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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Church still keeps sexual assault complaints off priest records

Did I say the church? oops! I meant the state of Tennessee keeps sexual assault complaint against teachers off their record. The Tennessean does a report on a issue that I think has been passed over and is not getting the attention it deserves. I had a bill last year on this issue.

I have seen and heard about it happening many times in and around Knox county and Anderson County in the last few years. A bad teacher will be accused of misconduct against a student (be it sexual or otherwise). As soon as the bad teacher is exposed by a complaint from a student or a parent the teacher quits and goes to another school system in another part of the state and starts over. The complaint does not follow the teacher and a resolution is never reached. My bill would have complaints against a teacher go on the teachers record if they move or quit their job previous to resolution.

This would stop bad teachers from skipping school system to school system when a problem is exposed because the new school systems, and possibly parents, would know of a potential problem teacher previous to hiring them and hopefully wouldn't. It would also keep bad teachers from escaping the justice that they so richly deserve.

When I brought my bill up in front of the education committee I was told it is not an issue because school systems talk to each other. The TEA was also against it (have to protect those union dues payers) and my bill was killed. I found this laughable. The instances of repeat offenders who use this system is big. There are over 100 school systems in Tennessee alone. Each system probably has hundreds of teachers between all the grade levels and some systems are always looking for more teachers. A problem teacher could take a year or two off (or longer) to let things blow over and let memories fade previous to going for a new job in another part of this state or another state all together. I don't know how many state wide conferences administrators have or if they all go to them, but to say it will just come up in a random conversation between a administrator from Johnson City (or where ever the teacher had a problem) and a administrator from Memphis (or where ever the problem teacher moved to) previous to hire is a joke.

If the Catholic church said the priests who were molesting boys are not an issue because Catholics talk to each other, Well you can see how well that worked.

Besides protecting our children from predators I suspect the state is setting itself up for a major law suit. I don't think that my bill was as costly as the one mentioned or will be as costly as a law suit will be but I will look into it.

Friday, June 29, 2007

More good stuff from my mom

It was written by Pat Williams Senior vice president of the Orlando Magic

The greatest leader is a servant.
Don't be a boss.
Be a real leader, a servant leader.
A servant leader is a winner.
Even when he loses everything,
even when he loses his life,
a servant leader wins it all.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

At last !

At last the Knox News Sentinel has put a comment section up for all their stories and editorials. The opinion section is also now titled "opinion/Blogs". I think all these changes will be great for the paper as it will allow their editorial staff have a more clear idea of what the readers are interested in and their opinions on the subjects they report on.

Kudos to them.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007


As you may have read I will be hosting "Lets Talk Frank" on AM 850 on Thursday and Friday from 3pm till 6pm. Among the issues I will probably hit on will be the problems in the Knox county mayors office. An inside source is supposed to be giving me some very interesting new information that will not be good news for some. Stay tuned...

Monday, June 25, 2007

Gas tax / Toll roads push

Ch 6 in Knoxville is getting press releases on how the federal government is cutting funding for road construction to Tennessee. They called me for a reaction and I did a quick interview on it. I said how the past raiding of the gas tax money by the gov. and his failure to repay the money was a bigger problem for the state and how this release will be the first step in a call for an increase in the gas tax or to implement toll roads next year. Those who think I am crying wolf just wait and see. More to come......................

TV and radio

I will be doing Lee and Terry's TV show tonight from 6:30 on. You can view it here I will also be doing the radio show on Thursday and Friday. I will do an interview with the legendary John J. Hooker on both the radio and TV As well as taking calls.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

My mom is all vol

Sorry I have been gone so long. My mom who lives in NY most of the year called me the other day and told me she was getting a little award for volunteering with the red cross. After a little digging I found out it wasn't a little award, It was the Clara Barton award. That is the highest award given out to a volunteer by the American Red Cross.

My mom has always been a huge volunteer in everything she has ever done. When she was a teacher she would always be the leader of the senior class, set up school dances, class trips and parties. We often hosted foreign exchange students in our home for a semester. She was always there for the kids and was the most popular teacher in school. She still has some students that call her years and decades later to talk with her.

