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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Bout right

With all the political promises going around I saw this joke and had to laugh.

While walking down the street one day a Tennessee Leglislator is tragically hit by a truck and dies.

His soul arrives in heaven and is met by St. Peter at the entrance.

"Welcome to heaven," says St. Peter. "Before you settle in, it seems there is a problem. We seldom see a high official around these parts, you see, so we're not sure what to do with you."

"No problem, just let me in," says the man.

"Well, I'd like to, but I have orders from higher up. What we'll do is have you spend one day in hell and one in heaven. Then you can choose where to spend eternity."

"Really, I've made up my mind. I want to be in heaven," says the leglislator.
"I'm sorry, but we have our rules."

And with that, St. Peter escorts him to the elevator and he goes down, down, down to hell. The doors open and he finds himself in the middle of a green golf course. In the distance is a clubhouse and standing in front of it are all his friends and other politicians who had worked with him.

Everyone is very happy and in evening dress. They run to greet him, shake his hand, and reminisce about the good times they had while getting rich at the expense of the people.

They play a friendly game of golf and then dine on lobster, caviar and champagne.

Also present is the devil, who really is a very friendly guy who has a good time dancing and telling jokes. They are having such a good time that before he realizes it, it is time to go.

Everyone gives him a hearty farewell and waves while the elevator rises...

The elevator goes up, up, up and the door reopens on heaven where St. Peter is waiting for him.

"Now it's time to visit heaven."

So, 24 hours pass with the senator joining a group of contented souls moving from cloud to cloud, playing the harp and singing. They have a good time and, before he realizes it, the 24 hours have gone by and St. Peter returns.

"Well, then, you've spent a day in hell and another in heaven. Now choose your eternity."

The legislator reflects for a minute, then he answers: "Well, I would never have said it before, I mean heaven has been delightful, but I think I would be better off in hell."

So St. Peter escorts him to the elevator and he goes down, down, down to hell.

Now the doors of the elevator open and he's in the middle of a barren land covered with waste and garbage.

He sees all his friends, dressed in rags, picking up the trash and putting it in black bags as more trash falls from above.

The devil comes over to him and puts his arm around his shoulder. "I don't understand," stammers the leglislator. "Yesterday I was here and there was a golf course and clubhouse, and we ate lobster and caviar, drank champagne, and danced and had a great time. Now there's just a wasteland full of garbage and my friends look miserable. What happened?"

The devil looks at him, smiles and says, "Yesterday we were campaigning...... Today you voted."

Monday, August 28, 2006

I got it.

The Joanne Favors quote referenced here was on May 26 session B. It starts at hour 3:13 and goes through 3:16. To see it go here click house then video streaming then scroll down fill in the date and fast forward to the part you want to see.

I think one word was omitted

When people read this I don't see how people can have any question of who is working to stop the ILLEGAL immigration issue and who is working to keep it wide open it. If you need another point of reference check this out again.

If anyone needs more info, they may want to talk to the only Hispanic legislator, Republican State Rep. Dolores Gresham of Somerville. Dolores supports and sponsors a lot of anti ILLEGAL immigration legislation.

Friday, August 25, 2006

Word on the street

Word on the street is Mean Gene Patterson is going to have a well known local blogger/politico on his TV show Sunday at noon on channel 6. I bet most of you can guess the topic. As it has been pre recorded I have heard some of the inside dish..... As I have also been sworn to secrecy until air time all I will say is expect heat from this one two punch combo.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Davis still solid.

Rumor confirmed and killed.

Pray hard!

Remember one tick bite away.

On the Governor

OK let me start with the people who are glad the governor is sick. You people need help with your issues. You are as bad as people who wish for more troop deaths so the president will look bad. It is perverse. I may disagree with the governor on a list of issues but he is still the leader of the state and a human being.

