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Friday, December 14, 2007

Bill ideas

I sometimes get bill ideas from reading news stories as well as blog posts and comments by readers. I may tweak them and they will probably get changed more as the drafting process continues but here are a few you may recognize.

Some ideas for bills on campaign finance that I have submitted for drafting.

1. If the maximum fine is $10,000 or 15% of "the amount in controversy," then obviously any legislator can make a profit by stealing more than $10,000 from their campaign fund. The maximum fine should be set at $10,000 or 15% plus the "amount in controversy" in cases where the problem is not insufficient or improper disclosure but failure to report donations or the failure to report the transference of funds into private use.

2. This type of action should also be defined in law as embezzlement.

3. Require legislators to file a bank statement from the campaign account with their disclosure so the TREF can look to see if the two show the same balances.

And one for open government

The state legislature will follow all open government/sunshine laws that they have imposed on the local municipalities state wide.

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