As a child it was a real task to go to the mall with her. I would be on a mission to get to the toy store to check out the latest toys as quick as possible and all these people kept blocking my quest. I couldn't understand why she couldn't walk 50 feet without running into a former student who would want to stop and give her a hug or talk for twenty minutes. Often I would hear about how my mom helped them or even changed their lives when they were heading down the wrong path. After a while I would get frustrated and try to limit the number of times my mom could stop and talk to former students. I would demand "OK mom only 5 stops before we get to the toy store". As a child I didn't realize the impact my mom had on these people.

When she retired she picked up her out of school volunteer time. She volunteers at the church setting up events. Church yard sales, bake sales, hosting and helping special guests or refugees from far and near who didn't have anywhere to go or were alone on the holidays. They always found a place at our table.

My mom has always been involved with the Red Cross. She started in 1957 (yea that's right fifty years ago). After she retired she stepped it up as a disaster volunteer. She would go all over the country for days and weeks (as long as she was needed) to help people, She is very caring, but she also had the valuable gift of being able to tell when "the needy have turned into the greedy" and knew when to get the troops out of an area before they became a crutch.

The northern ice storms of 98', Hurricanes Floyd, Dennis, Isabel and Katrina. She was there, doing all she could 12 to 14 hours a day until she was exhausted. At the end of the day she would go to a hotel or a cot in a gym some where sleep a few hours and get up and start over again.

She was also in NY for the 9/11 terrorist attacks. she helped at ground zero tirelessly for weeks, but had to come home when her great empathy for the suffering of others started to get the best of her. She got to where she would tear up at the site of a flag waving or a person begging for help in trying to find a lost loved one. I am sure that would be tough for anyone much less for someone with as big a heart as my mom. Not wanting to pull down the team she decided it was time to let someone else fill her position for a while and she came home.

Locally, my mom works on the disaster action team. In the middle of the night she will go to a fire or help a flood victim (The area was hit wit two huge floods in the last few years). She would set up blood drives, shop for the elderly, actively recruits new volunteers, do disaster education presentations, emergency response vehicle training, she is a non paid board member for the red cross, is on the central planning committee and even dressed up like Sponge Bob Square pants to do Halloween safety presentations for the local school kids.

When I found out my mom was going to be honored by the Red Cross I had to drop everything and drive up to NY to see it. As I have grown older I have realized what a great gift it has been to be raised by such a wonderfull giving person. I can only hope that one day I can do half as much or touch half as many lives as she has. I was so proud when she got her award. She got a huge standing ovation from the crowd. I get choked up just thinking about it.

As I was leaving to come back to Tennessee my mom was just coming back from church and was off to go do "Meals on wheels" for the elderly and infirm. When I tell her how proud of her I am for all she does and for her award. In typical of my mom fashion she said "Thank you, but I can think of lots of people who deserved it more then I did".

I can't.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Well how long has the barn door been open?

The Knox news sentinel is now reporting on toll roads. I was on the radio with Lee and Terry Frank last week and mentioned how the legislation had passed the legislature to start them. The phone lines lit up. People hate toll roads. Many were mad that they never read any thing about their coming up in the legislature until it was too late. Yes, this is called a "pilot program" but I think those words are about interchangeable with "temporary program" and Ronald Reagan said it best.

"Nothing is as permanent as a "temporary program""

Well the issue isn't totally dead. More legislation is coming next year to open the door all the way. When it is all said and done private companies (foreign owned is many times the case) will profit from roads planned by the state. Land taken with E.D. by the state and potentially fully built by the state with your tax dollars.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Political joke of the day

An elderly man suffered a massive heart attack.

The family drove wildly to get him to the emergency room.

After what seemed like a very long wait, the E.R. Doctor appeared,
wearing his scrubs and a long face. Sadly, he said, "I'm afraid he is
brain-dead, but his heart is still beating."

"Oh, Dear," cried his wife, her hands clasped against her cheeks with
"We've never had a Democrat in the family before!!!"

How will the pork be cut?

Here is a video of my asking how the pork be separated. I was told the details were in amendment 2. As I recall that amendment was about an inch thick so to find out was not a easy task also nothing was said about legislators being the final input as was exposed by this story.

Friday, June 15, 2007

From the ever diligent Susan Lynn

The Secretary of State's Web site contains reports on non-profit organizations at the Division of Charitable Solicitations link: http://state.tn.us/sos/charity/financial_reports.htm.

I have isolated three reports on Planned Parenthood contained in the attached file.