Do I want Jim Bryson to win? Yes. Do I see irony in the fact that the man who took thousands of peoples health care option away from them is now dealing with a sickness that he may not be able to control? Yes. Do I wish him pain or even death? No! Do I think our current Governor is better then the Wilder/Naifeh choice? Without a doubt! Obviously since Phil has his staff looking to do what ever they can to keep either one of those two people from sitting in the top seat in the state if the worst should happen ,so does he.

If Jim Bryson is to win I want it to be because people saw the clear differences (and their are many) and made a conscious choice for a better person with a big vision for Tennessee. I doubt Jim would want it any other way as well.

I may argue and fight tooth and nail with the governor on issues or policy, but as a person I wish him good health and a long life. I hope you all will keep him in your prayers until his return.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

It was a matter of time

Well they are back at it again. I had a strong feeling this was not over. More to come??? I think so. Could this re open the ethics probe? It should. Will it change much? I dont know. If It was in the house I would say no. I would call the ethics probes that the house does part of a "Kangaroo court" but that would give kangaroos a bad name.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Congressional race overturn?

The Dist. 1 Congressional race won by sold conservative David Davis is rumored to soon be contested by runner up Richard Venerable. I hope this is not the case.

Many people feel when a moderate wins a race conservatives are told to step in line and support the party candidate, and they usually do. When a conservative wins a race the moderates seldom step up in any significant way and will fight the result because they seem to think their was no way they could have possibly lost straight up.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

NCSL Today

I went to the session on E.D. today and had an interesting time. First off who ever planned the meeting obviously did not know much on issues because we were put in the smallest room available. It was packed and I mean PACKED. The people in the room were able to commandeer the room next to ours and take out a common wall.(Yes, we caught the irony and yes the E.D. jokes flew). Even after the expansion it was a full room with people standing all around the room and out in the hall trying to get in. Some saw the long line and just left. I was lucky and got in early.

The first real speaker was the majority leader from GA. I do not know his party but I would not mind if he moved to this state. He was good on the issue and seems to have pushed through the bill I wish we had in Tennessee.

As good as the first speaker was the second was bad. I should have known. His credentials were he worked in the Jimmy Carter and the Bill Clinton administrations. He got up and started off on how all these E.D. laws were bad and were hurting economic development. He even went so far as to talk about how New London was in the right to take the land and these people would get fair market value for their property.

I asked one question to him on what he thought the threat of E.D. did to the "Fair market value" of property. I know of few investors that will take the chance and invest in land that is under the threat of being taken, thus the value of the land diminishes greatly. His response was to the effect of "Well if they didn't like the price they can sue".

Heaven forbid Hillary Clinton ever get into the White house she would probably have this "Great thinker" back in power in no time.

Income tax new life??

Some people feel that the income tax is a dead issue and that it will not come up ever again. For those people I give you HR2120 from one year ago.

It proves that the income tax is NOT a dead issue. All it needed was a willing senator to
carry it and it could have been crammed through during the last session.
The gov has said he will not push an income tax, but he will not fight
against one either. Some people never learn. Now he has endorsed Bob Rochelle. The father of the income tax. The language in
HR2120 will be introduced again in the next session, because it is
introduced in every session "just in case", this year we could have a gov who will not
stand in the way of it and, if Rochelle returns, a senator who loves the
idea and will carry in the senate. Mae Beavers is in a bloody ruthless race with Rochelle. Rochelle has a reputation of saying and doing anything he can to get what he wants. He was known as a bully in the senate who abused and punished those who dare dissent his view. If you live in Mae Beavers dist. You may want to drop in and help the cause for a solid conservative.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

In Nashville

I am back in Nashville for the next few days.

I stopped in to the state GOP HQ early this morning to talked to the state party about getting set up for my general election.More on that later. I had a good time talking with Randy Stamps about some other local races and things to expect as well as the general feel in the Knoxville area. Many Republican legislators are excited because the illegal immigration issue is getting hot (state and nation wide)and we have all the Democrats down on record with terrible voting history on this topic.

