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Friday, June 09, 2006

News Flash!!!

The Knox Co. Charter has just been ruled not valid by Judge Weaver. Term limits no longer apply. I doubt they will go back in when the new charter is applied for.

The county will I guess revert back to the state laws that cover counties but a lot has been changed from that version.

I wonder, will their be a class action lawsuit for citizens to get back co. Taxes paid now to an invalid government? Is the election we just had still valid? Are the commissioners in office now in legally? If not who will vote on the new charter? Is the wheel tax still valid (I just dropped $60.00 for new tags for my car today at 3:58 pm)? What about county codes enforcement? What about all the laws they enacted for codes? What about people who have been in violation of county laws? Will the crimes be forgiven? What about people who have been charged and paid a fine or did jail time for a violation to an invalid government? Can they sue for restitution? Will the city have controls over school money again? What about all the bonds the county has out now?

A lot of questions are swirling around and I am sure the Co. Law directors head has just exploded. One thing is for sure, This will be a quite interesting few weeks.

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