The reports show that the three agencies receive a total of $1,454,350 in government grants.

How Can The GOP Get Its Groove Back?

A 30-minute video interview of former Republican National Committee Chairman and current Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour, by Peter Robinson of the Hoover Institution at Stanford University.

On Google Video:

For Mike Turner

"If there is no struggle there is no progress. Those who profess to favor freedom and yet depreciate agitation are men who want crops without plowing up the ground, they want rain without thunder and lightening. They want the ocean without the awful roar of its many waters. Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and it never will. Find out what any people will quietly submit to and you will have found out the exact measure of injustice and wrong which will be imposed on them. The limits of tyrants are proscribed by the endurance of those whom they oppress."

Thursday, June 14, 2007

File it under "Its not my job, but it is"

The registry is doing all it can not to investigate the $95,000.00 that Jerry Cooper "allegedly" took from his campaign account and put into his personal account. News CH. 5 does a great job reporting it and even has Coopers own lawyer admitting that it was taken illegally for personal use.The excuse that someone has to file a complaint that they were hurt by this is as lame as they get. I am sure no one filed complaints every time they handed out a fine in the past. To start with that excuse now, with sworn testimony in a federal investigation screaming "A crime has been committed" just show where they stand. Of course after the action taken with Lois DeBerry I can't say that I am shocked.

It isn't the same, but it is

Well the pork proposals turned out to be just as the Democrats wanted them, with the legislators making the final call on who gets the money. Tom Humphreys does a good job of digging the facts out. I had some questions and asked about the process on the house floor and was told it would be done in a neutral way by the sec of state on a need based system that was laid out in the bill. I thought the response was sort of vague. I guess the need is decided by the legislator with the sec. of state as a check off that the group meets the legal criteria.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The final arguement that wasn't

As I said last night. At the end of the day discussion started up on changing the lottery scholarship bill in the senate. The house passed a virtual no change lottery scholarship bill.

To my understanding out of nowhere Jammie Woodson started to present a comprehensive lottery scholarship change package to the bill (as an amendment) at about 7:30PM on the final day of session. Word was none of the house education committee was much informed about the ideas to be presented so that started the discord. We took a break in the house to see where it would go. More time passed. We started back up and were given an update that a ten point plan was being introduced with some very controversial ideas in it. Word was it could keep us in session for a few more days to hash it all out. More discord. Many Democrats thought she was trying to ram rod sweeping changes through at the last minute in the hopes people would be so tired it would pass. more discord. After more time passed The speaker went over to see what was going on. I guess he did not like what he saw because when he came back he just ended the session for the year.

In the senate I guess they did not notice and kept on going for a few more hours. When they found out we had adjourned for the year I was told a few senators were quite upset. Without us they could not change the law. Word was that they were talking about trying to force us to come back but I guess it fell apart. They adjourned as well.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

We are out of here!

Take your hand off your wallet. We are adjourned.

Still here

We are arguing about the lottery scholarship. Some want 2.75 gets a partial scholarship and more money for 3.0 scholarship (more then it is now). Some say if you drop below 3.0 you loose it all. Some want return of full scholarship if your next semester is 3.0. Some want it to stay diminished until the overall GPA gets back up to 3.0.

Printing of CC Permit holders name and address

The amendment to stop the printing of conceal carry permit holders names and addresses (as the Tennessean did a few weeks ago) was striped out of the bill it was in. They can still do it.

Squirt guns are banned

They killed the amendment to allow squirt guns, cap guns, bent sticks or a pointed finger on TSU campus.

But no!

After it failed they sent the bill back to calender and rules (I didn't even know that was possible in the same year) to bring it back to life. They revived it and brought it back to the floor. Even though rules it says you can not do such actions in the last 7 days of session the speaker said even though we only have one or two bills left we don't know if it is within the last 7 days of session so they can do it. It passed 55-34-3.

First bill of year dies on floor

A bill that would more or less create a statewide leash law or have the owner face a penalty of up to felony (based on the action of the dog) failed 48-41. It was the first bill killed by a vote on the house floor this year.