Some Republicans legislator are not pleased because some democrats have seen the tide changing and are now touting their "strong stance" on this issue. Check my past post for the facts. If we get the message out, look out for big changes.

As a frosh I get to go to the NCSL conference free. This conference is touted as non partisan but I think most will agree that for the most part it has a more liberal/Democrat slanted point of view. Since it is free the first time you go I am checking it out (even a broke watch is right twice a day). If I pick up an idea or two it will be worth my time to come up here and go to the meetings.

In the off time I have been at my office TCB. When I walked in my office I had 2 stacks of info and releases about 4 inches thick to go through. In this job we do a ton of research as well as get mail from a wide range of groups and organizations. Research is part of the job that most people never get to see. The best analogy I can think of is when I was in the citizens police academy I heard an officer say how they spend tons of time filling out reports and not much time chasing criminals. Lets just say I know the feeling.

More later..........

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

The Bills and Names Named

Republicans met across Tennessee yesterday to promote an agenda of common-sense illegal immigration legislation, legislation that has been blocked in the past by state House Democrats. Attached are copies of the actual votes that killed legislation designed to enact such simple measures as requiring proof of citizenship to vote or proof of legal residency for a drivers license. If you are not sure who your state rep is you can find out here Below is a short summary of each vote:

To vote of yes to table a bill on the floor will kill a bill,a no vote in committee to defer a bill untill a later date is also a way of killing a bill.
1· HB3229 by Dolores Gresham (R-Somerville) This bill would have allowed Tennessee highway patrol officers to be trained to enforce federal immigration and customs laws. The bill passed in the Senate but was killed in the State subcommittee in the House by a vote of 4-5 on 4/11/06

State Government Subcommittee
Action Deferred until Sept. 2006

Ayes - 4
Nos - 5
Ayes: Bunch(R), Johnson (R)(Montgomery), Moore(D), Mumpower(R)

Nos: Miller(D), Jones(D)(Shelby), Pruitt(D), Rinks(D), West (D)
1 HB196 by Curry Todd (R-Memphis) This bill would have required proof of citizenship to vote and to receive certain state funded services. It was killed in the Elections subcommittee by a vote of 3-5 on 3/30/2005

Elections Subcommittee of House State and Local Government
Ayes: DuBois(R), Hensley(R)and Matheny (R)

Nos: DeBerry L.(D), (Shelby), Jones, U. (D)(Shelby), Langster(D), Litz(D), Yokley (D)
Action Failed

2 Amendment No. 6 by Todd to HB1091 by Kim McMillan The amendment required proof of citizenship to vote. It was tabled on the floor by a vote of 49-48 on 4/13/05

HB-1091 Rep. Todd, Amendment # 6
Ayes - 49
Noes - 48

Ayes: Armstrong(D), Bone(D), Borchert(D), Bowers(D), Briley(D), Brooks (D)(Shelby), Brown(D), Cobb(D), Coleman(D), Cooper B.(D), DeBerry J.(D), DeBerry L.(D), Favors(D), Ferguson(D), Fitzhugh(D), Fowlkes(D), Fraley(D), Hackworth(D), Hargrove(D), Harmon(D), Hood(D), Jones S.(D), Jones U.(D), Kernell(D), Langster(D), Litz(D), Maddox(D), Marrero(D), McDonald(D), McMillan(D), Miller L.(D), Moore(D), Odom(D), Pinion(D), Pruitt(D), Rinks(D), Shaw(D), Shepard(D), Sontany(D), Tidwell(D), Tindell(D), Towns(D), Turner L.(D)(D), Turner M.(D), Vaughn(D), West(D), Winningham(D), Yokley(D), Mr. Speaker Naifeh(D) - 49

