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Saturday, June 09, 2007

The deal is in the works

Well you may have read by now that the deal is in the works about the cut of tax on food and the pork spending.

On the tax cut on food.

As you may know, I favor a tax cut on food very strongly. Although this is a step, I think this is the very least that we could do. It is almost as bad as doing nothing at all. I think most people will think it is an insult. They will never recognize the 1/2 cent cut on their over all budget as anything significant. they wont recognize it when it is taken off and they wont recognize it if it goes back on (As is the hope of some I am sure).

I think the food tax holiday was the better idea where people could get a real taste of what it is like to have no tax on food. I think people would like it and would clamor for more. I don't think people will clamor for what will work out to be 25 or 50 cents off their weekly bill. It is just not enough to even notice.

On the pork

The pork is now going to be handed out by the state. Although I don't like the program at all in the first place I still wonder how it is going to be administered? Will the state say a finger painting arts program is on equal footing as a fire departments need for a fire truck? or is a fraternity house (Yes, some put in for the money to go to frat houses) on equal footing with a schools need for a new roof? Are the need of a neighborhood flower committee or opera house equal to the needs of a 911 center? Can the TCPR now apply? What are the odds that that proposal would be shot down? How will the money be dolled out? Who will say what is a needy org and what is not? Will it still be district by district where a rich county will get the same as a poor one or will it be done by need? Will West Tennessee get the lions share (as is usually the case) or will it go by region?

Many of the big players cut their own private deals (in exchange for votes on key issues) with the administration to have the real pork put in the big budget any way so what we are talking about is the chump change. Still questions abound.

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