The Farr incident

Video of the Farr incident can be seen here

The Big Fake

As the session winds down Dems are doing what ever they can to cover themselves on a laundry list of bad votes. We are in about the last hour of session for the year and Rep. Fincher pulled up a catch all immigration bill that had about every Republican immigration bill that the Democrats had killed all year long rolled into it. It was great, it was every thing many of us have worked for. The only bad thing was it was already dead in the senate. Not that it was killed by a vote, but the sponsor in the senate never moved it out of committee. Now the committee is closed. The bill is more or less dead for the year. It is a safe vote that doesn't do anything.

On video stream

There is a lot of talk going around about the potential loss of the on line video in the house next year. Although I hope it is not true (I did say it was a rumor) I did hear it from reliable sources and am not making it up just to stir the pot. We will wait and see who responds (Or more importantly who does not respond) to the questions posed by others.

More on last night

I spoke with many legislators last night about how it all went down. Mostly the word was how the English only drivers licence test failed and how some were surprised that it did not get more votes. I don't think even one Democrat crossed over to support it.

The busting of the Copeland cap was also done in such a way that it could easily lead to law suit. By breaking it as we did and with audio conformation from the administration previous to doing it (they admitted that what they were doing was not legal or even constitutional but they were going to do it anyway) we are just waiting for the paper work to be filed.

The Mike Bell/ Regan Farr comments upset a lot of people. Mike was only working for his constituents. He had explained how some of his less affluent constituents still use small and medium sized (under 100 gallon) propane tanks for their gas fire places and even to heat their homes and cook their food. They can not afford to hard line their gas grills and other gas appliances up to huge under ground tanks as in some richer districts(So to avoid the tax). Regan Farrs comments (That what he thinks doesn't matter) were too far. Many legislators who have had no dealing with him in the past, as I have, were shocked by the way he acted. The words "He acts like a spoiled 9 year old who always gets his way" and "I wonder who he knew to get his job" were about par for the feeling of legislators on this side of the isle.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Rumor mill

Word on the hill is video streaming of committee and the floor sessions of the house is going to disappear next year. I hear leadership does not like the effect it is having.

Tax cut on food to 3%

Glen Casada put an amendment forward to cut the tax on food by 3%. It failed 55-37


We just passed an amendment to write a 460 million dollar check in the form of bonds to be paid off over 20 years.

The budget

Passed 87-8.

Tax on propane gas

Mike Bell did a great job of presenting an amendment to stop the tax on propane tanks. After Mike Bell presented his amendment Regan Farr commissioner of revenue was quoted as saying "Well, if you don't like it, that's neither here nor there!" The amendment was killed 48-43.

Busting the Copeland cap

We voted to break it for two years last year and this year.

English only drivers licence test

English only drivers licence test failed 57-36-6.

Toll roads

passed 72-21-1 I had an amendment that said Eminent Domain by the state cant be used for private toll roads. It failed.

Toll roads

The toll roads bill is coming up tonight.

The dreaded black fly (also known as gnats) suppression bill is also up, that is $100,000.00 to stop them in one area. Word in bill review was it is all for a private golf course in Eddie Yokleys district.


Session has been put off until 6 PM tonight, at best. We will bring up the budget tonight and a few bills. We may have up to 60 bills left over to do tomorrow.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

The deal is in the works

Well you may have read by now that the deal is in the works about the cut of tax on food and the pork spending.

On the tax cut on food.

As you may know, I favor a tax cut on food very strongly. Although this is a step, I think this is the very least that we could do. It is almost as bad as doing nothing at all. I think most people will think it is an insult. They will never recognize the 1/2 cent cut on their over all budget as anything significant. they wont recognize it when it is taken off and they wont recognize it if it goes back on (As is the hope of some I am sure).

I think the food tax holiday was the better idea where people could get a real taste of what it is like to have no tax on food. I think people would like it and would clamor for more. I don't think people will clamor for what will work out to be 25 or 50 cents off their weekly bill. It is just not enough to even notice.

On the pork

The pork is now going to be handed out by the state. Although I don't like the program at all in the first place I still wonder how it is going to be administered? Will the state say a finger painting arts program is on equal footing as a fire departments need for a fire truck? or is a fraternity house (Yes, some put in for the money to go to frat houses) on equal footing with a schools need for a new roof? Are the need of a neighborhood flower committee or opera house equal to the needs of a 911 center? Can the TCPR now apply? What are the odds that that proposal would be shot down? How will the money be dolled out? Who will say what is a needy org and what is not? Will it still be district by district where a rich county will get the same as a poor one or will it be done by need? Will West Tennessee get the lions share (as is usually the case) or will it go by region?

