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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

The show

Kelvin Moxley, Marry Ann Carter and I did "The Voice" radio show today and had a great time. The discussion started with the incumbent protection bill (HB1114) a bill close to Kelvins heart as he was just recently a right in candidate himself. Kelvin was not to pleased with the increase . Actually he had been trying to rally support to change the law to make it easier to get on the ballot. When he first read about how it got more difficult ....Well lets just say I got an ear full.

Kelvin got a video and audio copy of the discussion and vote and how Neifeh cut off our effort to be put "under the rule" (as I and others have talked about). If any one gets a copy of the original debate from when we first sent it to the senate I would love to link to it so let me know where it is and I will.

From there we moved to the Bott radio disclaimer for Bob Corker. Terry Frank is the only place I know that a copy of this add is up, but people in the Ford camp are pushing it out as well. This was a good topic as people were calling in on both sides. Some thought the station should not air the disclaimer others said "If Bob doesn't like it he should not lie in his adds and it would not be an issue." Most people thought it would be best if Bob pulled the adds as quick as he could. To say the disclaimer is brutal is kind.

After that we sort of hopped around on issues E.D., Illegals, Bills the legislature passed and killed as well as the previous topics as they came back up.

At the end of the show Bill Dunn called in and talked about HB1114 and said some kind words about yours truly. To get such high praise from someone I respect as much as I do Bill meant a lot and I felt truly honored. Time flew and in no time the show was over.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Radio Show

I will be on the WVLZ radio AM 1180 from 7AM - 10 or 11 Talking politics and the legislative session. Feel free to call in if you are so inclined. Listen on the web here It will replay at different times throughout the day on the webcast.

Monday, May 29, 2006

My Guess

The Knox news reports on the trial of Rosco Dixon and some people who have gotten a subpoena. I suspect the other two unnamed people are Larry Miller, Ulysses Jones or possibly Lois DeBerry. These are the names mentioned most by legislators as people who are expected to go under "Tennessee waltz verse 2"

Saturday, May 27, 2006


Incumbent protection bill passes senate

The bill to increase the difficulty to get on the ballot as a right in candidate passed in the senate 25 to 0. We had to vote on the bill again to accept a slight change the senate put on.

With the diminished number of democrats on hand to vote, Republicans wanted to go "under the rule". This rule says you can not vote for other legislators if they are not present to do it themselves. Chris Clem tried to get the speaker to recognize him and put us under the rule. Several hands were in the air, but similar to the conceal carry bill last year the speaker said "I only see three hands" (5 are needed but we probably had 15 or more) and pushed the vote on the bill. 57 votes were yes the rest were no. The bill passed.

Last minute fight

A bill that was to change the 401k match was found to have a pay increase in it for the Gov and his staff. The fight is on in the senate.

Last day of session.

We are all just sitting around waiting on the senate to finish on some bills so we can vote on if we want to accept any changes they may put on. Many legislators have left for home already some left yesterday. This is really just mop up work.

On the US govt.

On this blog I seldom talk about issues at the national level. I try to stick mostly to state stuff because I figure that is what my readers are mostly interested in (besides looking for typos, grammar errors and ways to attack politically that is).

But as a citizen I have to say how frustrated I have become with some of my national and party leaders. This immigration bill (amongst others) has been a huge let down.

I now see the hope of keeping the majority at that level dwindling by the day. Some Die hard Republicans are saying they just don't feel the conservatives have any say in the Republican party any more. They do not plan on giving or working to keep the majority. My only hope is that we only loose enough seats to scare some people straight and not so many as to loose control.

Some last minute magic by the house might help turn it around and the fact that the opposition is still, for the most part, off the cliff does not hurt. But steps have to be made soon or forget it .

Now back to my regular programming.

More on the minimum wage.

Sorry I did not give much for details yesterday I was only posting on breaks and did not have much time.

Here are some details on the min. wage bill. I may post more on others later.

