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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The Road to glory for legislators?

As Phil Williams made abundantly clear in yesterdays report, there are a lot of questions to be answered about how road engineering contracts are being handed out and why one company has hired a lobbyist (with close ties in the Bredesen administration) to make sure that they get their chunk of contracts. Hiring a friend of administration as a your lobbyist has worked to the point that contracts to that one company have jumped by hundreds of percent in a few short months. A jump in contracts even though the company scored lower on many ratings then their competitors.

One story that an enterprising reporter may want to look into is what is the system that is used to decide what roads get paved/ re paved/ built or expanded. I know one legislator that brought a bill forward to show the amount of money that is given out by legislative district. The rumor has been that for years Democrat districts got all the money and Republican districts got the short end of the stick regardless of need. The rumor is that road contracts are given out to show how Democrats can bring home the pork and Republicans can't, thus encouraging people to vote Democrat. I was told when the bill was brought up that people on the transportation committee got very nervous and the bill was quickly killed.

Could be fun to look into.

The road to riches

Phil Williams over at channel 5 has done a great report on the corruption in the awarding of contracts in the Bredesen administration. Just think of the state trooper scandal, this is similar with much bigger numbers. This could be a huge hit to the administration and its top people (The same people who are supposed to be cleaning up the problems). I wont dish it all. Go to the report and check it out for your self.

Colbert Gores Drew

It is so much more funny when you know the people involved. Check it out here

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Drew goes national on captain planet

From the TCPR

TCPR was surprised to learn that Al Gore's mansion consumes more than 20 times the energy used by an average American family – and it appears that much of America was, too.

Today, President Drew Johnson will be speaking on several major network TV shows about this issue:

• Situation Room w/ Wolf Blitzer, CNN
• Big Story with John Gibson, Fox News
• Hannity and Colmes, Fox News

Listen in. We hope you’ll enjoy the lively debate.

I know I will be tuned in.

Monday, February 26, 2007

On the shoe with Oatney

I had the most fun today talking with my good friend Dave Oatney on his podcast at his blog. We hit on a wide range of issues and were able to talk in detail about legislation for a longer time then with most interviews. When I do most interviews, all you can get is a sound bite, some times what comes out or what gets used ends up not what you want. I thank Dave for giving me the time to talk in more detail about some of my bills.

Drew blows it up

Drew Johnson dropped a bomb on the Al Gore Oscar party. Drew looked up captain planets utility bills for his house.

How conservative is he? The man who wants us all to cut down on our consumption spends about THREE GRAND A MONTH on utilities. What did he cut down from? OOPS! His bills went up since the movie came out.

"Good for thee not for me" must be his slogan.

Conservation starts at home Al.

Drudge picked it up and made it his headline story. It got so huge it shut down Drews web site. You can check it out here if his site is back up.

No lotto if you can't pay your bills

I just did a interview with channel 8 on a bill I am carrying about the lottery.

What this bill does, is say that if you are on government assistance then you can not receive the grand jackpots from the lottery. As it is now a person who wins a prize over (I think the number is) $600.00 they have to mail in for their prizes. If my legislation passes then they will have their name and SS# (Both are already provided) run through a database that will remove you from contention if you are on govt. Assistance. In other states this is already the law.

The lottery is hard on the poor. Most of the people who play the lottery are poor. They are wasting their savings on tickets instead of saving for a real solution to their poverty or at least allowing them to pay their bills.

When the state is having to pick up the check for those expenses that they can no longer can pay I don't think it is unfair to say if you can not pay your bills you should not be wasting money on lotto. If you do, you can't collect on a win.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

It is up

The first wave of info from the HUGE terry frank story is now posted at Terry Franks blog. Go see for your self what all the talk is about. The words "Indigenously produced materials" jumps out to my eye as well as the talk of more nuclear materials in bunker B. What else is in bunker B has me wondering, much less what could be in bunker A or bunkers D-Z (if there are such bunkers). If you said proof would never go up I am sure Terry will accept your apology in the comments section.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

How a bill gets made

Because of the short window to produce bills before filing deadline many bills are filed as a caption that opens up a section of law pertaining to an issue a legislator wants to address.

The legal staff will do a brief synopsis of the idea, open the caption of law and give it back to the legislator to look over and change and edit as time allows after filing deadline. We only have so much legal staff and they do many bills for many legislators in a short window between beginning of session and before bill cut off. They could spend tons of time doing the in and outs of one bill for one legislator at the costs to many others or they could get all sections opened and back to the legislator for future work after bill cut off.

