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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Hobbs exposes E.D. Abuse

Bill Hobbs has another great post on how House Bill 3450 did not stop E.D. abuse as well as how it IS BEING ABUSED. As expected these land grabbers went silent and on hold when we were fighting this out in the state legislature. I had a feeling that when the fervor died down and we passed an empty, ineffective bill that it would go back to business as usual. I am sorry to say I was correct.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Word on the street

The word on the street is that the Van and Ed campaigns are expecting many more negative news issues to plague the campaign of Bob Corker over the next few weeks.

We will see if it gets picked up by the news media here in Knoxville. Oddly the news and papers in Chattanooga seem to be doing a lot of coverage of issues that do not shine a kind light on their former mayor. Coverage on this race seems light around here. Knoxville is a real turn key area of the state on state wide republican issues. The saying "As East Tennessee goes so goes the state" is a well known axiom of state politics so you would expect heavy coverage of this race around here. We will see how it goes in the future.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

"Not an issue in Tennessee"

I thought this might be interesting to some of my fellow property rights people.

Don't forget as many legislators and news papers have said over and over , "This is not an issue in Tennessee","Your hard line stance is an over reaction","Asking for a temporary freeze is a blind rage reaction","We don't have a problem with this in Tennessee","This bill will fix any potential problems".

From the TCPR on Kelo and Memphis.

"While this small Connecticut neighborhood has become the face of eminent domain abuse, we must not forget the hundreds of Tennesseans who have had their homes, businesses and places of worship seized for private development and the dozens more who continue to fight to keep their land.

Currently in Memphis, James Sneed is fighting to keep his 80-year-old home that the Memphis Housing Authority is attempting to condemn as a part of "Uptown Memphis," a mixed-income community to be owned by a private developer. The project, which will cost taxpayers $200 million, will force hundreds of middle class and low-income residents from their homes.

Sixty-six of the 176 properties acquired by the Memphis Housing Authority for Uptown Memphis have been condemned through eminent domain against the will of the owners."

I am sure if the 66 people will only click their heals together 3 times and say "This is not an issue in Tennessee" over and over it will all go away like a bad dream.

Friday, June 23, 2006

On term limits

I was talking with one of the non term limited Knox co. Commissioners today on the latest appeal. He told me a decision should not be available for about 50 days.

If you are not up to speed that will be after the election goes off as scheduled without changes. If the charter is returned to life the term limited commissioners who won again would get the boot and those left on commission after that would make the call as to who would replace them.

As I understand it. If the charter has to be redone from ground zero it could take years before it goes into effect. In that time the people who win this election will be able to stay in office. Possibly up to eight years after the new charter is finally recognized, that is if term limits get put back in as promised and are not done retroactively.

One year later.....

One year since kelo and not much changed. I was holding back on one piece of info until house bill 3450 became law. I did not want any fast action to be done before the bill passed into law as it would only make a bad situation worse for some people who are fighting to keep their own land.

My one small bit of good news I was saving on this issue was I was able to get the sponsor of the bill to give his "Legislative intent" on some of the terms used in blight.

The most important part was to get terms such as "obsolete", "immoral" and "deleterious" more clearly defined. I was able to work it out with the sponsor to say on record (for future legal reference) his legislative intent for those words and to define them narrowly. I feel this will help some people if they do have to go to court. Before this was done I could use these subjective words to fit any structure I wanted and condemn it for blight.

Now an obsolete structure has to be to the point of imminent physical threat to people or surrounding structures. It can not be loss of property values.

Deleterious was the about same.

Immoral was for not the structure itself as one might think if they only read the text of the bill, (I never could see how an inanimate object such as a building could have that characteristic) but was for the potential criminal acts of people within the structure itself.

I was able to get a few other words strictly defined but I will have to check my records to get them all. Suffice it to say blight is not as bad as it was or as bad as it looks if you just read the bill.

Unfortunately, I was not able to get the sponsor to define "corporate park" in any way shape or form.