Nos: Reps. Baird(R), Brooks (Knox)(R), Bunch(R), Campfield(R), Casada(R), Clem(R), Cockran(R), Crider(R), Curtis(D), Davidson(D), Davis(R), DuBois(R), Dunn(R), Eldridge(R), Godsey(R), Gresham(R), Hargett(R), Harrison(R), Harwell(R), Hawk(R), Hensley(R), Hill(R), Johnson C.(R), Johnson P.(R), Johnson R.(R), Kelsy(R), Lynn(R), Maggart(R), Matheny(R), McCord(R), McCormick(R), McDaniel(R), McKee(R), Montgomery(R), Mumpower(R), Newton(R), Niceley(R), Overbey(R), Pleasant(R), Roach(R), Rowland(R), Sargent(R), Sharp(R), Stanley(R), Strader(R), Swafford(R), Todd(R), Watson(R) - 48.


3 Amendment No. 17 by Todd to SB 407 by Kim McMillan The amendment required proof of citizenship to vote and receive certain state-funded services. It was tabled on the floor by a vote of 52-44 on 5/26/06

Sequence No. 96 - SB-407 McMIllan
Amendment #17 by Todd Motion to Adopt, lay on the table
Ayes - 52
Nos - 44

Ayes - Armstrong(D), Bone(D), Borchert(D), Briley(D), Brown(D), Cobb(D), Coleman(D), Cooper(D), Curtiss(D), Davidson(D), Deberry,J.(D), DeBerry, L.(D), Favors(D), Ferguson(D), Fitzhugh(D), Fowlkes(D), Fraley(D), Hackworth(D), Hargrove(D), Harmon(D), Hood(D), Johnson, R.(R), Jones, S.(D), Jones, U(D), Kernell(D), Langster(D), Littz(D), Maddox(D), Marrero(D), McDonald(D), McMillan(D), Miller(D), Moore(D), Odom(D), Pinion(D), Pruitt(D), Rinks(D), Rowe(D), Shaw(D), Shepard(D), Sontany(D), Tidwell(D), Tindell(D), Towns(D), Turner,L.(D), Turner,M.(D), Vaughn(D), West(D), Windle(D), Winningham(D), Yokley(D), Mr. Speaker(D)

Nos - Baird(R), Brooks(Knox)(R), Brooks(Shel)(D), Bunch(R), Campfield(R), Casada(R), Clem(R), Cochran(R), Crider(R), Davis(R), Dubois(R), Dunn(R), Eldridge(R), Godsey(R), Gresham(R), Hargett(R), Harrison(R), Harwell(R), Hawk(R), Hensley(R), Hill(R), Johnson,C.(R), Johnson,P.(R), Kelsey(R), Lynn(R), Maggart(R), Matheny(R), McCormick(R), McDoniel(R), McKee(R), Montgomery(R), Mumpower(R), Niceley(R), Overbey(R), Pleasant(R), Roach(R), Rowland(R), Sargent(R), Stanley(R), Strader(R), Swafford(R), Todd(R), Watson,B(R), Watson, E.(R),

Not Voting 3 - (E) Buck, (E)Dean, McCord(R)


4 HB2903 by Donna Rowland (R-Murfreesboro) This bill would abolish the practice of giving certificates of driving to individuals with no proof of citizenship or legal residency and instead issue a one-year renewable drivers license to legal aliens. The bill passed in the Senate but was rolled to 2007 in House Transportation by a vote of 8-7.

HB-2903 Transportation Committee - Rolled to 2007
Ayes - 8
Nos - 7

Ayes: - Reps. Pinion(D), Fraley(D), Cobb(D), Fowlkes(D), Harmon(D), Tidwell(D), Winningham(D), Speaker DeBerry,L.(D).