What the legislator gets back and files may be way off from what actually moves forward. When time allows the legislator has legal drafts amendments to be more specifics as to the goals of the bill, to get rid of the bad, add to the good and to give more detail. Most bills of significance are amended many times. Some over years before they are ready for passage. What you may read at the first of the year may be quite different from what you see at the end.

I want to caution people who read all the bills at filing deadline and think that is exactly what the legislator wants the bill to do. What you see in the original form may have the idea or part of the idea or may even be way off from the idea but will open the appropriate caption of law. Some legislators file captions without any idea at all but will file it just in case they get an idea that might fall in that section of law. They can amend it later to fit their needs but if it is not filed by the deadline, too bad, no bill for you. I know it sounds crazy but that is the system.

Thursday, February 22, 2007


As most any one who has read my bio knows I teach Judo and Jujitsu in my spare time (For free) I enjoy the sport and have been around it for years(OK decades). If you watch TV, you may have seen mixed martial arts bouts on pay per view, spike or many other TV stations. The sport can best be described as a combination of boxing, wrestling and karate with a few other martial arts mixed in. It has become wildly popular since "the ultimate fighting challenge" first aired many years ago. When it first came out though, it needed regulation. Size was unlimited, rules were all but non existent. It was bad. It was banned at the same time tough man competitions (think amateur boxing for people with no experience) were taken out.

Things have changed since then.

It is much safer now. Safer then boxing,football,hockey and many other sports. Yes there are injuries but oddly to some the injuries pale in comparison to many other legal sports. I put forward a bill to make Mixed martial arts bouts legal again in Tennessee and will be putting it forward with the rules that are now widely accepted. The income from this sport is also huge and has topped boxing for popularity. As you can imagine the Mike Tyson fight in Memphis was a huge boom for the city. Mixed martial arts could replace and surpass that. Channel 4 did a interview with me about it and talked with a Nashville Jujitsu school about the idea. You can view it here.

You want WMDs, You got WMDs

Will the press pick up on this? I wonder. This TOTALLY changes the arguments against the war. It could rock the democrat arguments and talking points in this nation and world wide.


Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Bumper sticker logic

I laugh at some of the lefts contradictions. I was driving down the road today and saw a car with bumper stickers strewn across the back in a hap hazard fashion. I pulled up behind to read them and had to laugh. The car was a rolling contradiction. The first sticker said something to the effect of "Save the planet cut down a Bush" The fact that the car was a rolling smoke bomb and looked like it hadn't been tuned up or washed since the Nixon administration was the first chuckle. The next two stickers were classic liberal that cracked me up more. They were to the effect of "We need to respect others no matter the differences" and "F the president"

Wow, Now that is what I call respect.

Lately the left seems to just jump off the cliff when they pull out the insults. Is there nothing they wont say? Nothing beneath them? No respect for the office? Is it the smell of political blood in the water that has them whipped them into a frenzy?

Recently I have heard something that I thought or hoped would be retired for good after the Vietnam war.

"Baby killer".

Is the left so invested in failure that they will do any thing or say any thing to demean the president or our troops? Will they take glory in every misstep? Every Death? It is beginning to appear so.

I understand many of you on both sides of the isle may believe the war is wrong. You may not agree with the war and don't like the direction that the war is going but do you think these actions are helping? I could understand more if an alternative plan was available but to complain without a viable alternative is nothing but tearing down your own team and trying to divide the country for your own gain or enjoyment.

I guess the old saying "My country right or wrong" has been replaced with "My agenda right or wrong"

Monday, February 19, 2007

Big Jim Blogs

When Jim Bryson served in the state senate he was one of the most well regarded legislators on the hill. Well thought out, deliberate, insitefull, honest and conservative. When he spoke, people listened. They didn't always agree, but they knew it would be difficult to refute the facts he brought to the table.

Jim may most be known because he took on a huge task to run an under funded campaign against a popular governor. I remember being in the hall for one of the debates. The governor had bussed in supporters from across the state and had packed the house. It was an obviously a wildly pro Phil crowd. But then a strange thing happened, the debate started and issues were brought forward. You could hear the same people who were wildly screaming for Phil a few minutes before were whispering questions back and forth when Jim spoke "Is that true?", "Is that right?" "that's not a bad idea!" "Why cant we do that?" I doubt it changed many of the people that were in the audience as their minds were made up, but many were a little less sure that their man was the one with ideas for our state when it was all over.

