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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Three more to be indicted?

Three more Democrats have had a complaint filed against them by the US district attorney for bribery. The charges are not related to the Tennessee Waltz and are for two city council people and one perennial candidate. The only names I caught were Ricky Pete and you guessed it another Ford.

David Kustoff (former state chair for Bush /Cheney) is the District attorney in Memphis in charge of the case and has a history of rock solid proof when he brings people down. The word is, someone was looking for a deal and rolled over. The person who rolled is not yet known.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

ED war on the brew, but for who?

When I read this editorial I had to wonder why another location was not considered more strongly. The location is the empty state street parking lot.

My heart has a special place for the old lot. At one time, many years ago, I was in a partnership that owned and was developing two of the buildings where the parking lot now stands. The county came in and (with the threat of ED) bought them from my partners and I for the glorious new justice center. As you may remember it never got built.

Now the county has made it into a parking lot that by my account sits 98% empty 98% of the time. I rest assured knowing that with the the cost of electric, lot clean up, security ect. The lot loses money.

Now, the city wants to build a transit center for buses across from James White Fort. With the use of ED the city will take out a thriving business that employees many many people on a full time basis. I know the owner. I doubt he will stay in the area if forced to move.It will mean A lot of lost jobs to the area.

I often hear how public transportation is the only way some people can get to work. The employer they would kill is walking distance to the projects. Would the city prefer the former employees have easy access to a bus so they people can ride around and look for a new job?

Although the State street lot is a little farther from the projects (two or three blocks) it is only one block from Gay street where people need to go for city jobs and services, so the closer to town location may help many bus riders.

If land must be taken, although the county may not like having ED used on them (I know I didn't appreciate it when they did it to me) I feel it would be better to take an under used vacant county owned lot, than to take out an active employer who may just close up shop and move to another town.

Anyone with the city or county with more info or input on this is welcome and encouraged to comment. Anyone? Anyone?

Monday, November 27, 2006

Its different , but the same...

I couldn't agree more with the mayor or his man Dwight Van De Vate on this article My favorite part is

Dwight van De Vate, the mayor's spokesman, said last week. "Mayor Ragsdale did go and speak to a member of the law director's staff and ask if they were considering using an open process. He believes very strongly it's the publics government, and they have every right to know what's going on with it."

Yep, he is right, we want to know.....Now where is that Tyler Harbor kid?

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Wilder = Metro Pulse

After reading this article about the Metro Pulse owner trying to keep an admitted drug dealer out on the street and remembering how the Metro Pulse lambasted Greg "Lumpy" Lambert for stopping a robbery and catching a killer I hearken back to a prayer spoken by Lt. Gov. Wilder where he praised criminals in the legislature and condemned the FBI for catching criminals. I guess the only difference is Wilder will pray and work to stop the laws that will change things. The Metro pulse leadership goes directly to the courts and the judges to push their mixed up agenda as liberals love to do.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Credit where it is due

The Lumpy Lambert news flash came from The Rightwinginsider. His blog is turning into a good regular read .You can check him out for good info here.

Two scoops for everybody!!

Can you say double dip? Channel 5 can. Too bad the election commission is Democrat controlled. No one will be investigated unless it is a Republican or a citizen makes a complaint.

Monday, November 20, 2006

As I figured

This just in from a commenter...

Sheriff just announced this at County Commission: Guy who tried to hold up Lumpy to be charged with murder in shooting 10 hours earlier. "Lambert has His Lumps All Right: The commissioner puts them on display in his show-off behavior"

Now that Lumpy Lambert's assailant has been charged with murder and Lumpy is vindicated, will MetroPuke be offering an apology for its scurrilous editorial?

You may remember from my past post that I thought this person may be willing to kill Lumpy.

"Another example of a legal gun saving a life. I doubt W/O a gun Lumpy would be alive. What would the criminal have done had Lumpy not had a gun? Lumpy knew his name and the car would have been easy to track. All the more reason to get rid of the witness."

I am sure the Metro Puss would have preferred Lumpy use the "Wet your pants" defense or offer the man who pulled a gun a big hug and a bag of weed, but I think now most reasonable people will see Lumpy did the right thing. He didn't get robbed, he caught a killer and lived to talk about it. Great job Lumpy.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Out for your perusal

I got a letter from a constituent/friend asking for my opinion. I thought it was a good question so I throw it out to you. Have at it.

Here is a very short history of the evolution of "church and state" interpretation;

In the beginning (1644), Roger Williams preached a sermon and used the words "separation of church and state". Roger Williams founded a colony (Rhode Island) where religious freedom was not restricted by a governing body. This was in contrast to other places Mr. Williams had resided, such as England and the Massachusettes colony.