Nos - Davis(R), Hill(R), Johnson(R) ( Cheatham), Pleasant(R), Stanley(R), Vaughn(D), Watson(R)(Bradley)

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Amendment 4 This would have prohibited illegal immigrants receiving a driving certificate from also being offered a voters registration application. It was tabled in a 60-37 vote.Sequence No.10 - SB-3430 by Pinion, Amend. #4 by Rowland, motion to adopt, motion to lay on table

Ayes - 60
Nos - 37
Pres.not voting 1 - Fraley (D)
Not Voting - 1 - Stanley(R)

Ayes: ArmstrongD), Bone(D), Borchert(D), Bowers(D), Briley(D), Brooks(Shel)(D), Brown(D), Buck(D)
, Buttry(R), Cobb(D), Coleman(D), Cooper(D), Curtiss(D), Davidson(D), Deberry, L.(D), Ferguson(D), Fitzhugh(D), Fowlkes(d), Garrett(D), Hackworth(D), Hargrove(D), Harmon(D), Head(D), Hood(D), Johnson(Loudon)(R), Jones,S.(D), Jones, U.(D), Kent(D), Kernell(D), Langster(D), Litz(D), Maddox(D), Marrero(D), McCord(R), McDonald(D), McKee(D), McMillan(D), Miller(D), Montgomery(D), Odom(D), Patton(D), Pinion(D), Pruitt(D), Rinks(D), Roach(R), Shaw(D), Shepard(D), Sontany(D), Tindell(D), Towns(D), Turner,B.(Ham)(D), Turner,L.(D)(Shelbyu), Turner,M.(D)(Dav), Vaughn(D), Walker(D), West(D), Windle(D), Winningham(D), Yokley(D),Speaker(D)

Nos-Baird(R),Bittle(R),Black(R),Brooks(R)(Knox),Bunch(R),Casada(R)(R),Clem(R),Cochran,Crider(R), Davis,D.(R),DeBerry,J.(D), Dubois(R),Dunn(R),Eldridge(R),Godsey(R),Gresham(R),Hagood(R),Hargett(R),Harrison(R),Harwell(R),


1 Amendment 5 This would have required driving certificates to have issuance and expiration dates printed on them along with the type of documentation the applicant provided to prove residency or the word "none"; if no proof of residency was given. It was tabled in a 56-38 vote.

Sequence No.11 - SB-3430 by Pinion, Amendment #5 by Rowland, Motion to Adopt,Motion to lay on Table
Ayes - 56
Nos - 38
Pres. Not Voting - 1 - Fraley (D)
Not Voting - 4 - Dubois(R), McCord(R), Stanley(R), Jones ,U.(D)

Ayes: Armstrong(D), Bone(D), Borchert(D), Bowers(D), Briley(D), Brooks (D)(Shel), Buck(D), Cobb(D),Coleman(D), Cooper(D), Curtiss(D), Davidson(D), Deberry,L.(D), Ferguson(D), Fitzhugh(D), Fowlkes(D), Garrett, Hackworth(D), Hargrove(D), Harmon(D), Harrison(R), Head(D), Hood(D), Johnson(Loudon)(R), Jones, S.(D), Kent(D), Kernell(D), Langster(D), Litz(D), Maddox(D), Marrero(D), McDaniel(R), McDonald(D), McKee(R), McMillan(D), Miller(D)(D), Odom(D), Overbey(R), Patton(R), Pinion(D), Rinks(D), Roach(R), Shaw(D), Shepard(D), Sontany(D),Tindell(D),Towns(D),Turner,B.(D)(Ham), Turner,L.(D),(Shel).,Turner,M.(D)(Dav).,Vaughn(D),Walker,Windle(D),Winningham(D),Yokley(D),Speaker(D)

Nos - Baird(R), Bittle(R),Black(R),Brooks(R)(Knox),Brown,Bunch(R),Buttry(R),Casada(R),Clem(R),Cochran(R),Crider(R),Davis(R),


2 Amendment 6 This would have required driving certificates to be distributed by the Department of Safety from a different location than where they issue drivers licenses. It was tabled in a 54-40 vote.