Now Jim has started a blog I will be adding him to my blogroll in the next day or so and will be checking in on a regular basis. I did not know he was starting a blog until I read it on another blog but I think it is a great idea. Jim has ideas and a insiders view of how it all works. He will have the ability to expound on his views and offer thorough explanations that he was so well known for in the senate. Ideas that some times don't come across in a 30 second commercial or in a talking point. I suggest you check him out and keep checking him out in the future for good posts. Of course the first one isn't half bad either;-)


The Frank family is on the war path! Lee and Terry are starting a new show Now they are expanding into radio. Lee and Terry already have a conservative call in TV show (called Lets Talk Frank)in Anderson county that is going great guns. Terry does a column for the local paper and has one of the states top blogs. They are quickly becoming the first family of political media.

Liberals you have been warned!


Early Sunday morning I was on WIVK for "Sound Off". The show starts at 8AM and to my surprise, it gets a lot of calls. It was a wide range of response. Some of the more memorable things for me were. When I was first talking about how since the State Supreme court made the Sundquist decision that there are no health regulations at all on abortion clinics. We can't make doctors wash their hands before abortions or even make it so only licensed doctors can perform abortions.

We can regulate nothing.

The host and the producer of the show looked shocked and thought I was making it up. Little did I know, while I was talking to callers, the producer was Googleing what I said. During a break she told me that she did not believe what I was saying so she checked for her self, sure enough, it was true. It is always nice when a person who has little trust in what you are saying can find proof on their own that validates your point.

At one point we were talking about parental consent and the fact that a 13 year old can get an abortion with out consent of a parent. One caller said to the effect of "Kids shouldn't have to get parental consent, that can make for a more difficult decision for the child. They can get all they need to know from their friends"

Expecting a 13 year old to make an informed life changing decision under huge amounts of pressure with her only help being other 13 year olds. Yikes!

A memorable call also came in at the end. The caller called in and said something to the effect of "I agree with you 100%. It is a life, but if we acknowledge that, well then its murder. So its not a life, but it is." "These babies aren't babies, but they are" You could almost hear the caller trying to wrap their head around both concepts at one time. You could tell that it was painful to them because they could not make it work.

How to admit and truly believe that it is a babies life, but at the same time stay pro choice and think it is OK to kill them.

If talking about the issue makes some people think just a little. Well then the first steps are well placed.

Hobbs post

Bill Hobbs has a great post about the cover up of information. The goal? To keep the TCPR from finding out the facts.


Saturday I went to the Jefferson Co. Republican dinner and had a great time. Mike Faulk was kind enough to buy all the bloggers a table and we all sat together. Thank you Mike, that was very kind. Before the dinner I joked that one well placed bomb could have taken out most of the right wing bloggers in East Tennessee.

Good times were had by all.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Dinner and TV

I will be going to the Jefferson County Republican party dinner tonight at Carson Newman College. I think it is going to be a small blogfest with Dave Oatney, Terry Frank, Mike Faulk and Rob Huddleston all supposed to show up. It should be fun.

I will be on WATE channel 6 in Knoxville tonight at 6 and maybe 11. I will be talking about the death certificates bill and possibly illegal immigration (we touched on both topics).

Must read

This is a must read story is another example of how this administration stonewalls and kills dissenting voices and legislation.

I had some advance knowledge on this and posted about it about a month ago. Expect that more could come out of this. From what I hear it does not stop at saying "don't give him info", it goes way beyond that and goes up the ladder.

Friday, February 16, 2007


I hope that answered a lot of questions. If anyone has the video I will link to it or post it here.

Get your TiVo ready

I will be on CNN Headline news (I guess that is somewhat different then just CNN) tonight at about 6:15. I will be talking about abortion death certificates. I was also wondering if there are any Rush Limbaugh fans who have access to his web site archives. I hear he talked about the bill on his Valentines day show in the second hour and I would love a copy. I missed it.

Why not more??

To those who wonder why I have not responded to more questions.

