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Monday, December 17, 2007

Protecting his wife or protecting the people of Tennessee?

Phil is saying that all the opposition to his underground party bunker is just political. According to Phil it is all just a dirty political attack on his wife used to get at him.

Good job hiding behind your wife's skirt.

The wife shield is a old political tactic used to hide from criticism or questions that may be valid and needs responding to. This tactic is also often used by female candidates in races as well. It worked great for Hillary Clinton in her first senate race. When her opponent asked her if she would sign a no new tax pledge(as I recall) and took one over to her, her staff and followers called it an attack. Had it been two males nothing would have been said. From then on anything else he said or did was an attack on a poor defenseless woman.

I imagine now Phil will do the same thing and try to spin any questions or valid criticisms about the bunker as an attack on his wife. The goal is that it gets to the point that no matter how he dodges these questions people will say "He is so good protecting his wife from these dirty, evil, political attacks."

Fine, If Phil wants to protect his wife great. Here are a few ways.

Protect your wife. Take the project away from her and put any one else in charge, even a republican. I will continue to say is is an overinflated, unneeded project that shouldn't be done with public money as we enter tough financial times.

Protect your wife. Take the public funding of the project out of the equation. This project was supposed to be done with almost all private donations to start with. No one was attacking when that was the case. Protect your wife. Get back on the phone to those big donors. I am sure they will end up getting a kickback down the line any way.

Protect your wife. Donate your own money to finish it. What, that idea isn't reasonable? Your right, it isn't. So why are you asking people with less money (the tax payer)to pay for it? Is your defence of your wife at the expense of all the husbands, wives, sons and daughters of the state?

Protect your wife. Limit the spending to the resale value of the alterations. When you get close to upside down, stop.

Better yet, sell the darn house. We have only had it for about 50 years. Its need is negligible versus the cost in the immediate or long term. I can't remember any time in our state history or any state history for that matter where the publicly owned governors mansion was a critical factor in getting anything done that helped the taxpayer.

If those options aren't appealing then Phil can climb out from behind his wife's skirt and answer some simple questions such as....

Why no other facility in the Nashville area would be acceptable for a reception? How having the party bunker will bring in revenue to the state over and above the costs incurred in building or maintaining it? Are the costs in line with other private building projects of similar size? Is there any reason this project needs to be done now, more so then when we aren't facing a financial crunch?

If those questions cant be answered then maybe Phil should realize that the questions aren't a political attack on his wife but are valid criticisms.

I am happy to listen to the response.

From Phil or his wife.

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