Sequence No.12 - SB-3430 by Pinion, Amendment #6 by Rowland, Motion to adopt,motion to lay on table
Ayes - 54
Nos - 40
Pres.Not voting - 3, Dubois(R),Fraley(D),Patton(R)
Not Voting - 2 - Stanley(R),Towns(D)

Ayes: Armstrong(D),Borchert(D),Bowers(D),Briley(D),Brooks(D)(Shel),Brown(D), Buck(D),Cobb(D),Coleman(D),Cooper(D),Curtiss,Davidson(R),Deberry,L.(D),
Kernell(D),Langster(D), Litz(D),Maddox(D),Marrero(D),McCord(R),McDaniel(R),

Nos: Baird(R),Bittle(R),Black(R),Bone,Brooks(R)(Knox),Bunch(R),Buttry(R),Casada(R),Clem(R),Cochran(R),Crider(R),Davis,D.(R),


3 Amendment 7 This would have required applicants for drivers certificates to be fingerprinted. It was tabled in a 50-42 vote.

Sequence No.13,SB-3430 by Pinion,Amendment #7 by Rowlan, motion to adopt,motion to lay on table

Ayes - 50
Nos - 42
Pres.not voting 3 - Dubois(R),Fraley(D), Walker
Not Voting - 4 - Deberry,J.(D), Stanley(R),Vaughn(D),Jones,U.(D)

Ayes: Armstrong(D),Bone(D),Borchert(D),Bowers(D),Briley(D),Brooks(D)(Shel),Brown(D),Buck(D),Cobb(D),Coleman(D),Cooper(D),Curtiss(D),Davidson(D),

Godsey(R),Gresham(R),Hargett(R),Harrison(R),Harwell(R), Hawk(R),Hensley(R),Johnson(R)(Chea),Lynn(R),Matheny(R),McDaniel(R),McKee(R), Montgomery(R),Mumpower(R),


Amendment 8 This would have rewritten the bill and abolished the driving certificate program, requiring confirmation of residency for a license. It was tabled in a 48-43 vote.

Sequence No.14, SB-3430 by Pinion Amendment #8 by Rowland, motion to adopt,motion to lay on table

Ayes - 48
Nos - 43
Pres. Not voting 2 - Dubois(R), Walker
Not Voting - 6 -Buck(D),Deberry,J.(D), Johnson(Loudon)(R), McKee(R),Patton(R) and Stanley (R)

Ayes: Armstrong(D),Bone(D),Borchert(D),Bowers(D),Briley(D),Brooks(D)(Shel),Buttry(R),Cobb(D), Coleman(D),Cooper(D),Curtiss(D),Deberry,L.(D), Fitzhugh(D),Fowlkes(D),Hackworth(D),Hargrove(D),Harmon(D),Head(D),Hood(D),Jones,S.(D),Jones,U.(D)
Towns(D),Turner,B((D)Ham),Turner,L.(D)(Shel),Turner,M.(D)(Dav), Vaughn(D),Winningham(D),

Nos:Baird(R),Bittle(R),Black(R),Brooks(R),(Knox),Brown(D),Bunch(R),Casada(R),Clem(R),Cochran(R),Crider(R),Davidson,Davis,D.(R), Dunn(R),Eldridge(R),Ferguson,Fraley(D),Garrett,Godsey(R),Gresham(R)Hagood(R),Hargett(R),
Harrison(R),Harwell(R),Hawk(R),Hensley(R),Johnson(R)(Chea), Lynn(R), Matheny(R), McCord(R), Montgomery(R),Mumpower(R),Newton(R),Overbey(R),Pleasant(R),Rowland(R),Sargent(R),Sharp(R),

Extra big thank you to Ruthy for typeing these names up for me.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

The top 5 goals for Tennessee Trust Phase one


1. Drivers license test in English (Can you read a road sign that says hidden driveway ahead, blind curve ahead, lane ends ahead, stop, yield ect.,ect, can you understand commands from police officers). This is a common sense safety issue.