I offered amendments to the min. wage bill so it would not effect contracts (Unions will get a HUGE bump in pay out of this) Myself and others figured that they were who this bill was mostly really intended for. The sponsors went silent when I brought it up.I don't think they appreciated that I pointed this out. They quickly moved to cut debate and kill the proposal.

It was killed.

I offered another amendment that said if you were a high school drop out, unless you had a GED, a dependent, were not capable of getting a GED or HS diploma, were 18 yrs old or you were emancipated then you were not eligible to receive the bump in pay. This would encourage kids to stay in school instead of drop out to make more money. A majority of people who get the minimum wage fit in this group. The majority of them live at home with parents and don't need the money.

That failed.

One legislator brought up how we are loosing tons of jobs overseas to workers who will work for half what we will now. He went on to explain how we are a giant magnet for illegals to come into our country to take our jobs with what we pay. He also spoke about the problem of inflation and how we are killing the free market economy.

The kicker was he then went on to say "THAT IS WHY WE NEED TO INCREASE THE MINIMUM WAGE".

Some time you just have to shake your head.

I voted against the bill.

Friday, May 26, 2006

Frankly It must be working

Lee and Terry Frank are celebrating 15 years of marital bliss. I guess they got hitched at the age of 8:-)

The late show

As you can see by my posts we are running late and I missed my own fundraiser. Oh well, Duty called and I had to be in Nashville to vote. We will be in session on Saturday as well.

Illegals voting and benefits

An amendment was brought to make people show they were in the country legally before they could vote or receive state benefits. Same story as the last.

Photo ID when voting

I offered an amendment to have voters show photo proof of ID when voting or have your ballot held until proof is provided. I have to show photo ID 3 times at an a air port I think we should offer the same type of proof when voting. Same story as the last.

Right in candidate bar raised

It used to be 5% of the primary voters in your party primary. Now it is 5% of ALL voters in the district, If they show up to vote or not .Many times 5% don't even vote in a primary. This makes getting on the ballot, as a right in, almost impossible. It went down party lines (52-43) Dems set the bar higher.

Min. wage passed to 6.15 an hour

Pork 2

$75,000.00 to pick up lottery tickets.

More pork

$175,000.00 to study the black fly.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Budget passed

The main part of the budget passed .A few bills follow the budget about 1/3 of it is pork.

Silly spending

The pork report has some real competion with some of the bills being proposed and put in the budget.

$150,000.00 to eradicate fire ants was one that jumped out.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Fund raiser

I am having a fund raiser/reception Friday May 26 at the I-75 Expo center from 5-7. Various politicos and radio personalities have said they intend on coming. Feel free to stop on by all are welcome.

Problems with pay pal

Sorry If you had a problem with donating on my pay pal account. I had some code problems that are fixed now. If you would prefer to send a donation by mail you can send it to:

Stacey Campfield for state rep
2011 Flagler Rd.
Knoxville TN.

"E.D." bill passes

The E.D. bill passed in the house.

I hate to call it that because It did not do much to stop what was going on before Kelo in Tennessee or since. What this bill does do is give "fair market value" when your land is stolen from you. Not much else.

Not that ,the FMV part was bad. Actually I thought it was a good first step and will be helpful when E.D. is used for things such as schools and roads ect. But if people think this bill will do anything to stop taking of land as set down by Kelo (Private to private) you can forget it. It is still wide open.

I was able to get some better definitions from the sponsor on some of the words used for blight. This is called legislative intent. This can be very important in court cases where there is a dispute about what was meant by the sponsor of a bill that became law. I guess with Kelo you could say that a loose definition and some bad judges is what got us into this issue to start with.

All the amendments were dropped because the word was if any amendments went on, beyond what was on it now, the entire bill would be killed. That would leave us with no bill, no options and the people who get their land stolen would not even get "FMV". Either way we would have to come back next year to try to stop the original problem. Hopefully we will be in the majority to do it.

I liken this bill to some of the ethics bills we passed before the waltz. A lot of title but not much else.

It was like going to the bank to get a million dollar loan to save your business. You fill out a lot of paperwork, hand it to the person in charge.