I was told by leadership if we take control we will work to correct it but it will be difficult if the numbers don't change.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

E mail alert

I get a lot of E mail with notes, plans, ideas and warnings about upcoming events and things of note. I got this from the American Family Association. No matter your feelings on the issue of gay marriage I do not see its relevance to classroom instruction.

June 19, 2006

National Education Association Set to Endorse Homosexual Marriage

Teacher's union begins plans to promote homosexual marriage in public schools

The National Education Association is set to endorse homosexual marriage at their convention coming up in Orlando June 29 through July 6.

The new NEA proposal essentially says schools should support and actively promote homosexual marriage and other forms of marriage (two men and one woman, three women, two women and three men, etc.) in their local schools.

The new proposal, expected to pass overwhelmingly, is found under the B-8 Diversity paragraph:

The Association... believes in the importance of observances, programs and curricula that accurately portray and recognize the roles, contributions, cultures, and history of these diverse groups and individuals.

The Association believes that legal rights and responsibilities with regard to medical decisions, taxes, inheritance, adoption, legal immigration, domestic partnerships, and civil unions and/or marriage belong to all these diverse groups and individuals.

Translated, that means the NEA will promote homosexual marriage in every avenue they have available, including textbooks, to all children at all age levels and without the permission or knowledge of parents. Their plans will include every public school in America.

Take Action

First, please forward this to all parents with children in public schools. They need to be aware of the plans the NEA has to indoctrinate their children with their pro-homosexual, homosexual marriage agenda.

Please forward this to public school teachers you know so they can be aware of the NEA's plans. In fact, their membership dues will be used to help implement the new NEA plan.

AFA encourages teachers who do not approve of their dues going to the NEA to find an alternative teacher's group to help them retain their benefits. Teachers might want to give the CEAI home page a look http://www.ceai.org/index.htm or find another alternative in their state.

What immigration issues?

This is a list of some of the immigration bills that were killed this year with a breif discription. The group putting out the list was in favor of killing the bills so take the comments with a grain of salt.

Most of these bills died on party line votes. I think Rep. Gary Moore was one of the few if not only exception from the democrat side of the isle to regularly support these bills. If their are others I am forgetting please let me know and I will note them as well.

Monday, June 19, 2006


Sorry I have not posted in a while. I have a few I am working on but they need a little more research before they are ready to post.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

A New Survey

For those of you interested in the US senate race, I suspect the results of another survey to come out soon. WBIR channel 10 in Knoxville left an automated survey call on my answering machine last night. I am sorry I was not here to get it as I have always wanted to do one of those polls. Not just to be a part of the results but to see how the questions were asked. In polling, a word put in here or their and even the order of the questions are asked can skew the results and even direct people to vote about any way you want.

The best polls have all the questions posted some where in order for all to see.

Another factor for polls is who and even when you ask. To get an accurate poll you have to do research on who you are calling. If you qualify the polling person by asking "Do you plan on voting in the next election?" most people will say "yes" even if they have not voted in the last 20 years and probably wont vote for the next 20. You need to know if they have a history of voting in the race you are interested in. If they only vote when the president is up for election It won't give a good result if you are interested in who will win a primary race. Primary voters tend to be the more hard core true believers in their party and the values the party represents.

When you ask is also important. If the call is made in the middle of the day you will get a huge response from home makers and unemployed people .If you call later in the afternoon to early evening the head of the household or main bread winner may respond and give a different response then one done to the same house in the afternoon. A survey called in at dinner time may have results that skew to the first possible response as people want off the phone so they can eat with the family when its hot.

Where you ask can also be a factor. If I survey the home town of one canidate or an area where one canidate has done a midia blitz they will poll disproportanately well. If I do a poll where one party has a huge lead over the other party that will be a factor the same can be said of small towns vs large cities.

The factors that go into a survey can say as much as the results so take them all with a grain of salt. A good friend of mine is fond of saying "the only poll results that really count are the ones on elections night". More true words were never spoken.

Friday, June 09, 2006

News Flash!!!

The Knox Co. Charter has just been ruled not valid by Judge Weaver. Term limits no longer apply. I doubt they will go back in when the new charter is applied for.

The county will I guess revert back to the state laws that cover counties but a lot has been changed from that version.