2. No state services (except emergency) unless you can prove you are in the country legally. No free education, free child care, healthcare, in state tuition, ect, ect. this is in effect in many other states.

3. You must prove you are a citizen before voting. I had to show photo ID 3 times to get on a airplane, 0 times to vote. This is a no brainer unless of course you need the illegal vote to win.

4. You must provide proof you are in the country legally before you can register and license a vehicle. An unlicensed car is an easy stop for a police Officer. No car,no accidents without insurance, No car, less jobs. Less jobs, less immigration problems and more jobs for legal immigrents and citizens.

5. Training of State troopers so they will and know how to help deal with the illegal immigrant issue W/O racial profiling. With out enforcement, rules and laws are easy to break by someone who can just pick up, move and start over.

We have other goals on this issue but these are our top 5.

Next up, the history of these bills and who voted how when they came up. Names will be named.

Phase one

Tennessee Trust (The republican plans and goals for next year) is starting to roll out now. Phase one deals with illegal immigration. We have 5 big goals on this issue that I will detail in the next few days. Check out this site in the near future for some hard hitting facts, figures and the voting records that some legislators have kept hidden from the people on this issue for a long time.

Expect pain.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

U2 + W = O.K.

I saw this and thought it was creative. I have always liked U2's music. I can't say I always agree with them when they talk politics but I saw them a few years back in KY and they put on a good show. I later saw this and had to laugh.


Well the primary election is now over and I have been lucky enough to come out on top. I definitely want to thank those in the blog world who stuck with me when it looked like the entire word was against me. Terry Frank, Bill Hobbs, Dave Oatney, Donna Locke and Rob Huddleston get an extra big blog thank you. Your words of support and encouragement kept me going.

Actually some of the people who were the most venomous kept me going pretty hard as well. By the way Betty Bean, what was that bet?

Election night was a lot of fun. Most of the local people who I wanted to win, won.

Greg "Lumpy" Lambert proved his dist. must be a happy place. The slogan "Don't be grumpy vote for Lumpy" worked well for him. I think now more then ever commission meetings will be interesting to watch. Lumpy is known for being able to draw attention to issues he think are important. And I hope his creative conservative bent dosn't change now.

My office mate Frank Nicley was also able to win his race so the legislature is assured to learn more interesting facts, trivia and history as only Frank can dish out.

Another personal favorite David Davis pulled it out in the district one congressional race. He had me scared for a little while. When some early results said it looked like another person might win I started to feel guilty (David donated to my campaign) but shortly after he edged out front and stayed there.

David was kind enough to call and congratulate me on my race today. David is a great man and will be an excellent conservative congressman. I have zero doubt that he will stay strong when others falter and fail as the heat and pressure comes on.

Sorry I have not posted in a while, the race got hectic at the end as they tend to do and the last few days I have been on the go getting my yard signs picked up. I wanted to post last night but actually fell asleep with my hands on the key board at 9:30PM. I had been going on about 3-4 hours of sleep for the last little bit and I finally cut out. I should be able to do a little more now that my primary is over.

Thanks you all again.


Tuesday, August 01, 2006



E mail

More interesting stuff from my E mail.

From John Campbell,
California Republican Assemblyman

4th of July: In each of the 4 years that I have been a member of the state Assembly, we have had many "celebrations" on the Assembly floor. These "celebrations" are orchestrated by the Democrats who control the House and often involve singing and dancing. Every one of my 4 years have seen substantial celebrations of Cinco de Mayo (which Commemorates the Mexican victory over the French at the Battle of Puebla ), St. Patrick's Day (for the patron Saint of Ireland), and Chinese New Year's Day, among others. But never once have we celebrated America's Independence Day, the 4th of July.

