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Tuesday, October 31, 2006


OK it is time for predictions. Tell me who you got and why. I want to hear who you think will win and percents for each person. Governors race, US senate race, US congress, marriage amendment, YOUR state senator race, YOUR state rep race.

Who will pick up how many seats in the same races.

NOT who you want to win but who will win.

If you live in the 18th district (the one I represent) I don't want your prediction on my race I want to hear about some other race that you think may be a upset.

Monday, October 30, 2006

Super new blog

The last new blog I pushed was Terry Franks blog and that one is going great guns. Now another name is on the scene that I know has solid street cred in the conservative ranks. This person has been around the block and is in a good position for a clear look inside the political game. I am not sure if he wants his name released at this time so I will hold back but you can guess if you want.

I will say this for sure....If he updates regularly he will be one of our states top blogs quickly. He can be that good. Give him a check here

Little did I know my own strength

I just found out about an auto dial phone call that went out last week by my opponent. Part one was along the lines of " If you want a state income tax vote for Stacey Campfield, If you don't then vote for...." I laughed when I heard this claim because if you know me you know where I stand on the issue of taxes.

Part two was the even bigger stretch it was to the effect of "If you think Americans should spill their blood on Iraq sands vote for Stacey Campfield. If you don't then vote for..." I about fell on the floor laughing when I was told about this one by several callers.

Little did I know that as a lowly freshman in the minority of the STATE house I some how have the power to start and stop the Iraq war. This is just one of the SEVERAL false attacks put out by my opponent in this race. I guess getting smeared comes with the job but I think it keeps many good people from applying.

Some people have asked me to go in depth and attack my opponent more or talk about her false attacks on my blog. I try not to talk about my campaign much on my blog. That is not why I started it and by the end of a full day campaigning, even I get sick of talking about me. I thought you might get a kick out of that one though.

Friday, October 27, 2006


That is how many people have listened to Jr. stumble on the voice when asked by Lee Frank about going to a Playboy party.

Kudos go out to Kelvin Moxley the co host on the voice for making the audio available for all to hear. The interesting part is this has only been up for three days and except for comments made on a few other posts, this blog has been the only sight that has covered it that I know of. If you want to hear it again you can click here.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Ford on Kelo

Some media people were asking about Fords stance on property rights I said I would find the quote from Teddy Barts Roundtable where Ford thought it was a good thing.

Just click here to go to Bill Hobbs and the audio clip is at the bottom of the post.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Frank brings down Ford

Yes, it is true Frank may bring down Ford Jr. but not the Frank you may think of first (Terry Frank) but her husband Lee Frank. Yes this Tennessean story picked up by the Drudge Report may be the undoing of Jr..

How did Lee Frank bring him down you may ask?

Lee was the radio caller on WKVL Southern Roots Radio who asked one simple little question of Jr. on the air "Did you attend a superbowl party put on by playboy?" You can hear it here.

Jr. Stumbled and fumbled worse then Clint Sterner in the final minutes of the UT Arkansas game in 98.

Note this was just after Jr. got on his religious high horse with his now famous church pew commercial.

Now other people are starting to ask the question Jr. Doesn't respond well and looks uncomfortable, The Corker commercials ("Call Me") are on the air and the story is blowing up. Could this be the story mister slick cant slip out of?

Time will tell.

In the mean time Jr. seems intent on self destruction. The "Memphis Meltdown" was step one and after that flop and every one said he looked childish for crashing Corkers press conference he followed it up by attending the Jimmy Duncan bbq, the biggest republican event in east Tennessee.

People were asking "Is he a glutton for punishment or that desperate?" they were getting fired up.

Corker could have made him look the fool again as he did the first time if he pushed it, but he didn't. I know of several people who gave Ford and the Dems down the road for coming to the event. He and his crew left as people started to get more and more heated.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Just thought you might want to know.

Fred Thompson, politician, TV star and Movie star will be at the Bob Corker tail gate tomorrow two hours before the game. Stop in and you may get a photo with them both.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Full Day

What a full day. I started with a debate with my opponent at 8 am till 9 or 9:30 on Hal Hill show it was good fun. After that I did some extra secret stuff for the campaign;-)Next I did a forum with my opponent and 2 other legislators on health care. That went from 6 till about 7:15 that now makes four debates and one forum. It was scheduled till 8 pm but I had to leave early to go to the Tennessee Right to Life banquet that started at 6:30. That was a great event. The niece of M.L.K. was the guest speaker and she gave a heck of a testimonial of her early life and how as well as why she became pro life. Good stuff.