Many of the big players cut their own private deals (in exchange for votes on key issues) with the administration to have the real pork put in the big budget any way so what we are talking about is the chump change. Still questions abound.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Felony littering

That's right. We passed it. Third offence (aggravated littering) is now a felony punishable by a year plus in prison. I guess when you pass a law you want some teeth in the penalty. Mission accomplished. It is tough to fight for a litter bug.

I keep hearing the old Arlo Guthrie song "Alice's Restaurant" in my head and think about people convicted of this crime on their first day in prison.

" and there was all kinds of mean nasty ugly
looking people on the bench there. Mother rapers. Father stabbers. Father
rapers! Father rapers sitting right there on the bench next to me! And
they was mean and nasty and ugly and horrible crime-type guys sitting on the
bench next to me. And the meanest, ugliest, nastiest one, the meanest
father raper of them all, was coming over to me and he was mean 'n' ugly
'n' nasty 'n' horrible and all kind of things and he sat down next to me
and said, "Kid, whad'ya get?" I said, "I didn't get nothing, I had to pay
$50 and pick up the garbage." He said, "What were you arrested for, kid?"
And I said, "Littering." And they all moved away from me on the bench."

Well thats good, but its not good.

After testimony that Jerry Cooper used $95,000.00 in campaign money for personal use Will Long, a Brentwood lawyer who is chairman of the Tennessee Registry of Election Finance said

"We are looking at it but haven't decided if we will look into it,"

This statement makes it all so clear.

If it doesn't deserve to be looked into then I give up, what does?

The Tennessean has the full story.

62 of 76

We have a long calendar today with 76 bills plus resolutions. Of these bills, 62 bills are sponsored by Democrats. Is it because the Democrats have a stranglehold on the house committee system and keep many Republican bills from ever leaving subcommittees and committees? or is it possibly because Democrats favor bigger government, more rules and regulations, and support more intrusive government while Republicans are for smaller government and more freedom? Tough call.

Is this an ethics violation?

New info from the Jerry Cooper trial via The Tennessean

Internal Revenue Service investigator Scott Kennedy testified that his review of Cooper's bank records and tax returns showed Cooper transferred a total of $95,000 from a campaign account to a personal account between December 1999 and November 2001.

The crack staff at the election commission had this info how long?

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Susan Lynn on taxpayer choice

Susan Lynn has another great post, this time on school reform and what is important to get kids into the best possible schools.

Frank Nicley tells it like it is

My office mate Frank Nicley is awesome. He has a way of saying things that are funny interesting and about spot on. This is another example of a classic Frank speech.

They still want more

Democrats are trying to bring up another bill to increase the tax on tobacco again. Rumor is the increase will be in the range of 3 to 12 more cents.

Not even a Penny

Here is the video of my trying to get at least one penny of the tax increase to be dedicated to removing the tax on food. Of course the Democrats killed it on a party line vote.

Thanks to Scott for getting the video for me.

Final push is on

The final push is now on to cut the tax on food. New numbers are rolling around that the surplus is going to be 1.7 Billion dollars. The tobacco tax is possibly going to bring in more then expected also.

Yes, you read that right 1.7 BILLION IN SURPLUS.

I am sure the Gov will stand by his past statements that "to give the tax relief, I will say that I think that is crazy," Bredesen told reporters or "It is not necessary". When you are almost a billionaire it is not necessary. When you are a regular working person it is.

What is the fear? The money wont just disappear any way. So a person has a few extra dollars in their pocket at the end of the week. Maybe they can afford to put a little gas in their car. The state will still get tax revenue from that sale as well.

Any way, the Republicans are putting together a plan to cut the tax on food. Even better then any thing you may have read in the paper. Stay tuned....

What?! The microphone was still on!?!??!

Listen closely, you can hear Mike Williams listening to Joe Haynes, the Democrat leader, regarding how to vote on the Hawk Amendment in the Senate Education Committee. I had to listen twice to hear Haynes saying to the effect of if it does not get 5 votes it fails and how Ramsey can only vote in a tie so a pass by Williams will work better to stop it. This move killed the bill keeping millions of excess lottery dollars from going to help fix dilapidated k-12 schools.