In 1802, Thomas Jefferson wrote a letter to the Danbury, Connecticut Baptist Society because these people had heard a rumor that the Congregationalist denomination was about to become the state religion. Mr. Jefferson used the term "separation of church and state" as an interpretation for the first amendment establishment clause. He wanted to assure the Danbury baptists that the Government did not have the right to favor one denomination over another.

The 1879 Reynolds vs U.S. case involved polygamy. The Separation of Church and State language was upheld in the decision which outlawed polygamy in Utah or anywhere else in this country.

In 1947 Justice Hugo Black blew the separation of church and state language totally out of proportion in a case (Everson vs Board of Education) which involved transportation funds for Parochial student. Mr. Black was a former KKK member who did not like Catholics.

Mr. Blacks words "We cannot approve the slightest breach" (in regard to c&s separation) have been used as an excuse to build "precept on top of precept" in regard to religious and educational issues for almost 60 years. McCollum vs Board of Education (1948) and Engel vs Vitale (1962) stand as prime examples of the restrictions on religious activities in educational institutions.

I see the teaching of evolution as a similar process. Instead of building "precept upon precept", evolutionist build "supposition upon supposition". I was recently taken to task for referring to evolutionism as Darwinism. It was explained to me that modern evolutionists do not like to be called Darwinists. The modern explanations bear little resemblance to those which Darwin espoused. The explanations offered 30 years in the future will probably bear little resemblance to those offered now.

Judicial precepts which get us farther away from our original Constitution. "Scientific" suppositions which get us farther away from common sense. Does this sound like a valid comparison? Or are a few verses of the old "kool-aid" jingle in order?

Guest Blogger

A long time political insider who works in the legislature wanted to do a guest post on my blog. Here it is.......

In the November 13th edition of the Tennessean, Sen. Mike Williams is quoted
> as saying, "If it¹s not broke, don't fix it." Exactly what is "not broke"?
> Has Williams forgotten that four of sixteen Democratic senators are
> currently under indictment? Two were even forced to resign! (Crutchfield,
> Bowers, John Ford and Cooper, that's 25%) Could this be the sign Williams
> has overlooked that something might be broken? There are rumors of at least
> one more Democratic senator being in jail right now. Even Wilder himself
> was or is currently being investigated for the same deal that landed Sen.
> Jerry Cooper in trouble.
> Of course, corruption on the Hill is not a new phenomenon; Rocky Top back in
> the late 80's was another huge scandal. Who was the speaker back then?
> Umm...John Wilder!?!?! Just what does Michael Williams think "broken" looks
> like? Ron Ramsey may not be the ideal choice but clearly Wilder has let
> corruption run rampant in his senate. While his management style might be
> one of "bi-partisanship" and "letting the senate be the senate," the
> corruption is not bi-partisan; all those under indictment are Democrats. All
> of this happened on Wilder's watch. He is the leader and bears some
> responsibility for the culture of corruption that is flourishing under his
> leadership.
> Clearly the people have a problem with it. Why does Williams not have the
> same problem? He is quoted in the same article as saying he wants to do what
> is right for the state of Tennessee. Hey, Senator Williams, how about trying
> something new and cleaning up the corruption on Capital Hill? Getting rid of
> Wilder, the overseer of all that corruption would be a good start.
> The people have spoken twice now. When do we get a chance to try something
> new up there? There is a suggestion in today's Knox News Sentinel that
> Williams has been offered a position in the administration in exchange for
> his vote, in order to give him a way out of the senate while still keeping a
> job up there. I am not suggesting that Williams was bought off but, true or
> untrue, the fact that a senator can potentially be bought off with a job
> offer by the governor or a position such as speaker pro tempore, in exchange
> for his or her vote just shows how broken the entire system is. Perhaps it
> is time to take decision out of the hands of the senators (or in this case,
> one senator) and let the people vote for speaker/Lt. Governor. A popular
> vote might remove some of the potential for corruption in all of the deal
> making and closed door bargains which are being attempted right now, from
> both sides of the aisle, in an attempt to sway Senator Williams one way or
> the other.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Uncles dream job

I think I found Say Uncles dream job, as a curator at the "Buffalo" Bill Cody Museum. They had over 4,500 rare guns on display and over 1,500 on the shelf in the back room. Unfortunately for Uncle it is in Cody Wyoming. But on second thought with things like this and this happening in Knoxville he may be more happy here.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Lumpy goes national

As you may know I have been on vacation for the last few days visiting the national parks out west. As I was leaving Bryce National Park in Utah, the one radio station that I could pick up came on with the story about an East Tennessee Commissioner and a robbery gone wrong.