They smile, say something like "I think we are going to be able to help you!".

They leave, come back and hand you ten bucks. Smile and say "I know it is not all that you wanted but its a start. I think we can all live with this."

Yes, you take the ten but it is not close to what you need.

I held my nose and voted for the bill.

E.D. is up

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

No session for you!!

Session was rolled today. We are only allowed 90 days to be in session a year. The way around this rule is we all came down but any actual action on the floor was put off. Thus the day was not counted against the 90 and everyone collects per diem.

Monday, May 22, 2006


Here are some of the Tennessee Waltz transcripts reported by WMCTV out of Memphis.
I hear much more of this nature is still to come.

Government informant Tim Willis telling bagman Barry Myers, "I, I wanted to use some Republicans. You understand what I'm sayin'?"

Myers says "I, I, I would definitely say don't give no Republicans no money."
Willis responds, "really."
That's when Myers says, "'Cause Paul Stanley's very ethical, very, you know, Tre Haggard {sic} and all, don't, don't spend no money on no white boys hands like that."

Myers goes on to say, "so you askin' for it, I mean, them white boys, ain't going with it. White boys like Paul Stanley... that represents Germantown and all that s**t."

Tim Willis says, "uh-huh."
Myers responds, "they ain't goin' with all that kinda'... Stuff man."
"Far as i'm sayin' pass money, I wouldn't do it with the white boys."
Myers goes on, "It's just the n****s that you want to be payin'"
Leslie Ballin, lawyer for bagman Barry Myers, says the selective prosecution claim is weak, because it is his client, Myers, who suggests avoiding white Republicans, not the government informant.

"It's Mr. Myers who talks about 'hey don't waste your time on the republicans, you've got to talk about those other folks.' And so the investigation did not center on democrats, did not center on african-american representatives, but was for everybody," he says

Will you help the cause?

As you may have noticed I have added the paypal button back on to my blog site. If you would like to donate I would appreciate it. To date I have not accepted any PAC or corporate donations in any of my campaigns. Taking this road has not been easy (I have had to lend my campaign about $20,000.00). I did it not because all PACs are bad or evil but because I wanted to show people that I was doing this for the right reasons and that they are my number one concern.

As you know, in most political races conservatives are usually out spent by moderates and liberals by two to one or more. I expect this to be the case again in my campaign. As you may also know, winning a campaign is not cheap. I can only keep this up if I can raise enough private money to run with out it. For now I am going to stick to my personal PAC free pledge. That is why I am asking for your support now. If you can give, your help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

Friday, May 19, 2006

On voting to kick puppies

Some people have asked how I intend on voting on certain bills. I appreciate the curiosity but I do not like to say how I will vote on any bill until it has come up for a final vote.

First, amendments may be put on turning a bad bill into a good one,

second, If you tell to soon you may tip your hand and something that was negotiable may become non negotiable if the sponsor knows they have your vote already.

Third, many bills are nothing more then paper tigers or bills with nothing but a name. These are bills put forward as a political gotcha bills. They have a great name but the guts of the bill may be a disaster. People in politics put these bills forward so when you vote against it your opposition can send out a mail piece saying something along the lines of "He even voted against the anti puppy kicking bill". When the bill itself may have said something along the lines of "mail people can not protect themselves from attacking pit bulls."

In committee many bills like this come forward. Many times legislators pass when it comes time to vote so the vote does not go down on record or so they can "Keep the powder dry" on amendments they plan to introduce on the house floor.

After a final vote I have no problem telling of how and why I voted for or against any bill. Ask at that time and I will be happy to tell you about it.

Waltz rumors, Shared parenting

Word of some of the recordings between under cover agents and Tennessee Waltz suspects is getting out. WOW! If what I hear is true it does not sound good! Well, at least for one side of the aisle. I will try to get transcripts.

