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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Why not Tennessee?

Mark Rose has an article about an interesting idea that has sort of bounced around in my head for a while. Is their any reason we can't do this or this in Tennessee?

Tennessee is full of religious people who are proud of their faith just as many people are proud of sports teams. Some plates could support religious schools such as Notre Dame or Belmont. Other plates could be religion specific, say a baptist plate or a catholic plate or a Jewish plate or a Muslim plate. Possibly a generic "In God we trust" plate with a little more religious theme to it then the one with the eagle.

How bout a Republican or Democrat plate?
If that is too overtly political how bout plates with elephants or donkeys on them? (wink, wink). The money raised could go to elephant and donkey sanctuaries or zoos.

If any of the groups could reach the requirement of pre sale orders and the other hoops were jumped through then half the money could go to a good charity (as they have for other plates). It is a winner all the way around. Why not in Tennessee?

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