I heard a rumor

I heard a rumor that a Democrat East Tennessee Senator has been spending some time in the gray bar hotel. Word also is that he has been there for almost a week and his people are trying to keep it hush, hush so they can have it blow over and then sweep it under the table. More later?????

Monday, November 13, 2006


This story by the Tennessean had me laughing. If Wilder is so sharp why were they trying to change the rules for leadership when the gov got sick a few months back? Personally, I wouldn't trust him with my TV remote control. He was said to have been channeling ghosts of dead presidents during the income tax fights. No joke.

Wilder was good in his day but that day has come and gone long ago. I don't even know if those days were all that good. Democrats controlled all the important committees that really shape things. They are the final watch dogs over all the big or important committees so the really could kill any thing they wanted even if it did get out of a smaller Republican controlled committee. That did not change when the Republicans took the majority. The Democrats also controlled the house all that time so they have little to fear of something getting out. Most stuff was killed in the house before it ever got to the senate.

Wilder was not doing all this for his love of fairness. He did it because he needed the votes to stay in control when his own party tried to oust him. It was his own desire for control not his desire for fairness that made the deals. Wilders idea of fairness is to condemn the FBI for catching the criminals in the legislature. I wonder how fair he thinks the deal he made Jerry Cooper was?

One more thing I keep hearing about how he rides his bike 15 miles every morning. Wilder inches his way down the halls of the legislature at about .2 miles an day. If he rides a bike 15 miles a every morning you can start to call me Vishnu.

It is time for a change.

Sunday, November 12, 2006


I offer my fullest and most sincere thanks on this Veteran’s Day weekend to the soldiers of yesterday and today. May God Bless you for all you do.

Quick Draw Lumpy

My good friend Greg "Lumpy" Lambert who is also a Knox county commissioner had a little run in today that ended with guns being drawn. I happened to call Lumpy today and got the full story. Lumpy does used car sales for a real job. A customer came and wanted to purchase a car for about 10k. Lumpy was happy to sell but got a little concerned when the person had little interest in having the car checked by a mechanic.

The customer went out side to smoke a cigarette. Lumpy went outside to tell him it was time to do some paper work. When the man came back in Lumpy had a bad feeling and had his hand on his gun he keeps on him at most all times. The man started to pull his gun.....Bad move. Lumpy does quick draw competitions for fun and had his gun pointing down the criminals throat before the criminal had his own gun half drawn. After some harsh words the criminal dropped his gun.

He began to ask for his drivers license back but Lumpy told him to get out and be happy he got out alive. The police caught up to him a few hours later and he confessed.

Another example of a legal gun saving a life. I doubt W/O a gun Lumpy would be alive. What would the criminal have done had Lumpy not had a gun? Lumpy knew his name and the car would have been easy to track. All the more reason to get rid of the witness.

It could have been worse, Councilman Steve Hall (Who had his own run in with a gunman a few months ago) would have been the first on the scene as he was already on his way over to have lunch with Lumpy at the time. Who knows what would have happened then.

This criminal has to be one of the dimmest in recent history. Lumpy is well known for his pro gun stance. He is a lead volunteer with the NRA banquet every year and became famous for his "Buy a car get a gun" sales campaign that got national and world wide coverage a few years ago. Lumpy even got to meet Charelton Heston personally when it went down. Beyond that Lumpy was wearing his "Friends of the NRA" hat at the time of the crime. What a idiot. I am sure you will hear more about this in the next few days.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Colbert nation lives on

I love the Colbert Report. I try to catch it most every night. I missed this one until a blog reader of mine sent me a copy. After seeing it I thought "He stole my rant!"

Who's bad?

Just landed in Albuquerque NM. I met "Music icon??" Weird Al Yankovic at a long layover in the Minn/St Paul airport. I spoke with him for a few minutes. He was sort of quirky as you might expect but still neat to talk to and very gracious with his time.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Going on a walkabout

I am going on a short vacation and will not be able to blog much if at all for the next 10- 14 days. I am bringing my computer with me so I will be checking in when possible. Feel free to check out some of the fine sites on the left of this page for good info. See ya soon!!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Post Election

The reports of my demise have been greatly exaggerated. Thanks to all the people who voted, volunteered, donated, put up signs, said kind words or got someone to get out and vote. One early voting machine still has not released its votes but it would be all but impossible to change the result. My opponent called and conceded the race to me about 2 hours ago.

Election night was fun. We didn't pick up or lose any seats in the house but I think Republican leadership will have a stronger platform this year. More on that later.