I tried to get shared parenting amendment on a bill on Wensday. This would say in cases of divorce both parents would go into court on equal footing and then the judge would have digression to adjust the parenting plan (for the needs of the child)from there. Some version of this bill is law in over 20 states. I have heard many stories of good dads being told "You are a dad, every other weekend with your kids should be plenty."

Yes, there are bad dads as well as bad moms and children should be protected from them. This amendment would not stop a judge from adjusting to protect a child from a bad parent. Many times though, decisions are made based solely on gender of a parent before they walk into the court room. One parent is guilty until proven innocent and that burden of proof can be quite high. When decisions are handed down in this manor, appeals get filed and court battles can go on for years. Bad feelings between parents grow and the child for the most part will loose one parent for key parts of the child's life. I felt this was a bad practice and tried to stop it.

In the senate the bill passed 31-0. In the house though this bill with 60 sponsors has been kicked around for years, for some reason it never gets out of committee or never gets run at all. As an amendment it finale got a vote on the full house floor. The amendment died. 40/46/10 I think was the vote tally. I am sure the group "DAD of Tennessee " is let down, but at least now they know who really supports children's rights to see both parents.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Floor break

On break on the house floor. We will run late tonight. We are doing cover Tennessee.
E.D. was rolled again (I am not sure why). I may have a small piece of good news on this front but I don't want to jinx it so I will let you know as soon as it happens.

Drew stirs it up again

Drew Johnson over at TCPR has a good report on what the state should do with a part of your money. You can check it out here.

Monday, May 15, 2006

The house is on hold

On many of the big issues the house is waiting on the senate. Dems have rolled most of the governors big bills. Increasing the minimum wage to $6.15 may come up Wensday.

All but a few republicans are against it (something about "free market" I guess). Most Democrats are for it .A few though have said they will not support it. The numbers may have been there to kill this bill last week when the bill first came up so the democrats rolled it to get the troops in line or let it get killed in the senate by Republicans. Dems think this is a big campaign issue for them. The Gov. has flip flopped on the issue. First he was against the increase now he is for it. I wonder if the pattern will hold true on other issues (Income Tax)if he gets re elected?

The "Cover the Governor" bill also known as "cover Tennessee" is looking at a more and more up hill battle. The plan started out as several bills but were later put together as one big bill. When it was separate many parts were liked by republicans but when combined the package is not as appealing because of the lack of details given on the other parts. Some think the bills were combined (and all similar bills were killed off) to make this an "All or Nothing" deal. Right now it is looking closer to nothing.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

The truth about E.D.

This one is almost hard to right. The E.D. bill is moving forward.

It has passed the senate 31-0. This should be the first flag on any important bill. Total consensus usually means no teeth, on this bill that is proven to be the case. If you are looking for a bill that stops E.D. abuse, keep looking ....This is not that bill, E.D. abuse, and ability to abuse the term "Blight" to take land has been left in the bill.

Land can be taken for virtually any reason. As long as the party taking your land uses the very subjective word "Blight" instead of economic development you might as well say so long to your land and hello to the new Wal mart or Starbucks. It can not be stopped. Actually you might as well say economic development because your land can be taken for "corporate parks" as well. A "corporate park" can be about any thing at all.

If you are looking for a bill that makes people who are taking the land take a little more time to get it (30 days instead of 5)and to pay a more fair price when they do take the land (independent appraiser and appraisal at highest and best use), This is your bill. People with amendments have been told for the most part to forget it.

Expect passage Thursday.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Radio and TV

I will be the host of "Tennessee Confidential" on WVLZ 1180 AM radio from 4-5 today you can check it out on the web at southernrootsradio.com. Tonight I will be on "politics Knoxville" on comcast channel 12 in Knoxville from 8:30 till 9:00. Both are call in shows so feel free.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

New Rumors

The latest rumor is the budget surplus may get up to 750 million plus. One thing that must be acknowledged is that the budget "estimate" numbers can be bent in any number of ways to "honestly" give a quote of any number that leadership wants.

These estimates are usually done low to allow the governor to spend the excess money as he sees fit after the legislature has left session and the actual money comes in.

