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Friday, April 13, 2007

We must protect the children...Unless they are illegal

Donna Rowland had a great amendment to a Joey Hensly bill on the house floor yesterday. The original Dr.Hensley bill had the department of education reporting statistics on the number of homeless children that do not have their immunization shots.

Donna Rowland had an amendment that would track the number of children that do not have a social security number and don't have their immunization shots (Mostly children of illegal aliens). People that are illegal and their children are exempt from providing proof of immunization shots and can admit their children no matter what. Their numbers are not tracked.

The amendment was killed mostly on a party line vote with republicans voting NO (supporting the amendment) and Democrats voting yes (To kill the amendment) with the exceptions listed below.

Amendment #1
Motion to table

Voting YES to table: we lost McDaniel, Overbey
Voting NO to table: we picked up Fincher, West

Bibb was excused.
Favors, Buck, McCord were Present but did Not Vote

The bill on the homeless passed without the "illegal amendment" that was supported by Dr.Hensley. I guess it is more important to protect the illegals from detection then it is to protect the children from disease.

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