Matthew Hills race was probably the top race I was interested in. He was another legislator who many wrote off. A few weeks ago calls went around that he was toast. I didn't buy it. I had little doubt he would pull it off. I know Matthew and had spoken to him several times during this election cycle. I knew he was working hard and had been diligent in his constituent services while in office. Although his opponent was well known and had the governor working for him I felt people would see how hard Matthew worked and return him to office. I was stoked when I found out he won.

We have some good new people coming in to the legislature. I will give you a rundown on some of the new faces in a little while.

At the national level it looks like the Democrats have taken over the house and the senate or will in short order. I have been hearing a few questions for the new people in power....

How come gas is so expensive? It must be a democrat plot to make money for their oil exec friends isn't it?.

Where is Osama? Where is Osama? When will we be out of Iraq? Do you know how many lives this is costing? This must be a plot to fill Democrat pockets with war profits. I hear they are planning to bring back the draft aren't you?.

Do you know about this national debt? What are you going to do to solve these problems? How come the budget is not balanced yet? When will it be?

When is New Orleans going to be better? I see Richard Steele and Lynn swan lost worse then Ford Jr lost in Tennessee. Those Northern Democrat leaning state must be racist. Do you all hate black people?

When are you going to do something about this illegal immigration problem? They are taking all the jobs!!!

I want it all now, now, now, NOW!

AHHHH.......That feels better. Hope that sounds good, Now you will get to hear that on a regular basis.

Monday, November 06, 2006

In case you forgot

If you need one more reason to vote or to remind a friend to vote you may want to refresh your memory here.

Election Day

Tomorrow is election day. Poles are open from 8 AM until the last person in line at 8 PM is served. I encourage all people who didn't vote early to get out and vote (Yes, even if you are voting for my opponent)People have fought and died for us to have the right to vote. The least we should do to honor them is to use that right.

Election Night Republicans will be at the Crown Plaza Hotel on Summit Hill in Knoxville (Near the old city) People will start to gather at about 8:30 or 9:00. Food and refreshment will be available. All are welcome.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

My predicts

My predictions are based on a little more state wide info from other legislators and people in the know who I talk to on a regular/semi regular basis. Not saying they are all correct but we will see. If I didn't mention your favorite candidate or race it doesn't mean they will win or lose or that I want them to win or lose. It just may be that I may not be up as much on their race.


Phil wins in a walk. I predict 62 Phil Bredesen 38 Jim Bryson. Jim who is a great person and a sharp candidate never got much momentum or money to do much with. I can see Jim getting another good shot at the big time if he goes for Marsha Blackburns congressional seat should she run for Governor in four years.


passes with 72% maybe higher. Many are confused with the wording on the ballot.

Tax break for seniors

Wins a big percent but may not get the number of votes it needs to change the constitution. Most people don't know about what this does so many may leave it blank.


Corker wins bigger then expected. The latest polls say Corker by 8 but republicans always under poll except on election day. Minority and Democrat turnout has been WAY bigger then expected in east Tennessee but I still don't think it will be enough for Jr.. If it gets close or Ford wins I would expect to see some serious investigation into voter irregularities in Memphis.

US senate

Republicans lose four seats but keep control.

US house

Republicans loose 14-18 I have not kept up with that much so I could be way off.

State senate

No changes. Beavers chews up and spits out Rochelle. Wilder quits when he is no longer speaker. Republicans pick up one more after that.

State house

Republicans pick up two maybe three. More then that and we have to get lucky. Most people say four or five Republicans are in real races. Mine, Phillip Johnson, Matthew Hill, Donna Rowland, Tom Dubois and some say William Baird. Only one has people very nervous. Two of the races have people a little nervous and the rest look OK.

On the other side of the aisle Republicans look to pick up two of the open seats that were held by Democrats and have their eye on two or three others races as good chances of pick ups.

Eddie Yokley is in a strong Republican district, Ben West is having trouble with a Latino who is a hard liner against illegal immigration and Frank Buck is up against a woman who is just working non stop. I would say three or four other races may hold an upset in them but most of them are given about 45% chance of winning when I ask people around them what they think. Maybe one pulls it off.

And the Gov. comes back

And the gov. fires back

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Brian zings the gov.

Brian Hornback seems to be having a little fun at the governors expense.

Hope springs eternal

A classic line never dies. This one from a silver screen legend made me laugh as hard today as it probably did people decades ago.

Friday, November 03, 2006

The Name game.

Senators McCain, Chamblis, Frist and Alexander will all be at the small park on the 500 block of Gay street in Knoxville with Bob Corker at 9:30 Monday Morning. All are welcome.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Last day of early voting

Today is the last day to early vote. You can start voting at 10 AM and can still slide in the door up until 8 PM. The lines are shorter then they will be on election day so you may want to swing on by and do your duty early.