the information was refused to him by the black
caucus leader. He also might realize that had the black caucus leader
agreed to give me the bylaws as I rightfully have the authority
to see, that this story would have never ceased to exist.

This story was brought up by unknown persons coincidentally after
I charged black caucus leader Rep. Johnny Shaw with allegations of
ethical misconduct.

As a political opinion maker, Korda is in a position to inform, not
mislead through “assumptions.” Unfortunately up until now, there has been
a lot of misinformation. We have enough misinformation out there based
on assumptions and that doesn't do anyone any good.

Friday, October 07, 2005

It just gets worse and worse

Check out the Bill Hobbs story on Joe Armstrong it looks like a clear case of campaign conflict of interest violation as well as a violation of ethics. Hopefully there is a good explanation for this but it does not look good.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Must read

Check out Bill Hobbs Oct.4 post then read today's Tennessean article Lawmaker: Rent paid by black caucus.

Monday, October 03, 2005

Thank you!!

To the people who have helped my campaign by donating on this site, thank you so much for your support.

Fox news

Did the fox news interview today .Jonathan Serrie did the interview for Brit Hume .It should air tomorrow at 5 pm but who knows .It may get dropped if a big story comes up.