Word on the street

Word on the street is Corkers numbers are climbing. Jr.s have peaked and are slipping down as the race closes. I am hearing latest polls have it at a 5 point spread for Corker.

Also from a VERY reliable source. Ford has cut his media buy. Money must be running low.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

On Radio

I will be on the Hal Hill radio show in the morning (Thursday) at 8:00AM. Tune in if you are so inclined.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Early voting starts in the morning/ debates

Early voting starts in the morning across Tennessee. I will probably be at Down Town West polling location most of the day. My volunteers and I have been spending the last few weeks putting up signs and knocking on doors. If I didn't get to your house to drop off a yard sign I apologize we have been going full steam and will continue to drop off signs through the election or till the last sign is given out. If you want to stop by the polling local I will be given them out there as well. Today was a mad house of getting vols coordinated and putting up the big 4x8 signs to tell people to go vote. We got out about 1/2 the signs we need to so it looks like another long day tomorrow.

My opponent and I did a debate on southern roots radio yesterday it was fun and I think good radio. We were supposed to do one hour but we were rolling so it went two. I really think live radio is one of the last few real debate forums left (besides blogs of course) people can talk about issues back and forth. No timed response, no set questions for the most part, just a good free flow of ideas.

The callers let you know the thoughts of the real working man and bring up good issues. I hope you got to tune it in.

Most "debates" are really just boaring forums where you and your opponent are given a short time to give talking points. You have little back and forth or the ability to refute your opponents claims.

If I were ever to run a big debate like at the US Senate level I would limit speakers by over all time and not the standard one minute per question and 30 more seconds if your opponent mentions your name. I would say you have say 20 minutes of total talk time each. If you want to use the time you have to refute a claim, make a claim, run long on a response or fire back as you see fit so be it. Use all your time at once, split it up or save it till the end. It also might help people see what issues are more important to a candidate. By allowing them to save time and give short answers on issues that they think are less important or less controversial they could save the time up for later and allow them to fill people in a issue that they feel is more important later.

I think that may make TV debates more fun and get more viewers.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Till call

Former Democrat party chair Wade Till called me tonight and apologized for taking my sign. He went to the Bob Corker campaign HQ got a replacement and has put it back in the yard from where it was removed. He said it was a momentary lapse of reason and he should have known better.

It takes a big man to admit when he was wrong and to apologize. I respect that in a person. I accept his apology and hold no grudge on the matter. I probably respect him more for his actions after the incident then before.

Now back to regular programming.

Mud slingers now make threats

The team that is running my opponents campaign is now making threats to blogger Terry Frank. Terry asked if they might have held the now famous Mark Foly E mail reports to drop as a "October surprise" (They are running Folys opponents campaign). Oddly they do not refute the claim, answer the question if they had the e mail or not, or deny that if they did have it that they would have held it. Instead they make threats saying more or less "don't you dare ask a question or tell people that we threatened you" Bill Hobbs has more...

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Fund raiser

I will be having a fund raiser/reception this Monday night from 5PM till 7PM at the I 75 expo center. All are welcome to come. If you want to help the cause but don't like receptions you can click the "make a donation" box to the left to donate on line or you can send a donation to

Stacey Campfield for state rep.
2011 Flagler rd
Knoxville TN

As I do not accept PAC or corporate donations at this time so your personal donations help the most.

Thank you


On Radio

I will be on southern roots radio AM1180 from 9 am till about 10 am Monday morning.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Knox co. Democrat party chair caught stealing

Over the last week or so I have had many of my yard signs disappear from yards. Although some times when this happens it is kids, when large numbers start to disappear over night you start to wonder. Lets just say I have been in wonder mode lately. So when I got a message from a constituent saying she had caught someone red handed stealing one of my signs I was quick to return the call.

I was told of how she saw this person stealing one of my signs out of a persons yard red handed so she bravely pulled over and chastised him about it. Saying it was wrong and how that kind of thing shouldn't be done and how she KNEW who he was and that she was going to let me know. Later she received a call from this person pleading to her to not "out" him and that he would return the sign.

No dice.

When the name was told to me I was shocked, It was Wade Till, former long time Knox co. Democrat party chairman. Not only was it the fact that it was Wade Till and not some kid a shock, but also that he knew I had permission to have a sign in the yard. I have spoken with the owner of the property several times and although she is a huge democrat she likes me because of my hard line stance on eminent domain reform. She was kind enough to put up a large sign for me in the primary and said I could put a sign in the general but I would be up with any and all Democrat signs.
This was fine with me.