So, this year, Republican Assemblyman Jay LaSuer of San Diego arranged for Vietnam war hero Admiral Jeremiah Denton to come to California to be a part of a 4th of July ceremony. As you may know, Admiral Denton was a Navy pilot in Vietnam who was shot down and spent 8 years in a Vietnamese prison. In 1966 while in prison, he was interviewed by North Vietnamese television in Hanoi after torture to get him to "respond properly." During this interview, he blinked his eyes in Morse code to spell out the word "torture." He was asked about his support for the war in Vietnam to which he replied "I don't know what is happening now in Vietnam, because the only news sources I have are Vietnamese. But whatever the position of my government is, I believe in it, I support it, and I will support it as long as I live." Four of his 8 years in prison were spent in solitary confinement. He later wrote the book "When Hell was in Session" chronicling his experience in Vietnam.

When he stepped off the plane after being released from prison in 1973, he said "We are honored to have had the opportunity to serve our country in difficult circumstances. We are profoundly grateful to our Commander-in-Chief for this day. God bless America."

Suffice it to say, Jeremiah Denton is unquestionably an American hero.

The Democrat leadership refused to allow him on the Assembly floor, and there was no 4th of July celebration. A memo from the Democrat speaker's office said "problems have arisen both with regards to the spirit, content, and participation of various individuals with regard to the ceremony." Apparently, they said that he did not believe in the "separation of church and state" and therefore they would not allow him to be on the Assembly floor or to speak.

Upon hearing about this, Governor Schwarzenegger offered his meeting room for a ceremony with Admiral Denton. The room was overflowing with people. Only one elected Democrat was in attendance. A number of veterans of the last 4 wars were present. Admiral Denton gave a very moving speech about the 4th of July and about the undeniable commitment of our founding fathers' to their faith in God. He talked about how the war on terrorism may be the most difficult war we have yet fought. And he went on to say that he fears that partisan attacks on our mission and our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan sound too familiar to what he experienced in Vietnam. Following his speech, The Governor came out to personally spend time with him.

Then this American hero, whose debt from us all can never be repaid, flew home to Alabama.

The Assembly did meet on that day. And we did have a ceremony that lasted nearly 20 minutes. That ceremony was to celebrate the career of a reporter from the LA Times on the occasion of his retirement. Democrats universally praised him as being "balanced." He was allowed to speak for about 10 minutes. Admiral Denton was no longer in the building.

Four years of Cinco De Mayo and not one recognition of the 4th of July. An LA Times reporter praised, and the very person whose sacrifice allows him to express his opinion is banned. It is perverse. It is wrong. And it is disrespectful to all the men and women in uniform who have stared death in the face and to those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for the American people.

Admiral Jeremiah Denton is a hero like all the other men and women of the Armed Forces, because he defended the ideals set forth with America's independence.

Democrats are always railing about intolerance and discrimination. But yet in practice, it is they who engage in regular state-sanctioned discrimination and who are intolerant of the presentation of other views. Maybe they are worried that people will listen.

I do not send you this to bash Democrats. I send you this to demonstrate the huge chasm that exists between registered, voting Democrats, and elected Democrat leadership. I hope those of you who are not Democrats, will send this to your friends who are. If you are a Democrat, don't be ashamed. Be angry. Straighten out your party and your leadership, or leave it.

Fortunately, we do not need the approval of the Speaker of the Assembly to celebrate our nation's independence. Nor do we need his permission to thank those who fought to give us and to maintain our freedoms. On the 4th of July, as the burgers cook and the fireworks fly, let us always remember......and give thanks.

As a final offering, I give you a poem that Admiral Denton read to us, through eyes clouded with tears:

"It is the soldier, not the reporter,
Who has given us freedom of the press.
It is the soldier, not the poet,
Who has given us freedom of speech.
It is the soldier, not the campus organizer,
Who has given us the freedom to demonstrate.
It is the soldier, Who salutes the flag,
Who serves beneath the flag,
And whose coffin is draped by the flag,
Who allows the protester to burn the flag."