Monday, May 08, 2006

When too much is never enough

Latest word is the surplus is being figured with a tax INCREASE. Yes, you heard right, a tax increase. Government economics 101 .Huge surplus + economy rolling = Tax increase . The 20 million dollar tax increase will come on the backs of timeshare owners.

Money ,Money, Money

The word is that the state is about to have a windfall of cash in the range of 116 million to 200 million.

I am now hearing whispers the number may be closer to 300 million.

Odds of removing the sales tax on food with the surplus? 1 in 300 million.

Good flick

As a political junkie I have a tendency to enjoy most things political. I have seen the show the west wing a time or two but it doesn't seem to hold my interest as much as the real thing.

This weekend I saw a good political movie called "Thank You For Smoking". I about fell out of my chair laughing several times. The phrase "Its funny because it's true" rang out loud in my head as I watched because I see the same people and arguments made almost every day in Nashville. Not just on smoking but right down the line on tons of issues.

I will put this one up as the movie most like real life in Nashville taking the place of long standing front runner "The distinguished gentleman" with Eddie Murphy. I know both these movies are comedies and meant to be light hearted stabs, but you would be surprised how close they are to real life.

If you get a chance check it out.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

The conservative movement

I was reading a post over at Rob Huddlestons blog about how many conservative republicans are upset about how the U.S. representatives are acting and spending and may stay home or vote for a liberal democrat out of spite. I hate to hear this kind of talk. This is all the more reason to help a conservative win the primary and always help the most conservative candidate available.

Unfortunately, many times a vote is all conservative is willing to give or do. By our nature we are conservative, we like to keep our money and be left alone. Neither trait helps get fellow conservatives elected and many times a moderate wins. When moderates win we cry and say "How could this happen. Don't people know he is liberal on issue A-Z? Our man was way better".

I usually respond by asking the person with tears in their eyes "Did you donate to the conservative? Work a poll for them? Do door to door? Make phone calls? Put up a sign in your yard or business? Right a letter to the editor? Call a local radio talk show?"

No? Well then I can only guess why the conservative had a tough time getting the message out.

Doing less out of frustration when we do not hit our goal is not the way to get a good end result. We need to step it up and do more for the movement or continue to loose ground. When a conservative gets beat by a moderate and then he gets beat by a liberal the final message sent is "the area wants a liberal" Money, volunteers and results follow and the next result is worse.

Victory is made in many small steps over time. When Barry Goldwater got killed in his presidential race his people didn't quit, say "A conservative can't win" ,get upset and go to the other side. No. They got to work! They got an old, western actor, worked hard and pushed him up.

Big thing can happen when people take many small steps over time. But nothing good will happen if we get lazy, discouraged, quit believing and working or worse yet go to the other side.

So many titles for a post...So little space

Where do I begin......this story has so many possible titles I could not decide on one.

My top ones were.

1. Governor/Lt. Governor can't find 4 ethical democrats.

2. Neifeh gets 2 ethical democrats in state ....None left for governor.

3. Governor can't find ethical people who will follow orders with out question.

4. Singing hymns and country songs?

5. "Records? Records?.... We don't need no stinking records!"

6. Why bother asking for the new records? Heck! They still haven't given you the old ones!

7. Ethics legislation.... A success story from the top down.

8. Wilder holds out for top ethics candidate.....John Ford.

9. "Are you crazy! If we pick someone they might enforce the law!?!?"

10. If you have to ask for help to decide if they are ethical.......

I open it up to the peanut gallery. Fire away in the comments section.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

No coin on cinco

Well we all by now saw the protests for illegal immigrant rights. I think it only helps show how bad the illegal problem has become in our country and may have started a backlash. The plan to not purchase any thing, not do any work and do a protest march showed to many in congress the problem and the fact that we can survive.

I like the plan. Actually Cinco de Mayo is coming up (May 5th) and I think I will follow suit. I will not purchase any thing (no meal at a Mexican restaurant....Or Taco bell) nothing on the 5th.

Messages can go two ways.