In the primary my large sign was vandalized but I wrote it off to kids. In the general after my first sign disappeared from the location a volunteer of mine returned and asked if it was still OK with the property owner. She said yes even though she had been yelled at by Wade Till for supporting a republican she held her ground and said I could put up a sign. Now this has happened.

It is a shame when politics resorts to smear and steal. As a former leader of the Democrat party we should expect more.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Double hit

Could this be the one, two punch that picks up some new seats for Republicans? Tough call but you never can tell. If the media reports and the public is open to it you could see a shake up in these two races.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Just FYI I am open to a makeup debate with my opponent/opponents almost any time previous to early voting. Just call when you feel froggy. Nuff said.

Debatable actions

The UT college Republicans and the UT college Democrats had set up a debate between me and my opponent for last night. At the last minute (about 6 pm, one hour previous to the show)the UTCR president called me and said that the UTCD president had called him and said something to the effect of "Schree does not want to do it anymore she is saying their are to many debates". I was told the debate was called off. I was also told Schree did not want a reschedule.

I dropped it and let it go. Later I was told my opponent showed up as did most other people who never found out about the cancellation. Since many of them contacted me to ask why I was a no show I can only guess that no one was told the real story.

So now you know the rest of the story.

Friday, October 06, 2006

On T.V.

I will be on Gene Pattersons Tennessee this week on Sunday at noon on WATE Ch.6 or you can get an early view here .I will also be on Steve Halls politics Knoxville tonight at 8:30 on Comcast Ch.12 Tune in if you are so inclined.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Thomas Sowell hits it

Thomas Sowell is on of my favorite economist/authors. This great article hits a few of my favorite targets: E.D abuse, limousine liberals and socialists.Its worth a read....

Although socialism has long claimed to be for the poor, it has probably done more damage, on net balance, to the poor than to the rich. After all, the rich have enough money to leave the country if they think the socialists are going to do them any serious harm.

Some of our own rich have already had their money leave the country, to be sheltered from the higher taxes that limousine liberals say we should all pay. Meanwhile, the liberal media give them kudos for their selfless advocacy of higher taxes on higher income people, forgetting that these are not taxes on wealth.

Most of the people in the upper income brackets are not rich and do not have wealth sheltered offshore. They are typically working people who have finally reached their peak earning years after many years of far more modest incomes -- and now see much of what they have worked for siphoned off by politicians, to the accompaniment of lofty rhetoric.

The rich have learned to adapt socialist policies to their own benefit. For example, the city of Riviera Beach, Florida, is planning to demolish a working class neighborhood under its power of eminent domain, in order to prepare the way for a marina for yachts, luxury condominiums and an upscale shopping district.

What will the city of Riviera Beach get out of all this? More taxes from higher-income people, enabling local politicians to spend more money on programs to attract votes.

Meanwhile the rich get rid of lower-income folks without having to pay them the value of their homes and businesses that will be demolished. As in so many other cases, eminent domain is socialism for the rich.

Theoretically, those whose homes and businesses are demolished will get the "just compensation" to which the Constitution says they are entitled.

In reality, just announcing plans to demolish the homes in an area will immediately demolish part of their market value. Even if homeowners are compensated for whatever value remains when their homes are actually demolished -- which can be years later -- they have still been had.

For businesses, compensating them for the value of their physical assets -- which may or may not include ownership of the place where their businesses are located -- does nothing to compensate them for the often much larger value of the clientele they have built up over the years but who are now scattered to the winds by neighborhood demolition.

This game doesn't work the same way in rich neighborhoods. Not only can the rich hire big-bucks lawyers to fight city hall, why would city hall want to get rid of upscale taxpayers, who are often also big donors to political campaigns?

A very different form of socialism for the rich protects their communities from even the dangers of a free market. A whole array of laws and policies prevents outsiders from buying up property near them, even when these outsiders are ready to pay prices determined by supply and demand, rather than by eminent domain.

For example, the "open space" laws that have spread across the country to protect upscale communities represent one of the biggest collectivizations of land since the days of Josef Stalin.

Upscale residents say that they have a right to protect "our community." But not even the rich own the whole community.