Yesterday I had one meal at about 6:00AM. I have about 400 E mails on this topic yet to read, much less respond to. For a while I was getting 20 to 40 an hour. Many with 10 or more questions. I have been trying to keep up, but it is not even a race. I have done about 15 interviews for places from across the country and as far away as Australia. I have that many more lined up for the next few days (if I can keep up) News people from CNN, the BBC, State and local news papers, TV stations and radio shows and many others want interviews and have questions. My phone has rung off the hook.

I have responded to other legislators who are getting asked questions as well as Tennessee Right to Life who is also getting international interview requests. If you look at the comments on this blog and others you will see most of the questions are complex that will take more then one or two words to give a proper response to. I am lucky to read the comments much less respond to them all. I am responding as quick as I can.

Sorry, I have only so much time in the day. This will probably be the most I get to type until late tonight if the trend continues. If you look at my last post time you will see I started it at 12:14AM that is 1:14 AM in Knoxville. As I type slow, I did not post until some time around 2:30AM. I started again today at about 7:00AM. I am talking and typing as fast and as much as time allows. I am sorry it is not more. You all have great questions and comments. More later.

So............What's new?

You all look to be doing quite well with out me so I think I will let you all continue on without much input on my bill from me for now. A few questions I would love your input on though.

1. If it is not a life, then why do you care if it gets a death certificate or not?

2. Is this bill about paper work more controversial then the fact that abortions don't have to be performed by licensed doctors in Tennessee?

3.If you think I am wasting my time on this, Do you also think all of congress is wasting its time on a NON BINDING RESOLUTION that will have no effect on the direction of the war from a political point of view.

4. If you do, have you told your congress person? Will you hold it against them for doing any thing but condemning it as a waste of time?

5. If you work for the state and spend a large chunk of your day surfing the web and complaining about how bad a piece of legislation is, Do you think I should trust you to be non biased when doing an assessment of said legislation? Do you think this is an ethical lapse? Do you think I should trust you when you say you are over worked but seem to have plenty of time to surf the web and author long posts and comments on blogs during time you are getting paid to work? Do you think you would get away with it on a real job?

6.Is a death certificate worse then the fact that partial birth abortion is legal in Tennessee? If you had a choice to end one or the other, what would you put your effort behind stopping? Have you?

7. If you know in your heart you did "the right thing" and had an abortion why would you care if people found out? Shouldn't you be proud of it?

8. If you found out that taco bell has more regulation on it then an abortion clinic would that make you feel safe in your "choice"? What if you found out abortion clinics have no regulation whatsoever, no cleanliness, licensing or any thing? If you found out your legislator voted to keep it that way would you vote for them again? Did you vote Democrat this last year?

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Rules for comments

I have not posted them in a while (If ever at all) so here ya go.

It is my blog so I will put up or take down what ever I want.

I don't mind dissenting opinion but keep it clean, respectful and on topic.

If all you have is insults, or you like to go overboard, save it and put them on your blog because they won't go up here.

If you go overboard I won't add to your comment but I may edit out what is excessively offensive and put up the rest. I have only done this once. I warned the person about their content and posted that I edited the comment. The next time they did it I did not put the comments up. If you can not control yourself I will ban you.

Constructive criticism is welcome on bills I am talking about.

If you want it to be off the record let me know and I wont put it up. Better yet, just E mail me.

If you want to crack on my spelling, grammar or other things that I am sure drives the seventh grade English teacher in you crazy, go ahead, I am not offended and some times I appreciate it. I may correct my errors, or not, but if that is all you got, odds are it won't go up.


Is it a life?

By now many of you may have read about a bill I have introduced to give death certificates out to babies killed in abortions.

I know this issue will be very heated for some people. Many people have strong thoughts on both sides of this issue. But I want to give a few details to people who may want to condemn this bill without giving it a chance.

1. We give out death certificates to miscarried babies now. It is done on a weight determination basis. So in the eyes of the state the baby is (or was) a life.

2. When a person does a heinous crime and beats up A pregnant woman and kills her and the baby it is a double murder. In other states It is called Lacy's law after the Lacy Peterson case. So in the eyes of the state the baby is (or was) a life. In these cases the child would also receive a death certificate.

What we are doing is having a variable determinations of when life begins. The variables are age, weight, when the baby fully leaves the body and is the child wanted. The first three factors we can measure. The fourth we can not. When or if the first three variable are used changes, based on the fourth.

Obviously, in the eyes of the state, it is OK to kill children of a variable size, age or weight in some cases, based on emotional factors, but it is not OK in others.

