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Saturday, March 31, 2007

The new plan

I sure you have been hearing about the governors new willingness to deal on his tax increase. The governor is having some problems passing his big new tax increase with our $500 Million dollar surplus so he is now willing to accept less and is up to negotiate for about anything just so he can get a tax increase.

Folks, I think this was the plan all along. Almost as an employee goes to the boss and says they want a twenty thousand dollar a year raise or they are going to walk. They then negotiate and settle for ten thousand, they really wanted three thousand but facts say they probably deserved a pay cut if not to be fired.

The tried and true cry has gone out "Its for the kids!" If we ever pass a tax increase, I think we should pass a tax on that statement. It has been used to death. Every tax increase starts with that statement, but most of the time only a small part of the money raised ends up going to schools or to the kids. In time the money that does go "for the kids" gets picked off and gets sent to other pork projects. The money "for the kids" gets smaller and smaller and then as you can imagine the call starts growing anew.

If it ever truly is for the kids you will see two things first. The education budget separated from the rest of the budget and the tax dedicated to "the kids". If you don't see both those things, forget it. It is a ruse to take money off the back side or it won't last for long.

$500 million in surplus (minimum) two years in a row and the only way to get funds into education is with a tax increase sounds like The education LAST plan is in full effect.

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