I wonder, will their be a class action lawsuit for citizens to get back co. Taxes paid now to an invalid government? Is the election we just had still valid? Are the commissioners in office now in legally? If not who will vote on the new charter? Is the wheel tax still valid (I just dropped $60.00 for new tags for my car today at 3:58 pm)? What about county codes enforcement? What about all the laws they enacted for codes? What about people who have been in violation of county laws? Will the crimes be forgiven? What about people who have been charged and paid a fine or did jail time for a violation to an invalid government? Can they sue for restitution? Will the city have controls over school money again? What about all the bonds the county has out now?

A lot of questions are swirling around and I am sure the Co. Law directors head has just exploded. One thing is for sure, This will be a quite interesting few weeks.

T.V. Show

I will be on the Steve Hall show (Politics Knoxville)tonight from 8:30 till 9:00 on Comcast channel 12 in Knoxville. Call in if you are so inclined (865)215-2288.

Dixon goes down!

Former senator Rosco Dixon was finally convicted on 5 counts dealing with his accepting bribes in the Tennessee waltz. I suspect the lighter sentence given to Chris Newton for his admission and cooperation is starting to look pretty good to a few legislators awaiting trial. I wonder if the deals will be as sweet. In poker the longer a player stays in a game with no real cards the more it costs. The Dixon conviction was at least a jack dealt out for the prosecution. I bet a few players fold before the next round is dealt.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Top ten things I will miss about Chris Clem

10. His top ten lists. If you never saw them you don't know what you are missing. I regret that I was never able to get a complete archive "For history sake".

9. Encouraging words from someone who has been their done that.

8. His ability to call those in his own party "sell outs, whiner and wimps" when needed and justified.

7. His legal mind that could see holes in laws a mile away and make up solid arguments against bad bills in seconds. I knew if I planed to vote yes on a bill and Chris planed to vote no, I had better ask him and see what I had missed.

6. His accountant mind on April 15 at 6:00 PM.

5. His plush office he outfitted himself (much better then the upside down bucket and wobbly old card table the speaker had planned for him).

4. All the work in the summer study committees he did. Wink, wink.

3. His "I don't care, do your worst" attitude he had with the Speaker. Chris was great about pulling his punches. He would stop swinging when the other guy hit the ground.

2. His ability to make my little blog into front page news with one little quote.

1. His Bow tie and glasses! The perfect disguise.

Knoxville's most ethical blog

Thanks for making this site number one! I got this E mail from a kind reader who let me know .

Rep Campfield,

I recently restored my laptop and lost all of my bookmarks. Today, I thought I'd search for your blog on Google.

I remembered "Tennessee, Knoxville and Blog". It wasn't until I added "Ethics" to the search that I found you. TOP OF THE LIST!!

I thought you'd like to know.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Bott bobbles Bob

Boy oh boy! The Bott spot has Bob backers Burning blue and bemoaning Bobs busted bubble believing big bucks were burned on the Bott bit.

Bob blew big bones on Bott, but Bott blew off Bobs big bucks because Bott thought Bob was full of baloney. Bott did a booming bit back and beckoned big bunches of bewildered listeners to boycott Bobs blustering.

Bunches of bloggers bootlegged the Bott bit. It bounced , blog to blog (to Bill Hobbs blog?) and before long Bob backers were beckoning to Bob to bight the bullet and back away from Bott. Now Bob believes he was bushwhacked, belittled and besmirched. But being bumfuzzeled by the Bott bit, Bob breathed a big breath, broke bread, backed up and begrudgingly busted the big bucks bargain.

Because of the beating Bob took from Bott, Bobs boys believe it behooves Bob to be a bit more boisterous of his business background before broaching back to Bott. Bobs big buck buddies believe if Bob behaves, doesn't belly ache and bends over backwards to be what Bob base believe him to be, Bob will boomerang back from the boondocks as Bob has bounced back from the bottom before . I would bet my bottom buck that is Bobs best bet. If Bob brushes this bit of advice behind him, billions won't buy Bob back into the bigs.

...........I hope Van does not make any big news for while.