This bill will give information to the state that is not available now on how many abortions are given each year as well as information on race, age, weight. It will also give consistency to when and what is a life based on factors that are already used and consistent. When we make the definition of life a little more consistent we can begin to treat it with the respect it deserves and not base it on whims of fancy.


Nothing in the bill will make a registry of names of people who have had abortions.

Monday, February 12, 2007

The future of blogging

I think you may want to check out who may be the future of conservative blogging. His name is Daniel Myers, he is 16 years old and has been active in conservative politics since age 10. You can check out his blog at http://www.politicsone.blogspot.com/

Governor wants to stop the train

The governor has said he is ready to "Lay down on the tracks" to stop a tax cut on food. Well governor before you do that, I think you may want to remember what another Tennessee man said about stopping a train.

Friday, February 09, 2007

E.D. Fire storm

As many of you may have read the warehouses on Jackson Ave were set on fire by an unknown person a few days ago. Many of the buildings were a total loss. Some fire fighters were also injured in attempts to put out the flames. My thoughts and prayers go out to them.

You may remember me mentioning the warehouses and their owner Mark Saroff during the Eminent domain fights of last year. Their were many people who wanted to take the properties from him and give them to another owner to develop. Mark had owned them for several years and had been unable to develop them and had owed a large sum of back taxes.

Much of the issue was a divorce that had him, his property and money tied up to the point that nothing could be done to develop or sell the properties. The divorce was settled at about the same time as the push to take his property was heating up. As you may or may not know, they did not take his property at that time.

Since that time Mark has paid off about 60 thousand of the 88 thousand in back taxes. Work has also been started to fix up the properties. About 2/3 0f the back of the properties has had the brick mortar repointed and repaired. One building has had about 100 thousand dollars worth of brick repair done to bring it up to snuff. In the front of the buildings, the windows that had been damaged and destroyed had been replaced and repaired.

Mark had also been working toward a sale. As is often the case in business many business deals fall through. For most business people I know a success rate of one in five works out from lead to conclusion with sale. In real estate I would say it is closer to one in ten. Marks deal was a special one. A project of its size (development alone would costs in the range of 6-10 million plus the cost of the purchase of the property) narrows the field of potential buyers and takes much longer to develop. It is not like you just run down to the corner bank and say I want a loan for 12 million. You get it and start building that week.

The process could take two years or more. The up side is new loft condo space prices in Knoxville have shot through the roof and sell in the range of $180-$220 a square foot. Mark had the last large piece of undeveloped loft space available in the city. Many people are now interested. Mark has been working toward various sales options with several people from sale of all of the properties to sale of a few or even the sale of a floor or two. Some options were moving along and others fell apart. That is how it goes in business. Mark had many irons in the fire and was moving ahead.

Then the fire broke out. Two of Marks buildings went up in smoke as well as his neighbors who had a wood working shop in it.

It was a sad day for all concerned. Mark was hit hard. He lost most everything in the fire. He had insurance (as he has had for years) but it was not even enough to cover the mortgage. Mark had been living in the building(Yes, he had power) and was awoken by smoke and sounds of people in the building. He called 911 and He got out with the cloths on his back. His truck was stolen two days before so Mark was hit extra hard this week. Who knows if the two incidents were related. Mark was out in the cold without even a place to lay his head or a way to get there.

The man just lost every thing but some people did not even wait until the fire was out. The cries started coming anew "Take his property! Give them to someone else to develop! He has owned them long enough with no result! It is Marks fault they burned!"

Lets get it clear. The person who started the fire is to blame not the victim. If you come into my house steal my gun and shoot me and my neighbor. It is not my fault you shot me. Look to the person who started the fire. If Mark dealt drugs to finance a quick fix up (as some have in the past) most of these same people would want to build a statue for him. Unfortunately to do a deal the right way takes more time.

Although it is not popular. I stand now on this issue where I always have. Taking a persons property just to give it to another developer is not right. This is usually done for economic development no matter what is said. E.D. erodes property rights, value and the ability to sell on the open market for fair value.

If the property was a hazard to others there are other solution. The city has the ability to fix the issue of danger and add the bill to the owners taxes. If it is a beyond repair it can be demolished and the bill will be added to the persons taxes. If the bill is not paid the property can be taken and sold at tax auction. People who want more then that are mostly in it for economic development or have a vested interest.