Just click here to listen.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Separated at birth

Senator Mike Williams

Sacha "Borat" Cohen

Separated at birth? I think so.

Here are the ayes and neas

On the tax increase



Representatives voting aye were: Armstrong, Bass, Bibb, Bone, Borchert, Briley, Brooks H, Brown, Buck, Cobb C, Coleman, Cooper, Curtiss, Dean, DeBerry L, Eldridge, Favors, Ferguson, Fincher, Fitzhugh, Floyd, Ford, Fraley, Gilmore, Hackworth, Hardaway, Harmon, Harrison, Hawk, Hensley, Hood, Jones U, Maddox, Matheny, McCormick, McDaniel, McDonald, Miller, Moore, Odom, Pinion, Pitts, Pruitt, Rinks, Roach, Shaw, Shepard, Sontany, Tidwell, Tindell, Towns, Turner M, Vaughn, West, Wilder, Williams, Winningham, Yokley, Mr. Speaker Naifeh -- 59.

Representatives voting no were: Bell, Brooks K, Campfield, Casada, Cobb J, Coley, Crider, DuBois, Dunn, Gresham, Harwell, Hill, Johnson C, Johnson P, Kelsey, Kernell, Litz, Lollar, Lundberg, Lynn, Maggart, Matlock, McCord, McManus, Montgomery, Mumpower, Niceley, Overbey, Rowland, Sargent, Swafford, Todd, Turner L, Watson, Windle -- 35.

Monday, June 04, 2007

42 cent Tobacco tax increase

Passed the house 59-35

An amendment was brought to cut the tax on food with all the 42 cents, it failed.

One to dedicate one cent of the tax increase to remove the tax on food, it failed.

One to dedicate the money to education as promised, it failed.

One to give a penny to Iraq war veterans, it failed.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

State funding for abortion providers

Since the word has gotten out about how the state of Tennessee gives over 1.1 million dollars to Planned Parenthood, the worlds largest abortion provider. Some people have argued that the money will not "directly" go to pay for abortions.

I think most will agree that it does directly fund their organization. To say the money does not help fund abortion would be a little illogical. It would be like saying to a drug addict.

"I am not going to give you money for drugs, but I know you only make $800.00 a month so I am going to pay all your other expenses for you. You go do with the $800.00 what ever you want."

If the addicts priority beyond their daily expenses is drugs and their are no limits on how the addict spends their now free money, it is ludicrous to think that the extra $800.00 that is suddenly freed up is going to go into the collection pot at church. It is most likely to go do what the addicts other priority is. Drugs.

In the case of Planned Parenthood that other priority is killing babies.

Friday, June 01, 2007

The Govs political payoffs

The TCPR has done a little research into the governors pork proposals and found virtually all were huge donors to the governor!

I think the governor is a little short sighted on this. He should think a little about who really put him in office. The people. Nowhere in his plan is any sort of food tax relief for the people. Rats and snakes get millions for food (The zoos) but the people who would like to go to the zoo cant afford it because the have to pay for food to eat.

Here is the list of all the payoff...I mean grants that are more important then feeding children. The top half of page three and chunks of page four smell the worst.

One of my favorites is...

Telling Tennessee stories (an audio history)....... $250,000.00

I have the perfect person for this job. Governor Phil. After the way he has been telling people there is no money to cut the tax on food and the world will collapse if we don't get a tax increase I can think of no better story teller then him.

Instead of state funding for abortion providers how about aborting the pork and helping the living children.

Filibustered on the filibuster

Well the filibuster was sort of odd. As soon as the Dems were told what we were planning on doing, they filibustered themselves. They laid their tax increase bill on the table stopped talking about it and went into "complain about the impending filibuster" mode on their own. They talked about how we were being partisan and not willing to compromise.

Several times the Republicans offered to start hearing the tax proposal but the dems wouldn't move. We then offered to bring up a bill that could alleviate the problem but the dems wouldn't do that either. The dems just seemed happy to sit and complain without offering any solutions. One even threatened to read the phone book to us the third time he got up to speak. I bet the dems actually spoke two to three times as much as the republicans did. It was like they just had no clue as to how to handle it. After a few hours of this the Dems moved to put off any action until next week and we all went home.

This was not how I expected a filibuster to go. It was like our roles were reversed from what was expected.