They own what they paid for -- their own individual property. But they get the government to collectivize the often vastly larger surrounding property, in order to keep the unwashed masses from settling near them and spoiling their views.

Moreover, they wrap themselves in the mantle of idealism while doing this and denounce the "selfishness" of those who would stoop to building homes or apartments to house others, just to make money.

"Developer" is a cuss word to those who wax indignant in their righteous zeal to keep other people out. Why can't these money-grubbing developers just inherit money, like so many of the upscale idealists?

Meanwhile, back in the working class neighborhood in Riviera Beach, it is being defended legally by the Institute for Justice, one of the few "public interest" organizations that deserve the name.

Thomas Sowell is a senior fellow at the Hoover Institute and author of author of Basic Economics: A Citizens Guide to the Economy.

Its all in the headline

If you were just an average reader of the KNS and just read the headlines, how many of these article headlines would you say were positive to Republicans candidates?, negative to Republicans candidates?, or neutral.

Then ask the same about the headlines for Democrats. How many help the Democrat candidate?, are neutral to the Democrat candidate? or are negative to the candidate?.

This is directly from the KNS website "Elections" section. I just want another point of view.

Bryson without outdoors licenses
Dems call GOP letter with Ford photo 'racist'
Wamp says Foley scandal only adds to GOP's woes
Some in Corker ad are not from Chattanooga
Bryson not the outdoorsman he claims
Bredesen, Bryson tout differences in debate
Suit against Corker hits snag
Race for FristÂ’s Senate seat statistical dead heat
Bredesen, Bryson square off in debate
Attorneys in Corker lawsuit ask to withdraw
MTSU poll: Corker, Ford in dead heat
Poll: Bredesen has strong lead
Firefighters, officers endorse Ford
Bryson's run a leap of faith: The challenger
Bryson: Biographical sketch

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Did I forget to mention.....

Did the KNS not know or did they just feel it wasn't important to note that the Gary Moore quoted as saying a vote for Jr. was a "no brainier for fire fighters" is none other then Democrat State Representative Gary Moore of Joelton. Nothing against Gary but many people would find it hard to swallow him as a neutral non biased opinion.

The new big tent

It seems the ACLU loves fighting for deadbeat parents who are also felons to steer the direction of our country and against the free speech rights of regular people to make any mention of God in any building that those same people own.

My favorite quote from the article was from State Rep. Gerald McCormick, R-Chattanooga, who voted against the new Democrat pushed law.

He said Democrats pushed it because they are "desperate to find new voters, and they'll get them from the prisons if that's what it takes".

On the house floor another republican who will remain nameless said "All Democrats may not be felons, but almost all felons are Democrats."

Throw in the dead in Memphis and Illegals (#5)and you have the new big tent.

Monday, October 02, 2006


As I have mentioned in the past when leadership does not want to talk about an issue they send it off to a summer study committee that never does anything about a it. That is if the committee ever gets formed at all.

This trick worked well with the ethics wars of the past. Neifeh/Wilder would promise a summer study committee, the papers would do a big story on what a great thing it was and what they were going to do on this committee. The politicos would go home and campaign to victory on what they were going to do on this committee or that they were going to be on the "ethics committee" or how they lead the fight to get a committee.

After the election, the committee would never be formed or if it was nothing would ever change from it. It was a system that worked great. They could make claims of doing something with out ever really doing anything.

Then the Tennessee Waltz took place. They were forced to actually pass a law and do something.

Now the fight is for more open government. Something the papers want.But instead of holding some feet to the fire, who do they talk to? Someone who is stepping down from office and a non elected official. No chance to impact any race with those two.

Guess what? They don't think they are going to get to it any time soon. What a shock! If they were elected or in an election fight they would make sure it at least got started previous to blowing it off after the election.

Tip to reporters: If you want an answer, talk to an elected official who is in the middle of a hot race or ask the majority party leadership as to why it is not getting done. Then you may get a response you may want. Till then don't hold your breath.

Another thing would be to push that all study committees be completed previous to any election .

How about a push to see the findings and results or actions proposed or action taken from the past study committees. Why not? Because they seldom have any.

How about no one may be named to a new committee until the previous committee they are serving on has completed its work. Most committees have all the same puppets on them. This might make them shake it up a little. I know of many people who have NEVER been on a committee and it is not because they don't want to be. The committees are all set up by the majority party leadership and they would rather die then put some people on a committee who might ask some hard questions or might try to change some things. For the most part they are a per diem collector for the chosen few.