I will be on WBIR channel 10 this Sunday morning at 9:30 to talk about the issue.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Sen. Jerry Cooper

Sen. Jerry Cooper was in a bad auto accident last night. Word is he rolled his car several times. He is in serious but stable condition. More later.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Poor Boy

Brian Hornback has a good post about Oscar "Poor Boy" Brown. If you met Poor boy you knew him, because he wore the same face to everyone. He was a straight shooter who told it like he saw it. He will be missed.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Porn on the radio

I will be on 99.7 WTN radio with Kevin Miller at about 6:30 AM Nashville time to talk about the porn not corn tax swap proposal. Tune in on line here if you are up or want to call in.

County Commission elections

As you can imagine, since the county commission appointments, there has been a push to hold a special election. First the facts. I support an election.

I would have supported it even more, if they had pushed one before they or their people who they were lobbying for did not get the appointments. Now they want a special election that will remove people from office, all of about 6 months early at best. Would they have screamed near as loud if they had been on the winning side?

Some of these are the same people who said the cost of the wheel tax referendum was a huge unneeded expense. Lately, much has been made of the costs of the new pension plan for county police officers. I hear about how a new tax proposal looked on the horizon to cover the costs. Now the same people who said we may need a tax increase are now saying they have money for a special election.

As I said I support elections, but to some people it is all about personal power and not power to the people.

Monday, February 05, 2007

As expected

I got an advance of the state of the state. Nothing on cutting the food tax or other taxes except a increase in tobacco for ed. Nothing new or big on illegals, tort reform or other issues as of yet.

Hey big spender

Spend a little time with me.I can see one trip within the US for legislators to a conference.

For the gov and his staff, I want to see expense reports and what contract was brought back from China to help Tennessee.

State of the state on pre K

I expect the Gov to speak a big chunk tonight about Pre k education. How the result are off the charts, Possibly an example or two and a lot of talk on how the kids can now reach the stars, yadda, yadda, yadda.

I laugh to myself when I hear of great results after only one year of a program. How comprehensive of a study is that? As this story states most credible studies (The ones not paid for by the TEA or NEA or some such effected group) show results are not noticeable after the third or fourth grade. But the gov will be out of office by then and it can all be blamed on the next administration for not keeping the good results going.

I have even heard some talk that the drop out rate in other states is greater from kids who went to pre k (More burn out). Georgia and California are going to be dropping their pre k plan as ineffective.

What I doubt you will hear in tonight's speech is how much money that could have gone to K-12 education has now gone to pay for pre K. As was feared, The program that was originally to be paid for by all lottery money, has now grown and is taking money from the general budget. The same budget that funds K-12. Our teacher shortage has grown, expect plans to make pre k and the shortage bigger.

If you want to see where this is all going you need to look no further then team GOP blog post by the Senate education chairperson.

"Pre-K for all. A third of the savings would be used to provide high-quality early childhood education for all four-year-olds and all low-income three-year olds."

All four year olds and three year olds next. Expect tonight's speech to offer the next step tward that goal.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Thursday, February 01, 2007

In jest ........But not by much

Just in case you don't understand how a "Government" program works, here
> is a perfect example:
> The Night Watchman
> Once upon a time the government had a vast scrap yard in the middle of a
> desert.
> Congress said, "Someone may steal from it at night." So they created a
> night watchman position and hired a person at $18,000 a year for the
> job.
> Then Congress said, "How does the watchman do his job without
> instruction?" So they created a planning department and hired two
> people, one person to write the instructions for $22,000, and one person
> to do time studies for an additional $22,000 per year.
> Then Congress said, "How will we know the night watchman is doing the
> tasks correctly? So they created a Quality Control department and hired
> two people. One to do the studies for $31,000 and one to write the
> reports for an additional $31,000 per year.
> Then Congress said, "How are these people going to get paid?" So they
> created the following positions, a time keeper for $35,000 annual
> salary, and a payroll officer for an additional $35,000, then hired two
> people.
> Then Congress said, "Who will be accountable for all of these people?"
> So they created an administrative section and hired three people, an
> Administrative Officer at $155,000 per year, Assistant Administrative
> Officer $125,000, and a Legal Secretary for an additional $100,000 per
> year.
> Then Congress said, "We have had this operating for one year with a
> budget cost of $574,000.00 and we are $18,000 over budget. We must
> cutback overall cost."
> So they laid off the night watchman.